Chiefs plan to cut Frank Clark

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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After four years in Kansas City, defensive end Frank Clark is on the way out.

The Chiefs plan to cut Clark after trying and failing to come to terms on a renegotiated contract, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

That’s no surprise, given that Clark’s contract called for him to get a $20.5 million base salary, with nothing guaranteed. By cutting Clark the Chiefs save a whopping $21 million against the 2023 salary cap and move from slightly over the cap to well under.

Clark, who will turn 30 in June, had five sacks in 15 starts last season. He added 2.5 sacks in the postseason, giving him 13.5 sacks in his postseason career, the third-most in NFL history.

22 responses to “Chiefs plan to cut Frank Clark

  1. We Love Frank Clark in KC. I was hoping the Chiefs could keep him on a reasonable contract. Either way, I wish Frank the best of luck and hope he can find his way back to KC.

  2. They drafted his replacement last year so this was pretty obvious. Watch for the Vikings to possibly trade Z Smith or Hunter to KC

  3. He is valuable, but clearly not a $20M+ value at this point. He will get an annual $15-17M contract offer from someone.

  4. Good player. I am sure he will be missed but the Chiefs made the right call.

  5. pftancelledme says:
    March 6, 2023 at 4:10 pm

    Chiefs just won their 2nd Super Bowl in the last 4 years.

    Technically someone has to replace Brady as the new face of the league so the NFL`s new Golden Boy was awarded 3 playoff wins and a second Super Bowl he just happens to play for Kansas City.

  6. What with Tyreek Hill AND Frank Clark gone and Kareem a distant memory, the Chiefs are going to be in a lot of trouble if they get attacked by a swarm of college girls.

  7. The Chiefs wouldn’t have won Super Bowl 54 if not for Frank Clark, so as a lifelong Chiefs fan, I’m forever grateful. But the fact is that during his time in KC, he’s been nearly invisible during the regular season. His two arrests on weapons charges last Spring were probably a factor as well, especially considering his bloated cap number relative to his measly regular season output.

    The Chiefs have at least nine draft picks in 2023 and this draft is said to be deep in WR’s and Edge rushers, which are arguably (outside of potential Left Tackle), the Chiefs biggest needs. Moving on now leaves plenty of cap space for a Chris Jones extension and some free agent signings, if not one huge FA signing.

    All that said, he leaves KC with two Super Bowl rings, so IMO, it was clearly a successful trade in 2019.

  8. It’s all falling apart, LOL.

    That’s what happens when you over pay a QB.

  9. Pie only so big and Patrick Mahomes takes up more each year, so only so much to go around. CLark and Brown let go (well have a chance to sign him L-T still), simple math.

  10. He was just mediocre until the post season. Not worth 21 mil to only ball out for a few games a year.

  11. Lions should make a move for him if he isn’t asking for too much. Him with Aiden on the other side would be a great combo

  12. KC got rid of all of their character problems – Tyreek, Clark, Mathieu, Kareem Hunt – smart move

  13. He might be invisible during the regular season, but he comes alive during the post. If he’s on a playoff team he is 100% worth the money. Chiefs don’t win either SB without him.

  14. Kc has to clear more cap space so that they can overpay for Lazard. Chiefs love those packers reject receivers.

  15. I hope he gets the bag he’s chasing, and if he can’t find a better deal i hope he can come back. I don’t know enough to know his role on defense on every play but he’s a solid contributor in the regular season and a down right beast when it’s the playoffs.

    Kc doesn’t have their rings without The Shark.

  16. nevyn49 says:
    March 6, 2023 at 4:28 pm
    What with Tyreek Hill AND Frank Clark gone and Kareem a distant memory, the Chiefs are going to be in a lot of trouble if they get attacked by a swarm of college girls.
    They should make a play for Zeke so they’re prepared

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