Jets need a hard reset for their quarterback depth chart

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The Jets haven’t tried to hide the fact that they’re looking for a veteran quarterback. But they also remain insistent on keeping Zach Wilson on the team. They’d also like to bring back Mike White a/k/a Mike Effin’ White.

Doesn’t it make more sense to just clear the decks?

The locker room surely has strong feelings about both Wilson and White. They love White. It’s unclear what they truly think about Wilson. They loved him early last year. By the end of the season, they arguably had become ambivalent, at best.

With a veteran starter destined to take over, why not clear the decks and start over?

Really, how would the depth chart look if there’s a veteran starter backed up by Wilson and White? Who’s No. 2? Who’s No. 3?

If they’re determined to truly turn the page on recent dysfunction at the position, they should pass on bringing back White and, in turn, trade or cut Wilson.

It seems as if they’re keeping Wilson at least in part because they fear that, if he goes elsewhere and thrives, he’ll make the Jets look bad. But if a fresh start is the wakeup call he needs, why not give it to him?

Whether it’s Aaron Rodgers or Derek Carr, sign a new starter and fill out the depth chart behind him with new names. If the Jets truly want to turn the page, they need to close the book on 2022. No more Mike White. No more Zach Wilson.

That could be the only way to truly move forward into a new era of Jets football.

4 responses to “Jets need a hard reset for their quarterback depth chart

  1. All good points. But despite that, I personally would like to still keep Zach as the #2 for a few years simply because I think he could still be a humble and decent QB. He lasts a few years as the backup and displays the talent everyone thought he had when he was drafted, he’ll be worth a lot more in a trade of some sort than he is worth now.

  2. The Jets aren’t qualified to develop a QB. They are the AFC version of the Bears. They certainly aren’t qualified to resurrect a young QB’s career, either. Keeping Wilson, now, is cutting off the nose to spite the face. The Jets could grab a proven starter for a handful of years with Carr, Garoppolo, or Lamar. But nobody is willing to come for a 1-2 year temporary gig, maybe Rodgers.

    Trade him to the Raiders and put performance conditions on the pick. If he makes you look stupid and turns his career around, the compensation improves. The fact that Wilson would be playing in that division, should ease fears that he leads LV to SBs.

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