NFL declines comment on law firm lawsuit over Maxx Crosby commercial

Jacksonville Jaguars v Las Vegas Raiders
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Sometimes when the league is sued, it says plenty — like it did when it initially said the Brian Flores discrimination lawsuit was “without merit.” Sometimes when the league is sued, it says nothing.

In response to the filing of a lawsuit in Las Vegas by a law firm that was threatened with litigation over a commercial using Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby in a silver and black football uniform, the NFL has opted for the latter.

In response to an inquiry from PFT, the league declined comment regarding the complaint filed earlier this week on behalf of the Dimopoulos Law Firm against the NFL over the question of whether the commercial infringes on the league’s trademarks. The lawsuit was the response to a cease-and-desist letter the league had previously sent to the Dimopoulos firm.

It’s a fairly simple case. There’s no complex evidence to present. No damages award to be determined. The law firm wants a declaration that the commercial doesn’t infringe on the logos and marks owned by the league and its teams.

The league undoubtedly will argue that the commercial creates confusion, given the similarity of the jersey and the helmet to the Raiders’ jersey and helmet. The complaint contends that the Dimopoulos firm was using silver and black as its official colors for the firm, well before the Raiders moved to Las Vegas.

Still, it’s obvious that the commercial was trying to come as close as possible to putting Crosby in a Raiders uniform without using the team logo, the NFL logo, or the Nike logo that appears on every NFL jersey. The question becomes whether that’s too close for comfort, in the eyes of the law.

9 responses to “NFL declines comment on law firm lawsuit over Maxx Crosby commercial

  1. A major sports franchise forms part of the identity of a city, and a local company using the colors of the team is just an expression of civic pride. If the NFL lawyers don’t understand and permit this, they need new counsel

  2. We’ve all seen plenty of commercials with a NFL player in a football uniform and they always have him dressed up in a uniform similar to his real uniform. Look at Dak getting chased by those silly housewives.

  3. Like we don’t see ads with athletes in generic or Photoshopped team gear all the time, give me a break

  4. NFL poked a bear. Asking a gas station or restaurant to cease is one thing. A law firm does this all day. They’re gonna fight back even harder. Free publicity in the news for next to nothing in court filing fees.

  5. A satellite TV company had to do the same thing when a qb from Dallas was wearing silver and blue in their commercials. They cgi changed the jerseys to purple lol

  6. They made DirectTV change colors on Dak’s Housewives commercial so this was to be expected.

  7. Mahomes is wearing red and white in nearly every State Farm commercial, even the practice facility ones. Does this warrant a lawsuit?

  8. When I push carts in the warehouse parking lot, I wear an orange PPE vest and brown work pants. So sue me.

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