C.J. Stroud: I don’t want to go to the Bears; that’s Justin Fields’ team

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C.J. Stroud could be the No. 1 overall selection, but if he is, the Ohio State quarterback hopes it’s not the Bears that draft him.

The Bears have Justin Fields, the 11th overall choice in 2021. Fields was the starting quarterback at Ohio State in 2019 and 2020, with Stroud serving as his backup in 2020.

“I mean, nah, I don’t want to go there,” Stroud said Friday. “That’s his team. I can do my thing. I can go build my legacy. He texted me yesterday morning. Me and him are brothers for life.”

Bears General Manager Ryan Poles said earlier this week “the plan right now” is to stick with Fields, but the team is doing its due diligence on the top quarterback prospects.

The Bears would trade Fields if they decided to draft Stroud, and Stroud is a believer that Chicago already has a franchise quarterback.

Fields became the third quarterback in NFL history to rush for 1,000 yards, gaining 1,143 yards on the ground with eight touchdowns. But he passed for only 2,242 yards with 17 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

“I was proud of him,” Stroud said. “There’s so many times when you get knocked down, but I feel like a true man’s character is when you get knocked down, you get up. And he’s got up every time, and he’s stepped up to the plate, and he hasn’t blamed anybody; he hasn’t pointed no fingers; and he hasn’t done anything. As a human, that just shows you what type of man he is and what type of family he comes from.

“It’s hard, man. You get hit so many times hard in the face. You have to make plays using your feet, and he ain’t no damn running back. He’s a quarterback. He can sling that rock. I’m going to stand up for my brother every time, and he’s going to do great things in his career, and I’m excited to play with him [in the NFL].”

38 responses to “C.J. Stroud: I don’t want to go to the Bears; that’s Justin Fields’ team

  1. It’s a shot in the dark, as most drafted QB’s don’t work out, but I think CJ Stroud will end up being the best QB out of this draft.

  2. No way the Bears trade on OSU QB to take another. Unless they get offered a haul for Fields – which is wildly unlikely – I would guess that they trade down and build around Fields. But Poles is leaving things open to encourage teams to make offers.

  3. Not so fast… The two of them together might add up to (1) franchise QB?!

  4. CJ Stroud this season at Ohio State: 41 passing TDs, 6 INTs

    Justin Fields’ only full season at Ohio State: 41 passing TDs, 3 INTs

  5. If the Bears truly believe that Fields is “the guy” then they draft for need or trade that pick away.

    If the Bears are NOT convinced that Fields is “the guy” but convinced that one of the top couple of QB prospects could be “the guy” then they’d be a fool not to draft that guy.

    It’s a fairly simple business equation. Unless you have “the guy” you keep looking for him. So you draft one every year until you find “the guy”.

    If you have a couple of 1st contract high round guys in your QB room you still have a very inexpensive QB room, you have a couple of (hopefully) great players trying to prove they are “the guy” and you have a tradable asset for the one who isn’t “the guy”.

  6. Who cares where he went to school. The point is lets stop pretending the bears gave Fields anything to work with. Name some players on that team? Let their best WR go, he has no weapons, his line sucks. All in all he showed more than most guys wouldve on that awful team. He deserves his shot to turn them around. I hate this narrative where we ignore the clear lack of talent on a team and skewer the QB. I am an OSU fan and didn’t care for him, but even I can say this wouldnt be fair. He isn’t Jimmy Clousin

  7. Maybe Justin Fields will turn out to be the first great QB in the 100 year history of the Chicago Bears. Anything is possible.

  8. One other scenario is possible. If the Bears don’t get what they want in return for #1, they can draft Stroud or Young then force team to deal with them. Not likely to happen, but it is possible.

  9. Well, the Bears are historically a Quarterback wasteland, so there’s that. 🤔

  10. Justin Fields is their guy, if the Bears build an offensive line around him he might be able to pass for once in his life in the NFL. I see the Bears trading their #1 coveted pick for many more picks.

  11. No way the Bears trade on OSU QB to take another. Unless they get offered a haul for Fields – which is wildly unlikely – I would guess that they trade down and build around Fields. But Poles is leaving things open to encourage teams to make offers.

    What is a ? Top 5 pick would do it for me. No Fields and 2 top 5 picks for a rebuild? Sounds too good to be true

  12. At this point, none of the Ohio St qb’s have been even an average NFL qb. Fields is 5-20 as a starter, 0-7 in come from behind wining or tying drives, and has led the NFL in turnovers over his two seasons as a starter ( in only 27 starts). If the Bears don’t trade Fields before the draft, it will set them back for at least the next two or three years. Fields will have virtually no value after the 2023 season. Stroud, looks good, but has the “Ohio St” NFL failure, clouding his potential value.

