Report: Daniel Jones wants more than $45 million per year

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After word emerged that Giants quarterback Daniel Jones had switched representation from CAA to Athletes First, we noted that Jones wants “as much as $45 million per year, or more.”

Reportedly, it’s more.

Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News reports that Jones’s agents are asking for more than $45 million per year on a long-term deal.

This makes it even more likely that the Giants will apply the non-exclusive franchise tag at some point before Tuesday’s deadline. That would give the Giants the ability to keep Jones at a one-year offer of $32.416 million — far short of his reported goal.

If that happens, Jones would have options. He could, for example, stay away from the offseason workouts, training camp, and the preseason, showing up just before the start of the regular season and getting the full $32.416 million. But he’d risk not being prepared to have the kind of season that would make him an attractive option in 2024.

Come 2024, the Giants could tag him again, at a 20-percent raise over his 2023 pay. That’s $38.89 million, for a two-year take of $71.31 million.

Jones may not like it, but that’s how the Collective Bargaining Agreement works. Regardless of what Jones would get on the open market, he can’t get there until 2025, at the earliest.

And who knows? Maybe the Giants would tag him a third time, despite the 44-percent increase over $38.89 million in 2024. If he plays great for the next two years, and if the salary cap and the market keep going up and up (and up), $56 million won’t be a ridiculous amount to pay — especially since it would push Jones to a three-year haul of $127.3 million, an average of $42.4 million per year.

Even then, it’s less over three years than what Jones wants now. So why wouldn’t the Giants just tag him?

They undoubtedly will, barring a short-term deal or some other win-win that gives him what he’d make under the tag (and maybe a little more) but nothing close to $45 million or more annually.

58 responses to “Report: Daniel Jones wants more than $45 million per year

  1. Who does Daniel Jones think he is? He ain’t Joe Mantegna, that’s for sure.

  2. Imagine spending that much money on a guy who’s basically Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  3. His agents negotiating. He doesn’t just want 50mil, he wants as much as he can get. The fact that he “wants more than 45 mil” probably means he was last offered 45 mil and turned it down under the suspicion he can squeeze more out of the process. As he should. Get every dollar you can when you can. Whether he lives up to it is another question.

  4. Hard No. If I’m the NY Giants. I shake Daniel’s hand and tell him to find that $45 Million per year plus deal somewhere else.

  5. In what world does Daniel Jones, he of the 3000 yard, 15 TD seasons, think he’s worth $45M a year? Absolutely insane.

  6. Hi Daniel…IF this is true…a couple things…While I was happy to see you improve and have a good season last year…and while I also know that the $$ paid for qb’s has gotten insane…
    If there are ANY qb’s that are actually worth $45m per year…you are NOT one of them.

  7. Let him walk. Giants need to own the decision they made last year when they decided not to pick up his option. Signing him at the numbers he is seeking is nuts. And so is tagging him. They don’t need that cap hit and he really isn’t that big of a difference maker. Sign a free agent and move on

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…





  9. The two year average of about $35 M is the same as Derek Carr’s salary goal. Coincidence? I think not.

    This is a competitive market Daniel Jones and teams have options. Price accordingly.

  10. Danny Dimnes is asking for a bag he didn’t earn. I get that the FAs and the NFLPA want to set a new floor on QB deals, but there is no way the Giants should be paying him $45M. Hey, I respect him asking for it – why wouldn’t you shoot for the moon? But yeah, non-exclusive franchise tag. No one is going to offer him more than that. I doubt anyone would even offer him more than $30M/year. The Giants are bidding against themselves for a QB this regime did not draft who has never shown himself to be more than a reasonably competent QB.

  11. The Dallas Cowboys can win a Super Bowl with Dak Prescott, but NOT when paying him $45M/yr…he needs to be in the $25M range so that “surplus” can be used elsewhere. Same with Jones. They’re both slightly better than average QBs…in the 10-16 range in the current NFL. Don’t fall for it Giants, don’t fall for it.

  12. This would immediately become the worst contract in the NFL if it happens. Daniel Jones is a really good backup or fringe starter. The Giants could just sign Andy Dalton for $3 million to do the same thing.

  13. Why does everyone say “Let him walk”..

    It’s what the market is ..

    If the Giants are brave enough to Let him walk…. Let’s see it.

  14. I think the Giants should pay him a guaranteed $50m a year for 5yrs.
    Dallas Cowboys

  15. His agent is either a genious or should be fired for malpractice. I know he just got a new agent so maybe the mindset is to ask for 45 when they know hes lucky to get 33. But if they actually want 45 and they are this public about it. Bad.

  16. We may have seen the last of Jones in the NFL if he won’t play for less than $45mill +. Last year’s team success is not sustainable anyway. Time for the Giants to start with a clean slate.

  17. This guy wins a single playoff game against a reeling team and now wants top tier money. What is this league coming to?? Sooner or later fans are going to get sick of this greed and bail.

  18. Tag him; non-exclusive or transition tagand let him see what his market looks like. I’m sure he’ll quickly find out his value is much lower.

  19. I like Jones and think he can be a consistent decent QB in the NFL who will (1) keep you competitive, (2) get you to the playoffs every 2-3 years and (3) [If lightning strikes] might show up in the SB someday.

    He did well this year, not well enough to get north of say $30 mil though.

