Browns could make a run at Brandon Graham

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles
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Defensive end Brandon Graham has spent 13 years with the Eagles, his entire NFL career. There’s a chance that will be ending.

Tim McManus of reports that several teams are interested in the free-agent-to-be pass rusher, including the Browns.

Cleveland makes plenty of sense, given that former Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz now runs the defense there. Graham made the biggest play of his career on Schwartz’s watch, a Super Bowl-sealing strip sack of Tom Brady.

The Eagles made Graham a first-round pick in 2010. It’s almost as hard to envision him in another uniform as it was to see Brady playing for the Buccaneers.

But as the Eagles deal with 20 looming free agents and a massive deal for quarterback Jalen Hurts, some tough decisions will have to be made. Parting with one of the heroes of Super Bowl LII could be one of them.

9 responses to “Browns could make a run at Brandon Graham

  1. Would hate to lose BG and want to see him retire an Eagle but this is a business and Eagles are going to lose some guys this offseason

  2. Because signing 35 year olds not named Tom Brady has worked out so well for teams

  3. I hope the Eagles can keep him. He’s still playing great and is a superb leader.

  4. Driving a wedge between your team and your fan base is not good for business. Hopefully, they learned their lesson when they let Brian Dawkins walk. It’s not worth it.

    Sign him to a 5 year contract with 3 voidable years, 25 guaranteed at signing. 20 signing bonus. 6.5 mil cap hit this year and next. 4 for the remaining 3. Problem solved. Welcome home Brandon.

  5. With 50% of their cap tied up in five guys, signing a 35 year old FA sounds like a completely Browns thing to do.

  6. Not driving a wedge between anything. It’s a business. Guaranteed that he will eventually retire an Eagle.

  7. Please enough with the old players they are all fools gold would you buy a car with 200k miles on it ?
    that’s what these guys are get me a proven WR in the 26yr old area like Terry McLaurin now your talking . A 35yr old DE..LOL..come on man .

  8. Browns as of prior to free agency have the Youngest roster in the NFL and have been in the top 5 in that category since the current regime took over. People are acting like it would hurt them to have a player over the age of 28 which has been their “send you out to pasture” age the last few seasons.

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