  13. None of the QBs in this draft appear markedly better than Fields, and I’m not sure if that’s not really a negative mark on both Fields and those other QBS.

  14. that has to be the nicest version of “screw them” i have ever read. this guy is already fluent in nfl speak
    best of luck young man.

  15. Teams should start maneuvering for Marvin Harrison Jr from now.

    Houston, already possessing Cleveland’s first next year is in the drivers seat to land that MHJr lottery ticket.

    They would do well to sell off pick 33 to the highest bidder and start to stack the deck.

    He’s beyond generational.. Ask Georgia, who had to resort to dirty tactics to win that playoff game.

  16. For all the haters, here’s a list of all colleges that has had at least one QB start in the Super Bowl. There’s a ton of major colleges that haven’t had a QB start let alone win one.

    University of California, Berkeley: 5
    University of Alabama: 3
    Purdue University: 3
    The University of Notre Dame: 3
    University of California, Los Angeles: 2
    Stanford University: 2
    University of Delaware: 2
    University of Maryland: 2
    Boston College: 2
    Brigham Young University: 2
    Washington State University: 2
    University of Georgia: 2
    Louisiana State University: 2

    All the below has had 1

    Auburn University
    University of Arizona
    California State University, Fresno
    University of Miami, Florida
    Florida State University
    University of Florida
    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    Eastern Illinois University
    University of Northern Iowa
    University of Louisville
    Morehead State University
    Louisiana Tech University
    Grambling State University
    Northeast Louisiana University
    University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    United States Naval Academy
    Michigan State University
    University of Michigan
    University of Southern Mississippi
    Alcorn State University
    University of Mississippi
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Syracuse University
    Youngstown State University
    Miami University, Ohio
    University of Oklahoma
    University of Pittsburgh
    Pennsylvania State University
    University of Tennessee
    Texas Tech University
    University of Washington
    West Virginia University
    University of Wisconsin

  17. Regardless if it’s Field’s team or not, nobody gets excited about getting drafted to the Bears

  18. No disrespect but Chicago is the place where qb’s dreams go to die. I’m sure the weather has something to do with it but Chicago has never seemed to have a franchise guy at qb.

  19. I want to see cj stroud make passes when moved off his spot AND lead a fourth quarter comeback win (haven’t seen that at all).
    Bryce is better than cj because of that. Has that “it” factor

  20. Maybe he could go there any just play when it’s cold? Sounds like Fields would appreciate that.

  21. supercharger says:
    March 3, 2023 at 10:42 am
    Maybe Justin Fields will turn out to be the first great QB in the 100 year history of the Chicago Bears. Anything is possible.

    Looking at that list for the past 100 years it is way more than possible.

  22. Jeez, the bears better just grab as many WRs as they can and hope one pans out.

  23. By the time the draft rolls around and all the offensive coaches had a chance to look through all the tape on QB’s, Stroub will be the number one pick. The Bears could trade that pick for a huge bounty. Or, they can trade Fields. Teams with decent QB’s don’t win. Teams with good QB’s don’t win. Only teams with elite QB’s win, so the Bears might end up drafting Stroud, regardless of what he says. I mean, what would you expect a guy to say when asked about replacing his buddy?

  24. That’s rough. He’d make tens of millions more as the first pick and he Still doesn’t want to go to the Bears?

  25. The Bears have options, which the Carter arrest may have muddied.

    They could draft another QB and sit him behind Fields. They could give Fields another year with a better roster. Then they can make their decision, trade Fields or trade rookie QB. Keeping the rookie QB on the bench for a year is a gift to said rookie.

    So, they don’t have to choose between Fields and a rookie right now. They can push their decision forward a year. Given that Carter just dropped out of the top 5, presumably, the Bears options to trade back got less attractive.

    If I’m the Bears, I trade the pick and Fields. The team is not good enough to justify keeping Fields. Stock up the picks. Roll with Garapollo or some quality vet for 1-2 years.

  26. From what we’ve seen, Fields just isn’t a NFL starting caliber QB. The QB position is more than just running and scrambling. You actually have to read a defense and make a pass, two thing he hasn’t shown he can do.

  27. If the Bears don’t get proper value for the pick… you don’t give it away at a discount. Then it becomes best player available. If that player is a QB, so be it. The position is that important. If other teams don’t recognize how important the position is, they can sit on the draft picks and watch the Bears take the best QB away from them.

  28. Hmmmmmmm..I’m leery of Ohio state Qbs..Dwayne Haskins threw for 50 touchdowns at OSU and was supposed to be our franchise quarterback but that didn’t work out well (R.I.P) and besides Justin fields name me an Ohio state Qbs that has done good in the NFL in the last 30 years???(Joe Burrows doesn’t count) It’s the Ohio state wide receivers that are good to draft and plus C.J Stroud is not a mobile Qb so I think the Bears are better keeping Fields and built around him…

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