    That said at this point, if the report is true (and with the sports media we all know what the odds of that are), if I were the Giants I wouldn’t even bother with the non-exclusive tag (nobody is giving up 2 #1s to land Jones) and I’d say “Here’s our best offer, you’re welcome to try free agency and call us when you have a dose of reality.”

    There are PLENTY of UFA QBs out there who are every bit as good as Jones (and number of them better) who can be had for less.

  20. He threw 15 TDs last year. He ranked below Andy Dalton & Geno Smith. So he should get paid less than those guys.

  21. Put the non exclusive tag on him and let him see if another team wants to make him a contract offer. Two first round picks for Jones is more than fair for the NYG.

  22. CAA is on that good good. In what world is Jones worth more than $45M per year?? Look at his record since being drafted it’s terrible, dude is an average at best QB looking to paid like he’s the top passer in the league. It is laughable. They need to tag him and wish him luck getting it elsewhere because no team in the NFL is paying him close to that yearly, his market at that price doesn’t exist in the real world. It’s a joke. If I’m Daboll I’m drafting Hendon Hooker to develop behind Jones for a year while his knee gets right, Hooker is a 1st rd talent who will be available at the backend of RD2 top of RD3 due to his knee injury and honestly could end up being the best passer of this class when it’s all said n done though not likely. It is likely though he develops into a pretty darn good QB himself as gifted as he is. I’d rather have Hooker for the next 4YRs esp at $3-$4M per year than Daniel Jones anyday of the week, heck I’d rather have Jacoby Brissett at $12-$14M per year than Daniel Jones n identical production out of Brissette.

  23. I’m a Giants fan and this really pisses me off. I’d like to laugh about it but I’m too irritated to laugh. The nerve. Geez.

  24. txdr says:
    March 3, 2023 at 10:06 am
    The Dallas Cowboys can win a Super Bowl with Dak Prescott, but NOT when paying him $45M/yr…he needs to be in the $25M range so that “surplus” can be used elsewhere. Same with Jones. They’re both slightly better than average QBs…in the 10-16 range in the current NFL. Don’t fall for it Giants, don’t fall for it

    And yet Dak is still a whole lot better than Daniel Jones. Dak is an above average passer and somewhere in between the top 10-12 range overall as QB. Jones is not, they had to take the ball out of Jones out hands builds a run first screen heavy offense that relied heavily on screens n sideline passes to keep Jones from turning the ball over every other play, he’s a game manager n a top 16-20 QB overall in terms of talent/ability. You can easily list 15 QBs every GM I’m the NFL is taking before Daniel Jones, Dak being one of them. Daniel Jones isn’t that guy, his resume has nothing that shows he is or ever will be deserving of top 5 QB money as he’s never played anywhere near that level. The words MVP/Pro Bowl n Daniel Jones have never been uttered n the same sentence. If NY is smart they pass.

  25. As a Giants fan, please let him walk. I like him and he’s a good QB, but he is NOT a $45M a year QB.

  26. Give him what he wants and let him play with a roster filled with street agents. Good luck with that.

  27. At this point, maybe not a crazy strategy? Shoot for the moon and maybe the Giants would be open to paying him more than they originally planned to. He’s getting tagged…

  28. He ain’t worth to anything close to $45M/yr, but the going rate for average starting NFL QBs now is around $30M/yr — that’s just the market in an increasing NFL cap world.

  29. Are you sure you didn’t misread that? Maybe it’s more than $45 million for the entire contract, and not per year.

    This would be an easy decision. Hard no.

  30. I’m not sure he’s the answer for the Giants so I believe the team should let him test the waters elsewhere, see what other clubs offer for his services and see where the chips fall. Based on his play and what’s on tape, I believe $45 million is not a salary he’s earned, it’s a Quick Pick at QT.

  31. Daniel don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out! You are not worth that kind of dough. Good luck. And good bye. Take the draft compensation for losing a free agent.

  32. Does anyone think Jimmy G couldn’t do just as well as Daniel Jones for less than half the money?

  33. This is very similar to the Kirk Cousins situation. Jones is very good but not great. He’s capable of getting you to the playoffs but is he capable of lifting the whole team and winning a title? At the same time, it’s easy to say, “let him go,” but what other options does the team really have?

    It’s almost certain that the team will franchise him, which is fine for this year. But eventually, the tag becomes prohibitive. The Commanders kept tagging Kirk Cousins but the result was ultimately that they lost him.

    The Giants have a tough decision to make.

  34. I’m a bit skeptical here. This came out right after he switched agents and I wouldn’t be surprised if his old agent was the source for these leaks. If he actually thinks he’s going to get 45 or more per year he’s delusional though. The tag is much more than anyone should spend on a QB of his caliber at ~32 million. At best you’re buying mediocrity. You aren’t winning a Super Bowl with Daniel Jones.

  35. I am a Giants fan. Perhaps he’s entitled to this large contract. But the issue is if he’s paid a lot, we can’t afford to keep the likes of Dex, Thibs, Thomas and others. We are deficient in talent across the board and with all that $ going to the QB, it will remain that way, regardless of how high the cap gets going forward. And I haven’t even mentioned Saquon. Daniel will get tagged this year, but if he doesn’t play like last year, that’ll be it. It’s getting hard to root for these guys. (In all sports btw).

  36. NOT WORTH IT! Jones didn’t get the Gmen to the playoffs! Definitely not worth it guys.

  37. I was thinking of Jones possibly being a decent replacement for Lamar at around 20-25 million. I was not thinking he was replacing Lamar as king of the crazy greedy ego squad.

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