Report: Giants, Daniel Jones making progress in contract talks

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Giants General Manager Joe Schoen said earlier this week that he wished the team and quarterback Daniel Jones were closer in their talks about a new contract, but Friday brings some better news on that front.

Jordan Raanan of reports that the two sides have made progress toward an agreement and that it isn’t “unreasonable” for a deal to be done by Tuesday’s deadline for the Giants to use their franchise tag. If they are able to come to terms, they’d be able to use the tag on running back Saquon Barkley.

Word this week is that Jones is looking for more than $45 million a year in any deal.

The franchise tag for Jones would come with a $32.416 million salary for the 2023 season and second tag would carry a $38.89 million salary for 2024, so the Giants could secure the quarterback’s rights for two more years without reaching that level, but the report indicates any long-term agreement would have an average of at least $40 million.

35 responses to “Report: Giants, Daniel Jones making progress in contract talks

  1. I’d prefer they sign Barkley and tag Jones. Tagging Jones doesn’t preclude them drafting a QB if someone slips to 25. I will say this Daniel Jones without a healthy Barkley would be a very bad deal.

  2. 45 mill a year? Absolutely embarrassing!! Top 20 QB on his best day

  3. Starting to smell like Kirk Cousins….$45m is a joke. I’d tell his agent, we have zero problems tagging him this year and if he doesn’t take a HUGE leap and prove it, next year too and the year after depending on our future you land at qb. This contract will either get Schoen fired or an extension.

  4. Can’t waste all the cap space on tagging Jones. I prefer they sign him, let Barkley walk and draft Bijan Robinson

  5. Nooooooooooo!
    Giants fan
    When you settle and lock into mediocre because no one else is available that is the result you will get.
    The Eagles cut their losses quickly with QB’s over the past 10 years.
    That is how you succeed in any business.

  6. If we give a guy that has thrown 15 TD Passes TWO SEASONS IN A ROW 40+ Million per season I’m gonna have an aneurysm……

  7. 45 million for Daniel Jones. If the Giants do this they are completely wild.

  8. The number will be $39/season. He’s getting close to his undeserved #, and the Giants get to say ‘Hey, we’re no paying him in the $40m range.’

  9. He may be the second coming of Joe Montana, but if you are a team with zero talent at WR and TE, then there’s no point in spending that kind of money on ANY quarterback.

  10. Everyone is hung up on the 45 million because one person reported it. Chill, he’s not getting that, but 35-40 is pretty reasonable considering the other QBs like Goff are making that.

  11. I really don’t understand why they don’t simply tag him in back to back years, a la Kirk Cousins in Washington. As the face of a franchise it doesn’t benefit the player to tank under the franchise tag . . . so why would they cave and pay him $40MM or more per year. Currently the franchise tag would carry a 2 year average of around $36MM, so that should transfer into the Giants targeting somewhere between $36MM and $40MM per season with the guaranteed money being the incentive for Jones.

    Seems like it should be something along the lines of 5 years for a total of $190MM or $38MM per year, with a pretty significant amount guaranteed, say $120MM of basically a little more than then the first three years of salary and an upfront signing bonus of around $60MM (Low year 1 and 2 salaries)

  12. Please pay him $45 a year for 5 years. It will get the Giants back where they belong — vying for the NFC East basement for the foreseeable future.

  13. I don’t understand all the hate for Daniel Jones, but bottom line is that there is no way that Schoen and Daboll would tie themselves to a QB they don’t believe in. They didn’t draft him and could easily move on if they wanted to.

    They know more about him as a player and person than any talking head so I’ll trust their judgment and significant experience to make the right call.

    And remember, it was just a year ago that everyone except the Eagles thought Jalen Hurts stunk. After one really good year with the most talented team in football he’s in line to make $50m+ and I haven’t heard anyone question that.

  14. Jones stank for three years until Daboll got there and improved him. Signing him after just one improved season is stupid. 32.4 million for the franchise tag in 2023 is a good prove-it deal. If Jones gets even better than he did last year then you could sign him. The Giants shouldn’t make the mistake of freezing Daboll’s fast progress by marrying him to a mediocre QB.

  15. Might think its a lazy take, but as a longtime fantasy football guy, no one in a normal fantasy league is drafting Daniel Jones, he’s one of the 15 qb’s who will not be on a fantasy roster unless it’s a weird where you start two qb’s. Negotiating with his agent would be fun because I would straight up tell him no one is going to sign Jones in free agency for nothing over 32 mill a year.

  16. If he’s asking for 45 mill a year I would laugh at him and then give Carr the 34 mill hes asking for.

  17. Let’s not forget who he was his first 3 years. “Daniel The Big Apple Turnover.”

  18. If he gets 45 million per year. There is a definitely a white guy mark up on the QB position.

  19. Jones doesn’t start on a dozen nfl teams, at 40 million,the giants will regret putting the future of their franchise in a very average quarterback.

  20. So the question is would any other NFL team
    looking for a quarterback be willing to pay him
    $45 million a year and well all know the answer is no way.

  21. No way in hell is he worth 45 million he needs a new agent. Come on Danny dimes you’re lucky to have a job. He has NOT shown anything to say he’s with elite top dollar money.

  22. New Theory: a QB is worth a million dollars per touchdown they scored the season before. Therefore DJ is worth 22mill. Thinkaboutit, Josh Allen scored 42 touchdowns, and he got paid $43mill. Wow. What a great theory. Youre welcome.

  23. They need to call Daniel Jones in for a drug test. This sign Jones to a contract for that kind of cap space they will regret that decision. Daniel Jones has proven that he is a mid to bottom-tier QB that had stats of 3205 yrd, 6.8 Yds/Att, 67.2 cmp%, 15 TD, 5 ints, and 92.5 QBR.

  24. Before the giants sign to an outrageous contract I have one question. Is Daniel Jones all that much better than baker mayfield? Why couldn’t daboll get the same stats Jones had out of mayfield?

    And you can get mayfield for a lot less.

  25. I know we have to do it but honestly I don’t think Daniel Jones is Worthy of the franchise tag. Saquon Has proven that he has “Elite Caliber RB potential” when healthy. Daniel Jones after 4 years Still doesn’t resemble a “Starting NFL QB” if we are being honest. That’s just me going off the eye test but when you dig deeper into his numbers……….SHEESH he’s barely a Credible backup.

  26. Brian Francisco says:
    March 3, 2023 at 3:47 pm
    Everyone is hung up on the 45 million because one person reported it. Chill, he’s not getting that, but 35-40 is pretty reasonable considering the other QBs like Goff are making that.

    1740Rate This


    “other” QBs like Goff??? You can’t compare Goff’s 4400 yards and 29 TDs with Jones’ 3200 and 15 tds

  27. Look I know he had a great game against the Vikings but their defense was the worst in the nfl

  28. Anything over 15 mill a year is pure idiocy. The man only averaged fifteen touchdowns in a seventeen game season

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