Bijan Robinson: God has a plan for wherever I’m going to be

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Texas running back Bijan Robinson is one of the best players in the draft regardless of position. But Robinson isn’t likely to go as high as he should for one simple reason: Running backs are devalued in the NFL.

“I don’t want to say it’s unfair,” Robinson said Saturday. “I think that God has a plan for wherever I’m going to be at. You just never know on that day where you’re going to go. For me, it’s just important to keep enjoying the moment. We might get to draft day and some surprise can happen. We just never know. For me, I’m just trying to keep staying positive. Always know that the blessings are here and just keep having fun doing it.”

Iowa State’s Breece Hall was the first running back drafted a year ago, going 36th overall to the Jets. Alabama’s Najee Harris, the 24th overall choice of the Steelers in 2021, and Clemson’s Travis Etienne, selected a spot later than Harris, were the last running backs drafted in the first round, and Penn State’s Saquon Barkley, the No. 2 pick of the Giants in 2018, was the last running back selected in the top 10.

Robinson compares himself to Barkley.

He ran for 1,580 yards and 18 touchdowns last season in winning the Doak Walker Award as the nation’s top running back. Robinson finished his three-year career with 539 carries for 3,410 yards and 10 touchdowns, though he caught only 60 passes for 805 yards and eight touchdowns.

“First of all, I feel that if you’re a guy that can do all three on the football field for your offense, I think that’s a very special quality in a player,” Robinson said. “You can line up a player at receiver, at slot, or obviously at running back. Just creating mismatches for defenders all over the field and be able to create space for yourself and create space for the offense and opening up the offense, I think that is just like a high value that everybody should look at. I know there’s a lot of running backs in this class that have that quality. It’s important to see those kind of skill sets and just how we go about our business on the field.”

15 responses to “Bijan Robinson: God has a plan for wherever I’m going to be

  1. Travis Etienne was also drafted in the first round of the 2021 draft, making him the last rb taken in the first.

  2. I’d like to see god’s draft board, because he obviously cares much more about football than he does all the starving kids and suffering people around the world.🙄

  3. His faith may truly be tested!

    I remember a few years ago another Running Back saying that and was drafted by the 49ers…
    Cali wasn’t his ‘cup of tea’ and he retired after rookie year…

  4. Cowboys taking Zeke in 2016 so high remains on of the most wtf picks I can remember. We saw how that turned out.

  5. God has put aside trivial issues like world hunger and the war in Ukraine to concentrate on Bijan’s career choices.

  6. If he’s drafted early, he’ll have more $$$ in his contract. If he gets drafted late in the 1st he is likely going to a good organization where they will win more and know how to use him. Like he could end up in Buffalo, Cincinnati, etc. Slipping to the top of the 2nd would be the worst scenario – low $$$ and bad team (barring trades).

  7. Have your own plan and you’ll see you go further…if God is watching football with everything going on, then I’d like to have a talk with him and my belt

  8. The guy is a chess piece in the right offense and an excellent player in any offense. Good luck to him that he’s drafted by the right team that maximizes his talents and that he stays healthy.

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