Brian Callahan: Continuity on coaching staff an advantage for Bengals

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Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan and defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo were both candidates for head coaching jobs this year, but neither one landed a job that will take them out of Cincinnati.

Anarumo said this week that it is “human nature” to be disappointed by that outcome, but both men tried to find the bright side of remaining in place. Both coordinators have worked with the Bengals since Zac Taylor became the head coach in 2019 and Anarumo said that continuity “just makes it that much easier” to be successful in their jobs. Callahan shared a similar view of what their experience brings to the Bengals.

“Our league is made up of miniscule advantages as best you can find them. And that’s certainly going to be one that’s going to help us just because we know what we’re looking for, what we’re trying to get done, what our schemes are. We know our assistant coaches. Our communication is fantastic,” Callahan said, via Mohammed Ahmad of

Given the success of the last two seasons, the Bengals are happy to have the status quo in place with their coaching staff but another winning season seems likely to lead to at least one departure once the head coaching carousel spins again.

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  1. Not many teams are hiring DCs as HCs these days due to the success of the young Offensive-minded HCs.
    I think Callahan missed out for probably the same reason Bienemy has – they don’t actually call the plays.

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