XFL reinstates player who was cut for allegedly giving playbook to other teams

Orlando Guardians v Houston Roughnecks
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XFL 3.0 may not have significant ratings or attendance, but it suddenly has some high drama.

Via the New York Post, the league has reinstated a player who was released on Thursday for allegedly giving his team’s playbook to other teams.

Orlando Guardians quarterback Quinten Dormady had his pink slip revoked a day after being fired by the Guardians.

“The league is actively reviewing a personnel issue regarding a player on the Orlando Guardians who was released from the team yesterday afternoon,” the XFL said in a statement. “Additional information on the situation was brought to the attention of the league overnight, and the league has reinstated the player while it conducts a formal investigation into the issue. The situation is under review, and we will share more details regarding the findings as appropriate.”

That doesn’t mean Dormady has been exonerated. It also doesn’t mean he won’t be.

It’s definitely an issue of concern for the league, to the extent that legal bets are being placed on XFL games. Integrity becomes critical to avoiding external scrutiny, up to and including prosecution of specific persons. If anyone is giving away playbooks or plays or other secrets to other teams, it undermines whether the results of the games are legitimate — which invites serious questions about whether laws have been broken.

So stay tuned. This issue is suddenly juicier than anything the XFL has put on the field, perhaps in any of its three iterations.

12 responses to “XFL reinstates player who was cut for allegedly giving playbook to other teams

  1. 4-point convert penalty from the 1 yard line only if your team is losing by 3 points with 2 minutes left to go and more than 100 people are watching.

  2. I just can’t get on board with this logic. A player allegedly does something deserving of internal discipline, but now it’s potentially a legal matter because some completely unrelated persons chose to risk their money gambling on a game..? The author has pushed this theory before and it just seems like sensationalism to me. I’m tired of the mindset that we need to bubble wrap everyone and everything because some people chose to participate in risky financial behavior. I’m all for legal betting, but it’s called gambling for a reason. The XFL can discipline Dormady however they see fit and that should be the end of it.

  3. I hope they can wrap up this investigation quickly.

    The only reason to give your playbook the other side is to lose the game or at least reduce the spread.

    This would be a huge black eye against legalized betting

  4. Ironically, after the XFL folds (and it most certainly will). This is what it will be remembered for… the landmark case against Legalized Gambling.

  5. XFL created the story to create drama/ratings…they should share their playbooks. More interesting watching plebes play Madden

  6. If the coaches on the new teams accepted this play book, the team should be heavily reprimanded and fined and even banned. Hopefully the reason why we found out was because the new team had enough integrity to reject the play book and report the player.

  7. Sports betting, even more so on games played by this so-called football league, is a fool’s errand.

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