Anthony Richardson sees himself as a blend of Cam Newton, Lamar Jackson

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Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson sees himself as a blend of two former league MVPs.

Richardson told reporters today at the Scouting Combine that he has always identified with Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson, two quarterbacks who can beat defenses with either their arms or their legs.

“I started calling myself Cam Jackson in 11th grade. Just trying to make big plays, just like Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson,” Richardson said.

Richardson said he has had good meetings with several teams already in Indianapolis, and he said teams are going to like him even better when they see him work out. Richardson said he told the Falcons he can run a 40-yard dash faster than Kyle Pitts, who ran a 4.44-second 40-yard dash.

If Richardson can work out like that, he’ll be in the running to be the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft.

48 responses to “Anthony Richardson sees himself as a blend of Cam Newton, Lamar Jackson

  1. If Anthony Richardson ends up going number one overall, I’ll not be surprised. One because teams are desperate for an elite quarterback, they’ll take a wild chance. Two, there’s just nothing elite at any position in this draft.

  2. Hopefully he will hire an agent when the time comes. I wonder if he will fall to 22….not a chance 🙁

  3. As a panthers fan and a florida gator fan currrent terrible cam is still better than AR. AR just makes terrible reads and inaccurate throws not sure what the hype is about.

  4. If this guy rides the bench for a year or so in the right system, it would be the best thing for him.

  5. So he will throw it in the dirt AND sail it way overhead? That’s not a good combo.

  6. If he’s picked before the 7th round the GM will have to do some explaining. Is this guy interviewing for wide receiver or DB?

  7. I’m leery of the “I’m just trying to make big plays” type of guys. Sounds like you never throw it away and you’ll be a sack machine in the NFL

  8. rounder says:
    March 3, 2023 at 9:22 am
    So he’s inaccurate,injury prone, and can’t read defenses?


    He didn’t say Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield

  9. I think that he might have been better served by comparing himself to Jalen Hurts as someone can win with his arm or his legs, but also someone who self-aware enough to recognize where he needs to improve and who is willing to work his butt off to do so. But maybe teams are looking for someone who is looking to make a splash play on every down.

  10. He’s a major project with accuracy issues but very high upside. Some team will take a chance on him.

  11. The Bears should pick him at #1. They can run the same offense if Fields gets hurt.

  12. Draft him high please so my team can get a legit player that falls one more spot

  13. I hate people that create their own nicknames. Makes you a phony. I don’t need to know anything further about you.

  14. He would have been better off saying Peyton Manning and Lamar Jackson!….

    Newton and Jackson aren’t all that different…

  15. Might be more like a blend of Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell when it comes down to it!

  16. Just like them both, except no Heisman no championship and career stats that are embarrassing.

  17. I guarantee the GM that drafts him is hoping for a lot more than a blend of Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson.

  18. “Anthony Richardson sees himself as a blend of Cam Newton, Lamar Jackson”

    That’s a shame.

  19. Shanahan/Lynch will trade their 2025-2028 1st round picks to jump up and get him.

  20. I’m a Gator fan and watched this kid play every game. He has talent but he desperately needs more experience. He really should have played college ball again this year to learn to read defenses and to find open WRs. He also has accuracy issues. In my opinion, if he could have a Jordon Love type deal where he sat on the bench and learned for a few years, he might be pretty good.

  21. He can run and wears 15. Probably some desperate team will draft him hoping he’ll be the next Mahomes. Fools gold.

  22. Yeesh – he could’ve at least chose some decent QB’s to compare himself too

  23. Richardson = Akili Smith or JaMarcus Russell. I lost all respect for Richardson when he gave in to woke idiots who demanded he get rid of his ‘AR-15’ name. It’s a word, which has not hurt anybody, ever. Get over yourselves.

  24. Someone needs to get in this kids ear and let him know that saying you’re like Cam or Lamar is not going to get you drafted higher.
    This kid needs to selling comparisons to Russell Wilson and Jalen Hurts.

  25. It would be a miracle if he turns into Lamar or Cam. The guy simply cannot throw the ball accurately, which is a kind of a problem and not something that generally improves drastically once a player reaches the NFL.

  26. You Commenters are Hilarious!!! Both Lamar Jackson and Cam Newton won the Heisman Trophy! Both Cam Newton & Lamar Jackson won ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. Both Lamar Jackson & Cam Newton were LEAGUE MVP’s. Cam Newton FASTEST QB in NFL HISTORY to 1,000 Yards PASSING! CAM NEWTON ONLY QB IN NFL HISTORY to start his Career with back to back 400 yard PASSING Games!(He went back to back 400 Yard games B4 TOM BRADY!) Lamar Jackson 2ND UNANIMOUSLY VOTED NFL MVP IN LEAGUE HISTORY. But Yea, You “Masters of Snark” got it right, those guys “BARELY GETTIN’ BY IN LIFE” LOL

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