Randall Cobb recently underwent ankle surgery

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Randall Cobb‘s upcoming free agency has been complicated by a surgical procedure.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Cobb recently had the back of his ankle cleaned out, in order to “fix a persisting issue.”

Cobb’s contract with the Packers is expiring. Whether he stays in Green Bay undoubtedly hinges on whether quarterback Aaron Rodgers returns.

Indeed, the Packers traded for Cobb only after Rodgers made a power play to bring back his close friend. Without Rodgers there, the Packers have no reason to keep Cobb.

They may not keep him anyway. Rodgers, if he returns for another season, will have far less juice than he did when he was operating on the heels of an unexpected MVP season. His play dipped in 2022, and there’s a persistent sense that the Packers may be ready to move on from Rodgers.

If they only brought Cobb back because Rodgers wanted him, the Packers may decide this time around that they don’t case what Rodgers wants.

9 responses to “Randall Cobb recently underwent ankle surgery

  1. Who cares. The only reason he still had a job was Rodgers wanting him. Cobb had a couple of decent years but lots of injuries and inconsistencies. He was too small for the slot and got beat up often.
    Time for him to retire but the Pack will keep him to appease Rodgers who always gets what he wants.
    Packers org is a bad joke

  2. The young receivers probably listen more to Cobb and follow his example than the position coaches. He could stay or follow Rodgers if a team felt he could be a reliable security blanket …

  3. Cobb was a great player and may be a great person, but he’s also a living example of why not to allow active players to have influence over the personnel management decisions of the front office. Ahem……talking to you Rodgers.

  4. Well of course his play dipped in 2022 … who did he have for weapons? Three rookie receivers – college guys basically – none who could stay healthy, a blocking tight end and a couple of TE’s coming off of injury. Compare that to what the Chiefs did for Mahomes – contrast and compare … it’s not even in the same universe … but yeah – it’s all Aaron’s fault. Go ahead – blame Aaron .. but just wait .. whenever he’s gone, Packer fans are going to be in for a RUDE awakening. Thanks front office.

  5. I think people who still support Rodgers are forgetting something. He’s paid to win championships. That’s the level of pay he’s receiving and has been for quite sometime.

    He’s an eleven-year postseason loser. When does it become too little return for too much money? The Packers could get just as finger-pinching close with someone earning 1/3 the amount. Rodgers isn’t the only quarterback that can play well in the regular season and look lost in the postseason. Give Love a chance.

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