Anthony Richardson’s sensational Combine performance raises his draft stock

Georgia v Florida
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Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson may have done more than any other player to improve his draft stock at the Scouting Combine.

Richardson was outstanding in Indianapolis, and as a result he’s now listed behind Alabama’s Bryce Young in the betting odds to be the first quarterback drafted. Young remains the favorite at -240, but Richardson is now second at +380.

Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud has moved down to third at +430, while Kentucky’s Will Levis is a long shot at +1100. The extreme long shots are Stanford’s Tanner McKee at +7500 and Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker at +7500.

How did Richardson do it? By putting on one of the most impressive performances in Scouting Combine history. His vertical jump was the best ever for a quarterback. His broad jump was also the best ever for a quarterback. At 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, with a 40-yard dash time of 4.43 seconds, he would be considered an elite athletic prospect at any position, not just quarterback.

But even more impressive was Richardson’s arm in the throwing drills. Richardson unleashed a series of 60-yard throws that landed in his receivers’ hands. Richardson’s arm talent is remarkable.

Richardson is not a perfect prospect. He completed just 53.8 percent of his passes last season at Florida, and he started just 13 games in his college football career. Completion percentage and games started are two of the college quarterback stats with the best track record for predicting NFL success, and Richardson ranks near the bottom of all the quarterbacks in this year’s draft in both categories.

But some NFL team is going to fall in love with Richardson’s raw talent, make him a first-round pick, and hope to develop him into a franchise starter for years to come.

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  1. At worst he can be a gadget QB. So the bust factor won’t be so bad. He can always be a TE/FB/Wildcat player slash decoy.
    It would be interesting if a team with an entrenched starter took him. Let the athlete play, while he learns to play QB.

  2. Bust! aka Jamarcus Russell. You can jump out of the gym, but can you read and react to a defense? I wouldn’t waste my time.

  3. Just for the sheer silliness…
    It would be great if the Packers trade up to take him…

    And keep both Rodgers and Love

  4. Didn’t see a ton of Florida football this year but when I saw this guy I did a triple take. Whether he’s a QB or not he’ll be a heck of a player. Hopefully he gets in the right system with the right coach who can develop him. He could be pretty outrageous if he tightens his passing game down.

  5. It seems so easy from the outside looking in. Know who you are interested in based on what you have seen for 2-4 years of college tape, and then use the combine simply to make sure that the player has the size, strength, and speed to be able to replicate that, or at least be effective, at the pro level. Never should a player’s stock go up based solely on the combine, only down if the measurables leave doubt that they can carry the performance to the next level. Obviously it isn’t so easy if so many teams make these mistakes every year, but it seems to be common sense. If they aren’t making an impact against college players, they likely aren’t going to in the NFL, no matter how fast they can do the shuttle run or how far they can broad jump.

  6. Gator alum and fan here and I watched every game he has played.Issues include staring down receivers, throwing to hard for short passes, holding ball too long and inaccuracy. Gator’s line didn’t help, but I see him as a 50/50 prospect at best.

  7. Big difference between having exceptional athletic gifts and being a winning NFL starting QB. Given his limited experience and substandard accuracy (completion percentage), he might be more of a developmental project. If so, awfully risky to spend a Rd1 pick on a prospect in that category.

  8. Pay attention to the Giants, who in the story below this one allowed Daniel Jones’ agent to leave the combine without a new deal. If Daboll sees Josh Allen in Richardson, New Jersey – which has 4 extra late round picks this year – may go all in on getting Richardson, likely by shipping early round picks in 23 and 24 + Barkley. The Giants hired Daboll because he beat math itself to make Allen one of the league’s best QBs.

  9. Ravens take him and turn him into a better version of Lamar Jackson. Runs faster, throws stronger, and hits his targets 58 percent of the time. Perfect place for him. Ride him for the next 4 years win a bunch of regular season games.

  10. Kind of reminds me of bigger version of Kordell Stewart. Perhaps if willing, could be converted to insanely fast TE or gigantic WR. Stewart QB limitations forced him to revert to ‘Slash” role as WR but he refused, & became a backup QB.

  11. The Gator alum probably gives the most honest assessment you’ll se here since he has watched him play a lot. I’m sure he is a heck of an athlete but that just doesn’t guarantee success in the NFL as we have seen over the years. He would benefit from the old school way of bringing an QB along, let him watch for a few years before sending him out to play. As much as I dislike the Packers, they may have accidentally rediscovered this with Rodgers and possibly Love – time will tell when he eventually plays but it seem to me Love was a lot like Richardson, physically gifted but undeveloped. Maybe watching for 4 years is the best thing for some of these guys.

  12. Trey Lance was a high first round pick with incredible physical measureables. Brock Purdy was the final pick in the draft with mediocre physical talent but great football IQ. Purdy comprehensively outplayed Lance. Maybe GMs should look more at football smarts and leadership and less at pure physical attributes at the QB position.

  13. The kid only completed 53% of his passes as a senior. He may make it in the NFL but it won’t be as a QB.

  14. grizzly says:
    March 5, 2023 at 8:42 am
    The Gator alum probably gives the most honest assessment you’ll se here since he has watched him play a lot.

    He’s not a Gator alum and he has never seen Anthony play a single second. He is disingenuously trying to embellish his credentials to make his hate for Anthony seem to be fact based.

  15. The Washington Commanders trade Payne, Young and first round pick in 2023 (#16) draft to Bears for #1 over all pick in 2023 and select Anthony Richardson, Quarterback for University of Florida.

