Travis Kelce makes SNL hosting gig a family affair

Saturday Night Live - Season 48
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Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce hosted Saturday Night Live, making him the latest in a line of NFL figures dating back to Fran Tarkenton to do the honors. And Kelce did very well.

His monologue was solid with a couple of very funny lines, and he handled his skit duties very well, delivering his lines in a funny and natural way.

Eagles center Jason Kelce and their parents were shown during the monologue, sitting in the crowd. The back-and-forth included a couple of reaction shots from Jason.

As expected, Jason also showed up in one of the skits, playing the new love interest of a woman who once dated (or at least went on a single date with) Travis.

If you missed it, the whole show can be seen on Peacock. And, yes, I have a direct financial interest in helping Peacock get more subscribers. I’m only two new signups away from getting one of those hats that holds a can of beer on each side.

15 responses to “Travis Kelce makes SNL hosting gig a family affair

  1. Kyle Brandt looked very foolish last month, mocking Kelce as a mouth-chomping spewer of bragadacio. Good for Kelce for repping the Kingdom in style last night.

  2. Hoping the Kelces aren’t featured as much as the Gronkowskis. Tired of both stale acts. Make it stop already.

  3. He did great and looked like he had a lot of fun doing it. I can see him having a successful second career once his playing days are over.

  4. They cut the best skit. Look up creed Humphrey SNL skit cut. Best laugh of them all.

  5. Great Job! Telling kids to smoke marijuana and be bad at school but don’t worry you can win 2 superbowls…role model

  6. I thought Kelce was hilarious and delivered a magnificent performance. Was great his brother got in on the ac. thanks for the laughs Travis.

  7. I loved it. Been watching this show like 30 years! He did well! So much better than watching nightly news. Or Fox.

  8. For the writing I thought Kelce did good. Bit if they had decent writers it could’ve been great. Not sure who watches SNL.

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