Commanders call new report on sale process “blatantly false”

Washington Commanders v Philadelphia Eagles
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At a time when many reports are surfacing regarding the apparent, or at least potential, reluctance of Commanders owner Daniel Snyder to sell the team, a Friday night report from A.J. Perez of prompted a strongly-worded response from the team.

Perez reported that the sale “remained in a stalemate this week,” and that the delay arises from “multiple factors” — with the biggest impediment being Snyder’s reluctance to sell the team to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

“Front Office Sports tonight posted a blatantly false report regarding the ongoing process involving a potential Commanders transaction,” the team said in a statement distributed by email at 10:31 p.m. ET. “The team will continue its efforts to protect the confidentiality and integrity of its process. Upon the conclusion of the process, the position of the Commanders will be announced by the team. Transactions of this nature are highly confidential, and few people are involved in the inner workings. As such, anonymously sourced stories purporting to be factual should not be believed.”

The Commanders have every right to issue any statements they choose. But it seems odd that no late-night statements were issued last weekend, when multiple reports regarding Bezos being banned from buying the team first surfaced.

It’s been a tumultuous week for the Commanders and Snyder, to say the least. From the Washington Post reporting that Snyder wants indemnity from the league and its other owners to reporting that a federal criminal investigation has focused on whether proper approvals were secured for a $55 million line of credit, it feels once again as if the overall situation is approaching critical mass.

Then again, it has felt that way in the past. But nothing has ultimately changed. With the annual league meetings less than a month away, it’s hard not to think that Snyder eventually will be given an option by the league at large — sell the team voluntarily or risk being forced out.

13 responses to “Commanders call new report on sale process “blatantly false”

  1. Jerry Richardson may have been a misogynistic racist but even he knew when it was time to get the check and close the tab.

  2. Snyder continues to take his conduct straight out of the 45 playbook. Deny even the most obvious, demagogue against legitimate press, and criticize anonymous sources. Snyder knows that a certain percentage of people will support him if he plays the victim.

  3. I honestly have gotten to the point where if I don’t see it with my own eyes, hear it from a proven and extremely reliable source, or hasn’t been determined by a judge and jury, and not of someone’s opinion, its all just plain bull….

  4. Another Snyder hit piece. It never ends, and he’s NEVER selling the team to Jeff Bezos

  5. bozobiden says:
    March 4, 2023 at 11:29 am
    Another Snyder hit piece. It never ends, and he’s NEVER selling the team to Jeff Bezos

    You’re just the type of person who believes Snyder.

  6. Tiki Barber is “flabbergasted” and how I wish Logicalvoice was still around.

  7. Commanders would be the football team, they had/ have nothing to do with what Snyder does,can we keep Snyder’s wrongdoings separate from the football team???the team isn’t selling itself nor did they get a $55 million line of credit/loan.

  8. Read my user name and KNOW WE MEAN BUSINESS.

    Kiss Dan “THE MAN” Snyders rear end.

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