With goal of someday becoming a G.M., Von Miller visits Scouting Combine

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Twelve years ago, he was one of the prospects. At some point in the future, he could be the person ultimately responsible for finding them.

Bills linebacker Von Miller, the MVP of Super Bowl 50, has arrived in Indianapolis for the Scouting Combine with the goal of eventually becoming a General Manager.

This is what I want to do,’’ Miller told Mike Klis of 9News.com. “I wanted to do this one time before in college when I took my poultry science class and I sat in that class and said If I don’t make it in the NFL and it doesn’t work out, this is what I want to do. . . . So this is my second time really feeling like that. It’s what I want to do.”

So what he’s doing is showing up in Indy with the goal of learning the craft of finding NFL players. He realizes he has a long way to go.

“I don’t have any experience,” Miller said. “I know what a great football team looks like. I know what a winning football team looks like. A great staff, great equipment guys, great athletic trainers. I know what that looks like, I know what it takes to build those teams but that’s it.

“So I’m here to meet with guys, for the guys to give me instructions on what to do with my right foot next and what to do with my left foot next. And make the first steps to making this happen.”

Miller told Klis he’ll meet with “whoever will meet with me.” The challenge for Miller will be getting General Managers and others who work for teams other than the Bills to agree to talk to him, since he’s under contract with Buffalo. Indeed, we know of at least one General Manager who has declined to meet with Miller for fear of tampering charges.

Really, what Miller should be doing is asking to work directly with his own team’s front office. Whether a team’s front office wants one of the players to know how the sausage is made is a different issue, however.

Still, it’s hard not to respect Miller’s hustle. At some point, however, the question becomes whether he’s willing to take a job as an area scout and work his way up the ladder, or whether he’ll hope to eventually become a G.M. without checking the various boxes that such jobs contemplate.

Given that his inspiration is former Broncos G.M. John Elway, who drafted Miller in 2011, maybe Miller thinks he can follow the unconventional path. Hey, if it worked for guys like Elway and John Lynch, why should’t it work for Miller?

34 responses to “With goal of someday becoming a G.M., Von Miller visits Scouting Combine

  1. I want to be an NFL GM someday as well. Can I go to the combine too?

  2. There are plenty of ex-GMs, and NFL executives he can grab knowledge from that would be happy to talk with him. Nice to see someone thinking past their career.

  3. John Lynch made it with a brilliant playing career and color analysis and not much else. A great player like Miller will definitely need some work in a team’s office to learn a bit of that side but it seems like he won’t let anything stop him. Good for him.

  4. You are wrong, Von Miller. You already have a bunch of experience that will benefit you greatly if you are serious about becoming a GM. Good Luck!

  5. Let’s pray he doesn’t follow the Donkeys front office around and pick up tips on evaluating QBs.

  6. Get your damn knee healed and get back to Buffalo, you still have 5 years to go on that huge contract you signed to PLAY FOOTBALL!

  7. Great article, Mike. I think Von Miller is the type of guy that can do whatever he wants because he’s pragmatic and obviously willing to put the work in. Good for him.

  8. He shouldn’t wait for someone to explain things to him. He should get proactive. Observe, read, study, ask educated questions, take notes, and observe some more. The days of passive learning are over.

  9. dolphins2cool says:
    March 2, 2023 at 8:23 pm
    One foot out the door… #Retired. 🥱

    1143Rate This


    That contract is just brutal

  10. Apparently you don’t need qualifications these days. Football is the only profession where you can get the top position (personnel) with no experience in team building or scouting. It’s a WHO you know League. Just because you played the game doesn’t mean you can build a team. Other wise why do people spend years in the front office working their way up and learning the cap and etc? Ask John Lynch. Was hand given a job due to his relationship with Kyles dad. He had literally zero experience. Obviously Kyle runs the show and has final say, but Lynch gets to make millions of dollars and do very little. Never written a scouting report in his life. Never been on a “school call”. Just given a job. And people will look at their success and think he’s actually done something. Adam Peters makes the personnel decisions. Lynch is what’s called a figurehead GM

  11. Sounds like Miller is injured more than we know or he’s on vacation and planning his next stop.

  12. Miller should be a TV broadcaster like Lynch and Matt Millen. That would put him on the path towards a GM position or be buddies with the owner like John Elway or Jeff Saturday.

  13. I think he can succeed. I read some of his interviews as a player dissecting quarterback tendencies and his observations on the comparison between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady is insightful and interesting. He has an analytical mind and that’s a good start.

  14. If I was a GM at the combine the most important thing i would do is sit down and talk with the players i was interested in.

  15. Dude’s intelligent – that’s not the only skill required to be a great GM, but it’s certainly a prerequisite. All the best to Von Miller.

  16. GM? I don’t see it. He’s enjoyable on Undisputed with Skip Bayless. Maybe tv should remain his niche.

  17. Great to see these scrappy mega-millionaires aspiring to take much lower-paying jobs that would otherwise provide opportunities for people who aren’t already filthy rich. Good luck to the already extremely privileged!

  18. I dunno how many know this.. but Von Miller streams on twitch. I watched him live once (shortly after he got hurt, before they said he was out or the season)… in that stream he made some racist jokes.. got very drunk.. and for about 30 minutes literally passed out in his chair. You don’t have to believe me, I believe the vod is still available for that stream on his twitch channel… I would never trust a guy like that with my franchise. Love him as a player… poor choices point to keep him out of the front office for me though.

  19. Ever since he signed with Buffalo, all Von talks about is the past and the future. It sure would be nice to see him focus on playing for the Bills instead of focusing on paying his bills and reminiscing about his rings… He played well, but if Von doesnt produce more next season than he did this past year, Beane will have gotten fleeced, and it will be a 3 year deal instead of the 6 he signed

  20. He was going to visit a hospital in the hopes of some day becoming a doctor, but then someone told him about medical school.

  21. It’s not easy leaving a job that put over $100 million dollars in the bank and made you famous. Then go to a job that requires you to grind 16 hour days all year in an office. All the time away from family and vacations while your peers post about their post playing days living it up. Good luck, but there is a reason so few great players go into coaching or the front offices. If you love the grind, you have a chance.

  22. As a Bills fan, I wish he’d focus on being a player right now and doing everything he can to prepare for next season. That said, if anyone can think about their future and be ready for next year, it’s Von.

  23. How to become a GM:
    1. Join a fantasy league
    2. Read PFT
    3. Buy a football team and hire yourself.

  24. anybody commenting negatively about a man working to create his future needs to take a long, hard, sober look in the mirror

  25. Do comments on articles always have to be absolutely ridiculous?

    Nothing about this is insufferable. He’s not taking time away from “rehab” to do this. He’s still focused on his playing career – players do all kinds of stuff in the offseason. They’re not robots who practice 7 days a week, all year.

    As to the big contract – he’s a great player, still playing at a very high level. I’d guess that had he not gotten injured, he could have made a very big difference in that Cincy game. Definitely looking forward to getting him, his big contract, and his GM dreams back on the playing field in ’23.

  26. Anyone who wants their son to be baby to “go away” shouldn’t be in the NFL. And essentially winning community awards.

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