Raiders players give Josh McDaniels low grades on NFLPA report card

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Raiders players weren’t thrilled with head coach Josh McDaniels in his first season in Las Vegas.

The NFL Players Association’s report card for the Raiders makes clear that the players thought McDaniels didn’t listen to them and kept them in the facility too long.

“At this workplace, the lowest graded category was the coaching staff,” the NFLPA said of the Raiders. “Player respondents felt that Head Coach Josh McDaniels is less likely to listen to his players and keeps them for longer hours than other Head Coaches around the league. Longer hours are not correlated to winning, as seven of the top eight coaches rated as being most efficient with their players’ time in the 2022 survey made the playoffs this year.”

Raiders players otherwise like playing in Las Vegas, however, particularly the team’s high-quality facilities.

“With their new facilities in place now for nearly 3 years, we heard from multiple players on other teams the request to ‘make the facilities more like Vegas,'” the NFLPA said. “The workplace is mostly state-of-the-art, and 90% of players believe that club owner Mark Davis is willing to spend money to upgrade the operations if needed.”

The players like the facilities. They just wish McDaniels wouldn’t make them spend so much time there.

28 responses to “Raiders players give Josh McDaniels low grades on NFLPA report card

  1. This might actually speak to what McDaniels is talking about. The players aren’t engaged and working to win. Remember Carr’s teary eyed post game press conference about how some guys went through so much to practice, but others didn’t even for a game? Bingo. Culture change is upon them.

  2. Still puzzled at the way McDaniels is running this team. No QB in place, yet you run out the guy who has had success and who wanted to be there. I just don’t get it…

  3. McDaniels and all the other ex-Patriots coaches who failed, tried to bring in “The Patriots way” to their new teams. That turned out to be a joke. Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay, and they won a super bowl, while Bill Belichick, the greatest coach of all time has failed to win anything of significance without Brady. So, this whole idea of doing things the “Patriots way”, doesn’t go over well with the players. They’re not stupid. Maybe try doing things “The Chiefs way”, now that they have the best QB. The winning way turns out to be whatever way the coach with the best QB runs his organization.

  4. Shocking! Had Davis been bright enough to do his pre-hire due diligence of McDaniels from his HC stint in Denver, he would have known this. The grievances against McDaniels were many and well known and public info. Mark Davis has no business being an owner. You fans deserve better.

  5. He is still trying to be Bill, when he needs to just be Josh. Then agian maybe josh is meant to just be an OC. The guy is an amazing OC, just doing stuff like running carr out of town. You had the best QB theyve had in 2 decades, and most of all he WANTED to be in LV. Did anyone see that line? They were starting ALex Leatherwood at one point. Denver2.0 so far for McDanels. Doesn’t help that Davis was calling him into the office after games year one.

  6. Las Vegas is not an ideal professional sports city. Too many distractions for players.

  7. Maybe try doing things “The Chiefs way”


    The Chiefs way was actually going pretty good even with Alex Smith. Yea the QB being a once in a generation talent helps, but Reid always had them as well as his eagles teams winning. Culture and atmosphere does matter a lot.

  8. Imagine Lombardi reading about players judging and complaining about his abilites, but then again they would be gone after a couple of losing seasons …

  9. I am loving this NFLPA survey. It’s going to be a game changer. Hopefully the NFLPA is able to leverage it to the players’ benefit.

  10. When will teams learn to never hire the Patriots assistant coaches as head coach ? They all are bad head coaches.

  11. I hate McDaniels.
    But no one really cares what the NFLPA Report Cards say.
    It’s about as useful and insightful as Rate My Professor.
    A bunch of Diva athletes don’t like being told what to do and how to do it?
    Imagine that.

  12. If you follow the linked text, you will see that the Raiders finished the NFLPA a’report card” you will see that they finished with the third best grades of all thirty-two teams.

  13. McDanny wrecked the Broncos with his rebuilding theology I’m expecting the same outcome for da Raiders … I’ll blame Mark again for picking a losing head coach. Let’s not forget it’s all about bad decision making . Raider4life

  14. Well color me shacked. As a lifelong fan of the Raiders I hate McDaniels with a passion but then again Mark Davis didn’t ask me who I wanted for a new coach. I see another 4-5 wins for them next year they donr have a QB yet so that might be a push actually

  15. Where is the coaching staff grade on the list? I’ve looked at the NFLPA survey and coaching staff is not a category.

  16. I’ve been reading this site for many years. There’s no question in my mind that raider posters know less about NFL FB than any other fanbase.

  17. Raiders rank 30th out of 32 teams in penalties per game (average of 7 at home!)… coach might need the fellas at the office a bit longer. Funny how the union didn’t note that in their “report card”.

  18. If the Union Members don’t grade their bosses well. If their chief complaint is the coach keeps them in the “nice” facilities too long, I think the Coach might be doing okay. Need to change the culture to have players wanting to put the time and effort into improving. This isn’t an indictment on the coach, but the players.

  19. The players, most of whom are making between 5 to 20 million per year, are complaining about the long hours required being required of them. I then think of Joe Lunchbox working voluntary overtime shifts away from his family in order to both make the mortgage and eat. These divas have no idea what the real world is like until they’re out of the league for five years.

  20. If you’re losing games in the last 5-6 minutes you need to be at practice longer. Does that upset you? Don’t lose the lead.

    Boo hoo coach worked us too hard. Losers.

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