Report: Major cost cuts coming to NFL Media

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The NFL knows how to make ends meet. That may not matter for NFL Media.

Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post reports that the NFL’s in-house media conglomerate will be making major cost cuts.

NFL Media consists of NFL Network,, NFL Films, and NFL RedZone. The league is conducting a “strategic review,” which is a fancy term for, “Who should we keep, and who should we let go?”

“Given this period of broader economic uncertainty, it’s fair to say the NFL’s media group is taking an extra step or two to make sure all costs and expenditures make sense,” an unnamed source familiar with the matter told Glasspiegel.

Many will be confused by any layoffs or other reductions in operations, given that the NFL is and will continue to be flush with cash. But revenue is one thing; profit is another. Companies are always looking to see if they can do things cheaper, especially if one area of the business isn’t generating the same amount of money as another.

For the NFL, the games make the rain. The media outlet has been, more often than not, a drag on the bottom line. NFL Network, which launched 20 years ago in November, has never really become what the league expected it to be. The fact that the league has been unable to find some other company to take on a piece of NFL Media despite months of trying underscores that, while the NFL knows how to make plenty of money by staging football games, it has struggled to make sufficient money through the coverage of its on-field product.

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  1. Get rid of the woke atmosphere and you will be more profitable. What they don’t tell you is they are more profitable by overseas stuff, and more than likely less profitable here in the US.

  2. Their streaming services are years behind other services. Even when I had NFL+; actually accessing the content I wanted felt like a chore to the point I cancelled it. Not to mention half their content required a cable subscription on top of it. Even their own flagship website feels horribly outdated and retro.

    Time for a huge makeover.

  3. All media outlets better tighten their belts. Ridiculous money being thrown around. Brady, Romo, Stephen A., totally unnecessary salaries being paid for a name.

  4. +1 for the streaming services criticism… streaming has been a FARCE with the NFL for WAY too long.

    But I can’t help but notice, “NFL Network…has never really become what the league expected it to be.” because I bet that hits the nail on the head… the NFL merely expected it to work. After the initial good feels of Eisen & Co. it’s been an unbelievably slow death.

    GMF had its moments in the past 2 years but they lost half their talent.

    Other than that NFLN has produced filler after filler with the phony “hey everyone on set is pretend-besties, come watch us laugh about nothing funny going on over here” nonsense.

  5. Every attempt to use an NFL streaming service has always left me disappointed. They can’t even get the font size right on the NFL app.

  6. NFL Game Pass was a great concept in theory but the first few years of the service were absolutely horrible, from cartoonish looking streaming to being unable to access content to a host of other issues. Once they finally had all of those issues resolved, they do away with Game Pass and replace it with NFL+, which would have been fine but it targeted Phone Watchers instead of home viewers (who watches NFL games on their phone??), then did away with Roku support, which made zero sense. Why turn your back on a solid subscriber base?

    Good Morning Football is a fun concept but there just isn’t enough going on to sustain a 3 hour show during the offseason. As someone else pointed out, they’ve been bleeding talent as well and while I like the new additions, especially Jason McCourty, the show doesn’t seem to have the same energy as it did with Kay Adams and Nate Burleson. But kudos to Nate for his gig at CBS/Nickelodeon because he’s a fantastic broadcaster.

    Red Zone is cool but it’s absolutely ridiculous that they only way to subscribe is by either subscribing to a TV carrier or pay extra via Sunday Ticket. The NFL really needs to hire a great management team that can propel their product into the future instead of doing things the same way they’ve always done them. THAT’s their issue: They’re stuck in the past.

  7. Imagine if the NFL actually did something with their archives. Past seasons, playoffs, Super Bowls, NFL films, all in one place for you to watch on demand.

  8. Never watched NFLN. It just didn’t work for me, the local coverage is much better, no bs coverage, and content I can relate to

  9. Keep RedZone because it’s the best way to watch multiple games and get rid of everything else. Problem solved.

  10. Get Willie McGinnest back on NFL Network & have him do a 1 on 1 sit down with Alvin Kamara to discuss techniques.

  11. The worst issue with the NFL Network is that they never set up a service that streamed every game. If they had an NFL Network site where people could watch NFL Network during the week and then whatever game they wanted on Sunday, it would have been one of the most successful streaming services but they want to sell the rights to different services to make more money. No one wants to sign up for 5 streaming services to be able to watch their team on Sundays

  12. These are the same people who botched NFL Sunday Ticket – the greatest concept in the history of televised sports. If they couldn’t get THAT right (by simply offering every fan the chance to pay to watch any individual game they wanted to see each week) how could we expect them to successfully pull-off anything else?

    I’ve said it for years: the NFL is King in spite of itself. Just imagine how much more of a monster it would be with competent people in the decision-making positions.

  13. Watching the NFL network is worse than Rich Eisen being the lead commentator on a game.

  14. Might be smart to get ex players to host podcasts during the day time. Instead of the same show all day

  15. I hope they fix their terrible website. Awful. Can’t even do a game cast or play by play while at work. Always freezes then does 4 plays in a row. For the billions it makes who ever is in charge of the web stuff should be fired.

