Darius Slay may not be thrilled about Matt Patricia arriving in Philly

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions
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As Super Bowl LVII approached, it became clear that Eagles cornerback Darius Slay continued to be motivated by the perception that former Lions coach Matt Patricia disrespected Slay when he was in Detroit. Slay’s motivation may continue in 2023.

With Patricia reportedly in play to join the defensive coaching staff in Philadelphia, Slay and Patricia may be together again.

It all started because Slay told Patricia that Slay had worked out in the offseason with Richard Sherman and Aqib Talib.

“He basically just said, ‘You are not in that category yet,’” Slay said during Super Bowl week. “At that time, I only had one Pro Bowl but now I’m at five, so I want to know how he feels about that now. I don’t wish bad on him, but as a man, me and him just don’t get along. He’s a smart coach, he knows his Xs and Os, but the disrespect is not what I’m with.”

Soon, Slay may be with Patricia, again.

It’s possible that Patricia targeted Slay because he was the biggest, baddest guy on the team. That’s The Patriot Way. Attacking the best player shows that everyone will be held to a high standard, or whatever.

Whether Slay simply says “whatever” or something more than that remains to be seen. He has a $17 million base salary, non-guaranteed, in 2023. And it’s the final year of his deal.

26 responses to “Darius Slay may not be thrilled about Matt Patricia arriving in Philly

  1. Some players just think they are all that and need to be brought back down to earth. That’s all

  2. As a Cowboys homer, I can only hope Matt Patricia joins the Eagles coaching staff. It was Matt Patricia’s horrible defensive play calling that cost the Patriots that super bowl against the Eagles

  3. Patricia will likely need to apologize to Slay in order for this to work.

  4. Patricia is pathetic. I have a passion for my team, but boy does belichick get me steamed with some of his bs. I could go on and on about his ego and how it compromises the team.

    Somebody, please, ANYBODY take this guy, and then let BB fade away and let jerod mayo coach the team and bring us into the modern era

    At least bob will fix the offense

  5. That’s a pretty big cap savings, but Slay is still playing very well. Very questionable move to bring Patricia in. Slay is a much better corner than Patricia is a coach.

  6. If he knows his x’s and o’s then you should want to play for him. Put your money where your mouth is…

  7. Drop the chip on your shoulder and man up. Stop worrying about what he said and “how many pro bowls’ you went to because it doesn’t mean much unless you win everything. No one remembers 2nd place. If you ain’t first you’re last!!!!

  8. It’s cool. Patricia hasn’t moved out of the “Jim Zorn, Ben McAdoo, Chudzinski” category of the NFL Head Coaches folio yet.

  9. Wasn’t Patricia the guy who:
    1) bench Malcolm Butler in the SB to prove a point
    2) cussed at his players in Detroit to the point that one said, Grown men shouldn’t curse like that at other men?

  10. Patricia didn’t handle the success of being an NFL coach very well. His “I’m smarter than everyone” and “I’m the boss” attitude was his downfall as HC. Getting rid of Slay and Diggs along with Anthony Zettel ( who just came off a 6 sack season) , was all about Patricia’s ego. He set the Lions organization backwards so bad it almost seemed intentional .

  11. Wait… Slay hates the guy for what he admits was Patricia telling the truth?? For Patricia to tell a one-time Pro Bowler that he isn’t yet on the same level as guys who went to 5 Pro Bowls each may not have been smart, but he wasn’t lying.

    Yes, Slay has now reached that level, but he wasn’t there when Patricia was his head coach. I’m a huge Lions fan, and I hated the MP hire when it happened, but Slay was a crybaby over this. The manufactured outrage that some people have to create is amusing. If a one-time Pro Bowler in the league was talking about being on Slay’s level right now, DS would be all over him about not “proving it” yet.

    “Don’t disrespect me by telling the truth” has always been Slay’s motto.

  12. “He basically just said, ‘You are not in that category yet” is the PG rated version of what Patricia said. What he actually told Slay is “you don’t need to be sucking his c0ck”! I hope Slay clocks Patricia a good one if they end up on the same team, he needs to.

  13. mykelane says:
    March 6, 2023 at 12:07 am
    Mr. Rocket Scientist doesn’t appear to bright.

  14. Philly fans aren’t happy about it either. Rather them bring in Lovie Smith, he had a bad roster play above their talent level with how scrappy they were. But they couldn’t finish games because that’s what bad talent does. They would be better off taking him as the game isn’t beyond him like people thought

  15. Patricia’s also made some very off color assessments of Slay’s skills while watching film during team meetings. “Hard Coaching.” That’s how Patricia lost the entire team. That stuff cut deep.

  16. The Detroit Lions would welcome Slay back with open arms. He left the team very amicably, and it’s understandable why anybody would want to leave a team that had Matt Patricia as a head coach. New Ownership, new values, bring back Slay.

  17. As a Lions fan, i was rather untethered watching Patricia implode our team and get rid of our best defensive player only for Patricia to be fired shortly thereafter

  18. Question:
    Why is Philly still rewarding people who helped them win their first Super Bowl?

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