Combine buzz questions whether Tom Brady is truly done

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Last Tuesday at the Scouting Combine, Raiders coach Josh McDaniels told PFT Live that he believes quarterback Tom Brady is done. But not everyone who was in Indianapolis agrees.

For reasons previously articulated in this space, I don’t believe the door is completely slammed on Brady returning to football in 2023. While he can truthfully say as of now that he’s done, he could change his mind at any time.

Indeed, he once said that he’ll retire when he “sucks.” When reminded of that by Jim Gray during an episode of the Let’s Go! podcast, Brady said he believed it when he said it.

And thus he may have believed it when he said he was done. And he may continue to believe that until he’s no longer done.

Rich Eisen dabbled delicately, and appropriately, in the things he heard while in Indianapolis about Brady, during Eisen’s weekday show on Monday. Eisen couched it very carefully. He’s not saying Brady is telling people he wants to come back. Eisen isn’t saying Brady intends to come back at all. Instead, others were speculating that Brady could be willing to return, if the right situation arises.

And the right situation could be Miami. They were linked to him in 2020 and 2022. They were busted for tampering with him during that same period of time. Now, they have real questions about the short- and long-term durability of Tua Tagovailoa. Also, two of Brady’s children are now living in Miami.

There’s a long way to go to get the point that it would happen. And chances are it won’t. One big factor to keep in mind is that Bruce Beal, Brady’s primary connection to the Dolphins, apparently has lost plenty of standing since everything blew up last year.

Still, Brady could change his mind at any time. And it would be foolish to assume that it’s impossible he’ll wake up one day in June or July and decide to continue playing.

Don’t forget that Brady will be a free agent on March 15. He will have full flexibility to go wherever he wants, or nowhere at all. And he’s surely concerned that, if he stops now, he’ll later regret that he didn’t play the game as long as he possibly could.

45 responses to “Combine buzz questions whether Tom Brady is truly done

  1. Brady struggled behind that Swiss cheese offensive line last year, if he goes to Miami it would be as if he had no line at all. He will fail miserably!

  2. Brady is 45 years old molded bread. Pass his time. Long live the great white hope to save the fleeting NFL! Just stop it with the Brady comeback nonsense. Brady doesn’t like to get hit by opposing lineman who are younger and faster. Brady no longer holds leverage with the Refs, who would consistently bail him out with phantom flags to keep drives going and keep tv ratings up with the TV broadcast. Father Time is still undefeated Brady or No Brady.

  3. Brady sucked this year, so by his own criteria for retiring, shouldn’t he hang it up?

  4. As I predicted on February 1 in the wake of his annual retirement speech this didn’t take long. The first clue was not starting his $300 million job with Fox. He is a narcissistic bore. He can no longer play at a high level and where ever he winds up, that team will get no where near a Super Bowl.

  5. Crazy as it sounds, I think the Raiders situation was a factor in Brady’s early decision. Think about the ramifications… McDaniels releasing Carr to sign Brady, but Brady doesn’t want LV. The Raiders aren’t contenders with/without Brady, so they made little sense. When the Raiders have their QB path established, maybe Brady changes his mind. No feelings hurt.

    I think Brady is going to hate announcing. The guy who is addicted to competing is gonna sit there in the booth and passively watch the competition. He needs to compete. Coaches compete, I expected him to coach.

    Can you imagine Brady in a Miami uni? I can, it looks right.

  6. Brady will do one year of his TV gig and quickly discover that it’s not one of his strengths. It’s happened with plenty of ex-players. All the while watching the up and coming young quarterbacks taking over the league. He really doesn’t have any other skills than playing football. He’ll sit out one year and then attempt a comeback.

  7. I know Coach McDaniel would be thrilled to have a jaded veteran who expects deferential and preferential treatment and cannot be reasonably managed/coached join the team. Nathaniel Hackett is jealous!

  8. I have said this before. No player in the NFL, or any professional football league, retires voluntarily. The league and its owners retire the player. Tom Brady, and by extension Philip Rivers, do not think they are done; and good on them for feeling that way. Yet, they are done. Focusing on Brady, he is going to be 46 on August 3. We know his 2 youngest kids are living in Miami, as is his previous wife, Gisele Bundchen. Even so, we have been here before with the Tom Brady and Miami Dolphins courtships. Both in 2020 and 2022, these courtships were botched due to tampering. Last year the Brian Flores lawsuit resulted in the Dolphins not getting the package deal they sought.

    Plus, Tom Brady is seeking, if he continues, an 8th ring immediately. The Miami Dolphins cannot give him an 8th ring in 2023. Or 2024 for that matter. Not to mention what might occur if Tua Tagovaiola refuses to acquiesce to the Dolphins’ demands. A lawsuit would definitely happen. The Dolphins are stuck with the situation at this point. And Tom Brady cannot just fix everything with his presence alone. And remember, the 2020 championship season with the Bucs was a season affected by a pandemic. None of that seems to be on the table now. So, I do not see Miami courting Tom Brady a 3rd time and risking a Tua lawsuit and more sanctions. No other team, aside from maybe New England, will sign Brady. It appears the shield has put their foot down on a 24th TB12 season. Best to live with it and move forward.


  9. It never made sense to me that he retired (again) after getting divorced from the wife who was nagging him to quit. He is free now,so why not play? I think the he will un-retire again when training camps start up.

  10. You know ol’ cheatin’ Tom Brady’s ego can’t stand being out of the limelight. He’ll unretire–again–and try to play. Wait and see.

