Report: Raiders to franchise tag Josh Jacobs if no deal reached by deadline

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The Raiders do not plan to let running back Josh Jacobs hit the open market.

Las Vegas will franchise tag Jacobs if the team does not reach a long-term deal with the running back by Tuesday’s deadline, according to NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero.

The report did not note whether the Raiders will use the exclusive or non-exclusive franchise tag. But given Jacobs’ position, it’s more likely that he’ll get the non-exclusive tag. It’s unlikely that any team would sign Jacobs to an offer sheet that would result in Las Vegas receiving two first-round picks in return for Jacobs.

A 2019 first-round pick, Jacobs did not have his fifth-year option picked up last spring, putting him on track to become an unrestricted free agent this month.

He responded by putting together the best season of his career. Jacobs rushed for a league-leading 1,653 yards with 12 touchdowns. He also caught 53 passes for 400 yards.

If he plays on the one-year franchise tender, Jacobs would make $10.091 million in 2023. Once tagged, Jacobs and the Raiders would have until July 15 to strike a multi-year deal.

30 responses to “Report: Raiders to franchise tag Josh Jacobs if no deal reached by deadline

  1. $10M for a running back? Expensive. Now they have set the negotiations parameters. 4 year deal should be the MAX. RB market is ~$4M/year so they are going to have to go over market (he is a very good back so a little over market is fine)

  2. The 5th year option would have been around 6 million. At 10 million this is a 4 million stupid tax.

  3. Any deal with JJ needs to structured as heavily as possible with performance incentives. This guy is totally capable but is he willing once he gets paid? I think “not as much”. With a big contract, I can totally see him milking injuries and not trying as hard.

  4. I know 10M for one season is great money.. but I hate watching these players perform worth getting a real long term deal, just to be tagged. I think all tags need to allow other teams to offer better deals, with NO draft compensation to the team trying to hold someone hostage. The NFL has such a small window for player longevity, let this guys get what they deserve.

  5. The 5th year option is $8 million not $6 million! $2 million dollar bump after being a solid pro and leading the league last year sounds about right. Hopefully they can get him signed for 2-3 years.

  6. The three most talented running backs in the NFL are 1. Brian Robinson. 2. Derrick Henry and 3. Josh Jacobs — all of whom cut their teeth at Alabama. You would probably have to go back to the 70’s and USC to find a period in which three best backs all came from the same school.

  7. RB market is ~$4M/year so they are going to have to go over market (he is a very good back so a little over market is fine)


    Top 10 RB salary in the NFL is $12MM. Not sure where you got your figures from.

  8. Be curious to know if he would have had the season he did if they did pick up his 5th year option. Or, was not getting it something that lit a fire in him.

  9. Jacobs was great, he got a lot of yards in overtime games as well though. How many yards did Henry get in overtime?

  10. The signs a Franchise shows that automatically let you know the only Superbowl they are going to is the one of being a spectator is when they go FRANCHISE TAG a RUNNINGBACK. Like why stop there? you might aswell next go around do so for a PUNTER. Its 2023 you should be replenishing the cupboards every yr in the draft or undrafted. IT should not matter how the RB’s perform during their contract just draft the NEXT batch or wait the free agent market out for those basement bargains. Just look at the name of the runningbacks who are in Superbowls.

  11. I don’t understand the Running back position these days. I grew up where Rb’s were stars, they were always picked early and had long successful careers. Since when did we start thinking rb’s are a dime a dozen? Your running back is going to have the ball in his hands the second most of anyone on your team! Experience has to have some value instead of this new idea that you can just get a new rb every couple years.

  12. He will be franchised. No one is paying or trading for this RB that’s peaked and beginning his decline. He still has 1 or 2 good years in him, RBs are only valuable their first 5 years on average.

  13. Nice job not picking up the 5th year option and costing yourself a bigger cap hit. Just brilliant.

  14. Typical of this organization to have offset key player alignment that clearly reveals the Raiders mismanagement. Just cut their “LOL-elite-LOL” QB decade investment and RB that is off his rookie contract and to make matters worse they have Devante Adams on the payroll/cap damage who they over paid for BIG TIME.

  15. Really has developed nicely. Imagine what he’ll do with a competent line on the right hand side. Foundational type of player.

  16. I know my team lost the Superbowl and all, but the Raiders are doomed. They are going to be in full swing decline next season. Anyone that doesn’t see it is oblivious to the NFL.

  17. It’s not a RB league. When a guy puts up his best numbers because he’s motivated to get a big payday, where’s that motivation coming from after he gets paid? Never, never pay a guy who doesn’t play hard every game.

  18. Sign a hugely expensive receiver to pair him with his old QB buddy, then cut that QB (a fully viable franchise QB), then franchise-tag a RB?

    The Raiders, ladies and gentlemen!

  19. Good rb. Cap aside, will the tax payers be covering his salary? All reports indicate the Raiders are running on financial fumes.

  20. He’s been pretty good for his whole career with the team. Last year was a prove it deal and he proved it. My Raiders will screw this up like they always do. Could have already signed him up before last year but too cheap to do so. He has said he wants to be a Raider for life. We’ll see what happens.

  21. Raiders in 2-3 yr rebuild w/o Carr. Why give a RB $10 Mill to get constantly hit behind the line? Next …

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