Globally, 56 million watched Super Bowl LVII

Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints - NFL London Games 2022 - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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It’s a big world, and more and more people living in it are watching the NFL’s biggest game of the year.

The league has announced that 56 million international viewers watched Super Bowl LVII. It’s a seven-percent increase over last year’s audience.

That’s nearly half the official U.S. audience of 113 million.

The international viewership was calculated with data from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, along with available data from over 130 additional countries.

The game was televised live in more than 190 countries or territories, with more than 80 league partners broadcasting the game in 25 languages.

For our friends in the UK, the game begins after 11:30 p.m. local time. That makes it a very late night, especially for those who work a normal day shift.

2 responses to “Globally, 56 million watched Super Bowl LVII

  1. I have always been curious why the game could not be played Saturday evening. Everyone can watch it & then do whatever following the game. The bonus is not having to worry about getting up early on Sunday.

  2. @ArcticHawk: Why not Saturdays? A lot lot of people are not blessed with 9 to 5 M-F jobs, so sleeping late on a Sunday or any other day of the week is not an option. Although their seasons are over, as a refresher, Friday is reserved for HS football and Saturday is for College football. And how much work is actually done on the Monday after Super Bowl anyway?

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