  16. Gator fan. The kid dazzles for a few moments and then disappears rest of the game. No idea if it’s personnel or coaching adjustments from the defense, but he’s not a game changer.

    I see Jamarcus Russell 2.0

  17. It’s all about where he is drafted. Personally, I’d like to see Indy, Vegas or Carolina get him. Very experienced offensive head coaches with a plan to bring him along slowly. He is not ready to play in the NFL in year 1 from a processing and accuracy perspective.

  18. Every year we watch guys who are paid millions fall for some work out warrior. Didnt know Tom Bradys broad jump, because QBs dont regularly broad jump in games. Guy Wasnt even a two year starter. Some body is going to get fired for this kid.

  19. Great athlete with limited time as a starting quarterback that showed significant deficiencies in his game play. And his performance yesterday raises his draft stock?
    The combine numbers are nice, but if any team selects him in the first round they’re crazy. He’s a project that won’t be close to starting in 2023 or possibly 2024.
    The best team for him would be one that has a starter already but who’s in his 30’s and that sees Richardson as their future in the back end of this decade.

  20. There’s just that itty bitty spec on his resume that he has barely ever played Qb and has accuracy issues . Other than the most important traits, he’s great

  21. D. Smith must be livid after reading this. If Richardson’s draft rank went up, that means someone’s had to have gone down! The horror!

  22. It’s funny the homer Florida fans are acting like he’s accurate because their receivers dropped balls. As if no other team dropped balls.

  23. Happens every year. Some workout warrior goes to Indy and gets at least one team to ignore all the video evidcence and career stats and falls in love with the guy, only to learn later that the video evidence and career stats existed for a good reason.

  24. I watched him as a Florida Gator. Reminds me of Dak Prescott 2.0
    Not a criticism, just observation.

  25. Those two deep Combine throws that were referenced were undeniably spectacular. But many of the rest of his throws were simply not good. Now CJ Stroud was another story -exponentially the best throwing performance of all the quarterbacks. Richardson’s amazing speed and jumping ability notwithstanding, I see Stroud as becoming the better NFL qb.

  26. JaMarcus Russell was a can’t miss prospect Athletically.
    You can’t teach desire to always get better, love of the game, leadership, humility coachability, some intagibles. That’s why most “can’t miss” prospects that throw the ball a mile become a busy. Dak Prescott, Jalen Hurts, Russell Wilson even Brock Purdy and other QBs that didn’t get drafted high thrive. You can’t teach these intagibles. Some of the best QBs in history didn’t test great Athletically. Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Kurt Warner all had intagibles that made them great. Imo the Combine “Stars” is what made them busts. The are told how great they already are and don’t put in the work to get better..

  27. Raised his stock? Probably went from a late fifth rounder to a mid-fifth rounder.

  28. I swear I could be a better GM than half the teams have in the league just by evaluating only from the tape a player has versus useless measurables. Some players just perform in their rules when the game is on. You tell him to run in the line and they perform below average, but you stick them out there and tell them to go get the quarterback and they see another man trying to stop them from doing that and they go to extreme lengths to accomplish that goal. That can’t be measured.

  29. If the right situation finds him then his future may be bright. Throwing him in next year on a terrible team will probably ruin him. Hopefully for him a team with a clear starting QB(Detroit) takes a chance on him and lets him sit and learn.

  30. Use him like the Saints use Taysom Hill. Hill is at his best as a football player, not a qb. When used properly, Hill is 1 of the best playmakers in the NFL.

  31. It’s ridiculous how many people are acting like they’ve never heard of a QB developing after being drafted.

  32. tqaztec says:
    March 5, 2023 at 10:07 am
    Jamarcus Russell had a great combine as well….

    Jamarcus tan a 4.83 in the forty! You’re comparing WR speed to that of a DL

  33. He is going to bust if he is not in the right developmental environment. Broad jumps don’t mean anything in regards to being a qb. The unfortunate part for him is that the teams at the top are terrible, and the expectation might be to have him play sooner rather later.

  34. That’s amazing. How did he perform in the egg toss & potato sack races?

  35. I almost think we’re in the “teams raving about X prospect” because they hope the player they REALLY wand will still be available when they pick.

  36. Another Dak Prescott- ball placement is terrible. Anticipation- non existing- reading defenses- questionable at best. If a NFL team that draft him is allowed to do what the Chiefs did with Mahomes. Could be a difference maker at quarterback

  37. He’s a project. If he were to go to the right place – and if he has the proper mindset and work ethic – the ceiling is really high. The right place would be somewhere that he could develop and learn without having to contribute significantly immediately. But a place where they were willing to work in a few spots for him during games to keep him engaged.

    I would not select him before the 4th round because he’s a project.

  38. I remember watching Florida play and thought…this could be a pretty good team if they had a quarterback but this guy sucks.

  39. Any team that would alter their draft board because of what a QB does at the Combine is IGNORANT! What does the “game tape” and his performance on the field say? It tells me this guy shouldn’t even be sniffing the 1st round unless it’s a Lamar pick of some team trading up to the 1st round and taking him at 31 or 32! A 53% comp ratio, 17TD and 9INTs isn’t 1st round material, but go ahead and draft him so in a few years I can say “SEE I TOLD YOU SO”!

  40. When will we ever learn? Do you know how hard it is to complete only 53% of your passes in college? With the wide-open offenses in modern college football, you would almost have to be blindfolded to be that bad. But hey, he looks great in shorts throwing 60 yard bombs to wide-open receivers.

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