Mike White: I would love to be back with Jets

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks
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Discussion of the Jets’ potential moves at quarterback this offseason has focused on names like Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr, but head coach Robert Saleh mentioned another player he’d like to see in the locker room this week.

Mike White is set for unrestricted free agency, but Saleh said “he should be on this roster” in 2023. White, who started seven games over the last two seasons, said on WQAM Friday that a return would work just fine for him as well.

“I would love to be back with the Jets,” White said. “Like I said, the locker room’s fantastic, I talk to all those guys everyday. I don’t know, we have to see. Things in this league change so fast and situations are so fluid, and who knows what’s gonna happen when . . . I know how the NFL works and I’m never gonna take anything too personal, but, I really like that coaching staff, I really like that locker room, and I would love to be back.”

Zach Wilson remains under contract for the Jets, so White might be one of three quarterbacks if he returns to the Jets. Another team might offer a clearer shot at playing time, so the developments with the bigger names will likely impact anything that happens with White.

9 responses to “Mike White: I would love to be back with Jets

  1. Zach Wilson is not good enough to be a backup.
    He plays worse than Mike White.

    The Jets will have to cut corners if tehy sign a pricey QB

  2. Mike White is a class act. Hope to see him back but worry about his durability.

  3. touchback6 says:
    March 3, 2023 at 2:13 pm
    You are currently their best qb.


    Possibly true, but he is far better than Noodle arm up in Foxboro.

  4. He might have loved *last* year’s coaching staff, but he might feel differently working with Nathanial Hackett and Todd Downing….

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