Chiefs won’t use franchise tag on Orlando Brown

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chiefs left tackle Orlando Brown played out the 2022 season under the terms of the franchise tag, but it looks like he won’t be doing it a second time.

According to multiple reports, the Chiefs are not going to place the franchise tag on Brown before Tuesday afternoon’s deadline to do so. Brown would have been set to make just under $20 million if he were tagged again this year.

The Chiefs will be the only team able to talk to Brown about a contract until the negotiating window opens two days ahead of the March 15 start to the new league year, so the two sides could still reach a deal that keeps him from hitting the open market.

If they can’t reach an agreement, Brown will be one of the top players to become a free agent in two weeks. He ranks seventh on PFT’s list of the top free agents.

25 responses to “Chiefs won’t use franchise tag on Orlando Brown

  1. It would be great to sign Orlando Brown Jr. to a reasonable deal, but Do Not Break the Bank for him.

  2. He has been the weakest player on our line the last two seasons. Him demanding top LT money doesn’t work for me and I don’t think it does for the Chiefs and Veach either. It will be interesting to see what happens

  3. Overrated. You can call holding on him every other play. An average RT at best.

  4. Good because he’s not very good and is not worth what he is being paid. Brown wanted out of Baltimore, he got his wish. Now he’ll be out of KC. Smart teams may take him as a backup or swing tackle.

  5. Regardless if he fleeces KC or someone else, buyer beware with this one. He’ll check out soon.

  6. No agent… should have signed the deal last year. Chiefs save money and someone else will overpay for him to shut it down.

  7. good move by Chiefs, they will probably sign Wylie now and draft one or two tackles high in the draft. Veach playing Chess, others playing Checkers. WORLD CHAMPS BABY !!!

  8. Chiefs allowing someone to sign him to top 10 money, because he’s not worth it. I’m guessing KC offered good, top 10 LT money, but not top 3 like he wants. Someone may overpay, but let them carry that overpayment. If not he can come back for a reasonable salary and play for rings every ear.

  9. When he no longer has the benefit of the NFL not calling flags on the Chiefs…

  10. And they wouldn’t pay for his pre-game meals either.

    Source: the KC Chiefs players NFLPA survey.

  11. It’s time for Orlando to fish or cut bait. He needs to decide what’s more important, trying to get top 3 LT money (which no one is going to give him) or being in the hunt for championships every year.

    Can’t have both.

  12. livefromthe757 says:
    March 6, 2023 at 2:38 pm
    Orlando Brown to D.C.

    No way they can afford Brown along with Daron Payne unless they want to lose Chase Young and Sweat down in a year or two.

  13. Just draft one, KC. Seems they find studs on the line and or coach them up

  14. He wants way too much money, that’s all there is to it. Veach proved last year with Tyreek he’s not going to be resetting the market for anyone, he has a number and he will stick to it. Brown is being unreasonable, so he can go get paid by some other franchise where his glaring flaws in the passing game won’t be covered up by a magician at QB.

    Thanks for the time, Orlando. Enjoy the rest of your career and your money.

  15. irishlion62 says:
    March 6, 2023 at 4:02 pm
    livefromthe757 says:
    March 6, 2023 at 2:38 pm
    Orlando Brown to D.C.

    No way they can afford Brown along with Daron Payne unless they want to lose Chase Young and Sweat down in a year or two.

    Can’t argue that … & we’d rather keep Payne lol.

  16. Got away with multiple holds on the play of the year for the Chiefs (last run against the Bengals), so he should get a special shout out on the ring.

  17. Brown is a stud right tackle. He’s an ordinary left tackle. The Chiefs will probably not have a lot of trouble finding good free agents that want a shot at a ring.

  18. Whether he goes or stays, the Chiefs have a plan. They always have a plan. Best team. Best front office. This from a long long long suffering Chargers fan

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