Cowboys franchise tag Tony Pollard

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What was expected has now come to pass for one of Dallas’ key offensive players.

The Cowboys have applied the franchise tag to running back Tony Pollard, according to multiple reports.

If Pollard plays on the one-year franchise tender, he’ll make $10.1 million in 2023.

Pollard recorded a career-high 1,007 rushing yards and scored 12 touchdowns in 2022, one more than he had in his first three seasons combined. He underwent surgery for a high ankle sprain in late January.

Pollard, who turns 26 in April, also had 39 receptions for 371 yards with three receiving touchdowns last season.

The Cowboys have said that they also want to have running back Ezekiel Elliott return for 2023. But that’s likely to only happen if Elliott agrees to a greatly reduced contract.

Dallas also hasn’t ruled out selecting a running back in the first round of the upcoming draft.

26 responses to “Cowboys franchise tag Tony Pollard

  1. Why would any team select a RB in the first rounds. The Steelers made that mistake with Harris.

  2. Franchising a RB, selecting one in the first round, possibly keeping Zeke around. They seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on a position most teams seem content to marginalize.

  3. Dallas also hasn’t ruled out selecting a running back in the first round of the upcoming draft.

    Who’s going to playing running back for the Cowboys in 2023…yes

  4. 10 mil per for a scatback coming off a blown out leg? Jerrah needs to be forcibly removed from his position.

  5. If Zeke doesn’t agree to the veteran minimum salary, cut him! I like the fact of keeping Zeke to grind out those short yards to keep Pollard fresh, but like Dak, Zeke is not worth his current contract.

  6. Tag Pollard, dump Zeke, and draft a replacement for Pollard for 2024.

    Makes too much sense for Jerrah to comprehend. He’ll keep Zeke somehow instead. Probably all three.

  7. McCarthy wants to cut against the modern NFL grain and run the ball, so he needs all the RB talent he can get. Maybe they should trade for Derrick Henry as well. 🙂

  8. Jesus, the Cowboys need a real GM, not àn egotistical, billionaire maniac pretending to be one!

  9. Wow, whatever happened to Zeke. Dude used to be such a force and now he’s pedestrian. Todd Gurley 2.0 except TG seemed like a good dude that got dealt a bad hand. Not so much for Zeke.

  10. touchback6 says:
    Jerrah needs to be forcibly removed from his position.

    Everyone here knows which team you root for, and it isn’t Dallas.
    Why would any non-Cowboys fan want Jerry Jones removed? He’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year! Year, after year, after . . .

  11. Good thing the coach doesnt want to run up the score or anything . He wants to run the damn ball. All other 31 teams approve of this message. No need to score many points. Great stategery.

  12. Dallas hasn[t done anything in years. I see nothing will change outside of stupid TV camera shots of the Jones family in their suite.

  13. Ezekiel Elliott gained 100 yards on his last 50 carried of the season.

    The last time Ezekiel Elliott touched the ball he didn’t spike it, he hiked it.

    Keeping Ezekiel Elliott will be a classic “Jerry Jones, Idiot Non-Savant” move.

  14. Not sure why they wouldn’t try to sign him to a 2 year deal (or make him prove last year wasn’t a fluke this upcoming season). I’d ditch Zeke as he seemed underwhelming aside from finishing within the 2-3 yard line. I’d wager there’s many cheaper options for that purpose…

  15. Ultimately this is good for Pollard, in both the short and long-term. He plays a highly fungible position with a short shelf life. This ensures he will get more pay than most running backs will ever see in their career, even if he doesn’t get a long-term contract. It also ensures that if he does get a long-term contract, unless he’s stupid with his money, he’ll be set for life.

  16. The Autumn Wind is a Raider says:
    March 6, 2023 at 1:15 pm
    Good thing the coach doesnt want to run up the score or anything . He wants to run the damn ball. All other 31 teams approve of this message. No need to score many points. Great stategery.
    McCarthy is a clown. Cowboys ran 6th most in the league albeit their DVOA ranking for rushing was something like 20. In other words they don’t need to “run the damn ball”. They need to be better at RB position and better up front with blocking.

    Oh, but feel free to keep Zeke. I’m not sure pollard can take the pounding of being the lead back.

  17. For all of the people who think the modern NFL is all about passing the ball. Look at the Eagles and their stats last year. They have a QB who is an average passer at best, but the running game from the backs and Hurts are the offense. There is no certain way to win in the NFL. Only thing that matters is play calling and building your team and scheme to be the best at how you run your offense.

  18. BTW folks. MM never said he wanted to run more. He wants to run at the right time and control the clock. Kellen ran up the score and built stats for his offense against bad defenses and then hurt the D by putting them on the field and the O turning the ball over more from his play calling and scheme. Looks good on paper but not for winning. Dallas haters are funny but they always seem to be talking about Dallas instead of their own team.

  19. It would have been better to tag Wilson, Pollard may be decent next year but usually surgery on ankle for a RB is about career ending as they lose the ability to cut and accelerate which is what Pollard totally relies on. This is basically a waste and no other team with his ankle would offer him very much if anything besides a one-year prove it deal. And this type of move is exactly why the cowboys have been bad for so long. And, with that Jerry should be announcing an extension for Dak (who they can soon walk away from) for $55 million or so with at least $200 million bonus on signing so they can reduce his $50 million salary to $1 or $2 million for the next few years, but when he is awful his dead cap hip will make it impossible to cut say around 2025/2026.

  20. One other thought. If Pollard doesn’t sign his tag by the draft, Dallas could draft an RB and rescind the tag on him then he’s gone too.

    Take the easy money Pollard.

  21. The Cowboys will never win a Super Bowl with Dak and Zeke. Dak has never lived up to the hype and Zeke has barely any tread left on his tires. They wore him out. Jerry’s meddling doesn’t help either, obviously.

  22. Dallas hasn’t ruled out selecting a RB in the first round? They haven’t ruled out taking a deep snapper either. They’ll take a CB, TE, or WR, maybe OL depth, or trade out of the first round entirely. Zeke takes a major pay cut or is released in an attempt to limit the cap damage from that disaster contract.

  23. A proper GM would release Elliott and not think twice. But the Dallas GM is compromised because he’s also the Owner. So he keeps Elliott around for marketing and jersey sales. It’s why Dallas flames out every year.

  24. Zeke, baby, it’s not you, it’s me. We need to talk. Now over the years you have been great. And I truly appreciate everything we have done together, Salvation Army, lol fun times yea. But I didn’t want you to find out this way, but it’s true, I have been checking out other RB’s. I know it’s hard, hell it’s hard for me too. I think you should see other teams. I am releasing you from this situation. No hard feelings, no animosity. I wish you all the best (just don’t sign with another NFC East team, we don’t wanna face a fired up Zeke with revenge on his stiff arm.) We love ya Bro but it’s time for us both to move on.

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