  11. This Tom Brady is done. Time to find the next Tom Brady. Go take another look at all the QB’s. Look hard for the best intangibles.

  12. I think he should play 2 more years in Miami. The Chiefs may just win the next 2 SB’s and that should concern Tom.

  13. I could see him coming to the 9ERS, but Miami would be interesting with Brady though

  14. Maybe the reason he pushed Fox back to 2024 is to leave himself the option to play again..

  15. As a Chiefs fan, Brady is the GOAT, for now. I only saw a handful of Bucs games last year. From what I saw, he wasn’t their problem. Dude still seems to have it. He should play until he can’t get it done with good supporting cast. Besides, I believe he’s on a mission to ensure his records can never be touched out of pure longevity.

  16. Not to mention a huge steak knife sized thorn in Gisele’s side. Suddenly Brady would be on every Miami ad, on the lips of everyone’s gossip sport news, everywhere. He could do it to stick it to her or rekindle with her.

  17. Just retire – gracefully. You’ve done enough. Be content with that. You will be recognized. I’m not a total fan but don’t destroy your brilliance because you can’t help yourself. It will end up in a legacy of questions instead of acknowledgment

  18. Oh man Brady just go away. We get it your pissed about being 199th pick. Your points been made.

  19. I wish he’d play. The game is much better with him, and he still has the capability to play it well. It won’t last much longer, one way or another. Enjoy it while it lasts, and allow us to enjoy it as well.

  20. Dumb. When you under throw Mike Evans and over throw/ under throw Chris Godwin on a consistant basis- and cant hit either in a playoff game- after playing with those two for 2 years and winning a SB- its time to hang it up. Just because he can “read a defense” and “still has the arm strength and quick release;” the man can’t move at all. And the battle plan is out- Bradys weaknesses were exposed last year- pressure straight up the middle. He won’t have Ryan Jensen with him on a new team.

  21. I could almost see the Miami thing. One problem–for 46 year old Brady to keep his body in playing condition, he has to work out several hours a day, EVERY day. If he went a couple months laying about, eating pancakes…pizza and drinking beer, he’d have a long road back to chucking 55 yard passes to Cheetah

  22. Without Gronk, Brady is Andy Dalton. His 2022 and 2019 seasons proved it.

  23. Here’s what’s going to happen: On March 15, Brady will announce that he’s coming out of retirement to sign a one-day contract with New England. The drama and the endless speculation will end in eight days.

  24. mrba4775 says:
    March 6, 2023 at 9:06 pm
    Brady is 45 years old molded bread. Pass his time. Long live the great white hope to save the fleeting NFL! Just stop it with the Brady comeback nonsense. Brady doesn’t like to get hit by opposing lineman who are younger and faster. Brady no longer holds leverage with the Refs, who would consistently bail him out with phantom flags to keep drives going and keep tv ratings up with the TV broadcast. Father Time is still undefeated Brady or No Brady.


    What kind of bitterness is this? He hasn’t been retired for 10 years. He hasn’t even missed a game yet. He had a very good season last year, won the division and got his team to the playoffs. Based on the records he broke for attempts and completions, he was the main reason why that happened.

    He can’t play like 2007 Brady, but he certainly was still a good QB in the league and only behind a handful of guys.

    Now he’s retired. While he could still play. He hasn’t said a word to anyone that he’s planning to come back. This is all just conjecture.

  25. I think Michael Scott put it best, “No! God! No God. Please No! No. No. Noooooooo!”

  26. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    March 7, 2023 at 8:44 am
    Without Gronk, Brady is Andy Dalton. His 2022 and 2019 seasons proved it.


    What about the majority of the Super Bowls he won without Gronk? Including 2016 which was in the Gronk era.

    Also, he made the playoffs and won the division in both 2019 and 2022. Doesn’t matter if it’s always pretty, that is a successful year. All but a handful of teams wish they achieved that.

    Lets review what happened when he left the Patriots and lets watch what happens when he leaves the Bucs.

    He clearly still was able to make teams much better.

  27. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    March 7, 2023 at 8:44 am
    Without Gronk, Brady is Andy Dalton. His 2022 and 2019 seasons proved it.

    Like any other system QB, without elite coaching Brady has a losing record. Says it all. I mean… do I really need to say any more?

  28. He’s not playing? He has the 8th highest cap hit for QBs this year.

    Somebody finally paid this guy after all these years, and he’s not even playing?

  29. Watching that playoff game it was clear he was done. It’s not that he can’t play at all any more but he’s in that stage that aging players enter where the consistency is gone. Might look great one game but just not have it at all the next.

  30. After Brady signs a one-day contract with the Patriots on March 15, he will begin writing a memoir of his time in the NFL. The book, likely to be produced with the aid of a ghostwriter, is a certainty. It will be a best seller. It will be released in May or June of next year as a prelude to his new gig as a broadcast analyst. He will be out of the public eye for the next year to 14 months. Speculation about him playing again will dry up completely. Yay!

  31. If Brady went to the 9ers or Dolphins and won a Superbowl people’s heads would explode…and I’d laugh about that.

  32. I know the media narrative is to push Brady isn’t done but he’s done. He just wanted to retire when HE wanted to!!!

  33. And the Dallas Cowboys do nothing like normal. Can’t even sign the second grade free agents they have. Life long Cowboys fan here and lived through a lot of seasons since Tom Landry. And when a team pays a below average QB and doesn’t upgrade in weak spots on a team you go over 25 years without going to a Superbowl.

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