  16. NFL needs to stop chasing the super-casual fan. The majority would prefer NFL Films/Top 10 -type shows over Good Morning Football. GMF is hard to watch sometimes. Network overall has too much filler.
    NFL Plus won’t even let you watch any game past 2009, so I shouldn’t be suprised

  17. NFL+ doesn’t load half the time and was SUPER confusing on what you actually got for which tier. Oh, this game is audio only? That one I can watch, but only my phone and not on a computer? There’s too many restrictions. MLB makes it easy. Every out of market game, watch it however you want. Period. They should refund the broadcast networks some of the money and offer in market games streaming. Where my house sits, I can’t get FOX on my antenna reliably. CBS and NBC are fine, but not FOX. I’d pay them $5-10 a month to show me my local games. Hell, leave the local commercials in. I never understood why the broadcast networks don’t setup a free stream to watch if you’re in the broadcast area and just leave the commercials in. What’s the difference?

  18. They better not drop NFL Red Zone. Love having it on when my team isn’t playing.

  19. We upgraded our streaming package to get NFL Network at the beginning of last season. It was ok, but as the season wore on, we watched it less and less, then dumped it as soon as the season ended. The programming just isn’t that good.

  20. NFL network is great!!!! I’m gonna get thumbs down and trolled on it, but most don’t have the service as they only have internet.

  21. If the NFL had a streaming service where I could choose what games I wanted to watch I would pay $20 a month for that. Football is literally only thing I watch on TV

  22. Watch 5 minutes of Good Morning Football and you’ll see why it’s not profitable. Total garbage. Far too many people on the network who are there for “eye candy”. I used to love NFL Network, but now I never watch it.

  23. NFL Network has a bad track record of players who get into trouble. Fire the person who hires the clowns.

  24. The on air talent work so hard and I always thought the production was very well done. If major cost reductions happen I would think it will be noticeable.

    I wonder if Irvin’s lawsuit now gives them an easy out to reducing his salary or presence on the network entirely. I also wonder if Mooch is interested in moving on.

    100% agree with prior comments that the bloated salaries for Romo, Aikman, Buck, etc are hard to justify and not worth it so other networks may want to take note.

    The NFL+ experience is dismal and and another OTT streaming service amongst 10,000 others competing out there. Consumers may also start cutting costs here because of overload.

  25. Almost everything they do on NFL network stinks. GMFB is terrible without Kay Adams. Unwatchable and the redzone is bad too I’ve had it since the beginning they still miss tons of plays with their millions of cameras.

  26. Believe it of not you can get sick of the NFL. Just like the news. Sometimes it’s just too much and you need a break. Also just because you’re a former player doesn’t mean you’re meant for TV. other than Rich E, every other person on NFL network is a total homer cheering for their team. No you’re media now … you’re unbiased. They don’t get that. If Michael Irvin picks the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl again … like stop it. That woman in the morning show and her Vikings. Also because they represent all 32 teams nothing is properly criticized. Every signing or trade was a great move. Bad calls … well we can’t discuss because we are the same organization that made the bad call. The ref’s pay check has the same logo on it as our pay check. That’s their real downfall. I just don’t trust them to not cover up for the Rog his comrades.

  27. I understand the broadcast rights when companies pay billions for exclusive rights. The NFL can fix NFL+ and allow anyone who subcribes to watch ANY game. Just give a percentage to the networks. See, not so tough.

  28. I wonder if they ever considered that loses money because it’s such a lousy product. The streaming is horrible; I felt like a chump the one year I subscribed to GamePass. NFL+ is no better. The interface is so amateurish you wonder if it’s programmed by high school coders.

    I used to watch GMFB religiously, but the magic left with Kay Adams. I like Schrager and McCourty fine, but Kyle Brandt wore out his welcome a long time ago with his screaming routines. I see Kay Adams on UpAndAdams and it seems like every player wants to be on her show. What the hell took her away from GMFB and why doesn’t she have her own show on NFL Network or one of the major sports networks? It’s puzzling. Seriously, I wish PFT would do a story on what happened with her leaving NFLN and why doesn’t she have a major job today.

    The rest of the programming on NFLN is just blah. I’ve often wondered why they don’t have a show with retired players coming on and teaching football. If you want to grow the fanbase, teach the game in an entertaining way and get young people into the game and expand interest among adults who feel intimidated because they don’t understand the rules. Sometimes I think the NFL prefers not to have players (current or former) featured because they prefer to have players be faceless and not too personally liked by fans.

    RedZone is great. The NFL would be nuts to get rid of that. But I suppose it loses money because there are no commercials.

  29. The NFL streaming platform is missing out on so much revenue. I am rebuilding my physical movie collection in a digital format on Apple TV. In addition to movies, I have the option to purchase either individual episodes or entire seasons my favorite shows past and present. I would GLADLY pay for the opportunity to buy my favorite NFL games to add to my collection. The NFL should partner with Apple and make this an option.

  30. Good Morning Football won’t last because 3 hours of people cracking themselves up just isn’t watchable.

    Recently retired former players are terrible commentators.

    Having draft coverage cut to Melissa Stark on the Draft red carpet to report on what the Moms are wearing was when I got rid of my sports package that I only had for NFL Network.

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