DeAndre Hopkins hanging out in Dallas: I keep hearing y’all say my name around here

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The Cardinals have made it known that receiver DeAndre Hopkins could be available for a potential trade as the club begins a new era with G.M. Monti Ossenfort and head coach Jonathan Gannon. Gannon admitted the uncertainty last week at the NFL Scouting Combine, saying he was “not sure” whether the Pro Bowler would be on the team’s 2023 roster.

The Cowboys want to add another weapon to their offense to go with CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup, and Hopkins is intriguing.

Dez Bryant’s live stream Monday should get got the rumors rolling.

Bryant’s special guest was Hopkins, who is hanging out in Dallas.

“I keep hearing y’all say my name around here. What’s up? Talk to me,” he said.

Hopkins still has two seasons left on his contract, though he has no guaranteed money. The Cardinals could extend him to lower his $30.75 million cap number in 2023. They also could trade or release him.

The Cardinals would save more on this year’s cap by designating him a post-June 1 cut or trading him after June 1. That would save $19.45 million on their cap with an $11.3 million dead cap hit.

8 responses to “DeAndre Hopkins hanging out in Dallas: I keep hearing y’all say my name around here

  1. If he goes to Dallas hope they fleece the cowboys and the cowboys extend him and wreck their salary cap. Of course then McCarthy can run the damn ball.

  2. I can guarantee two things; the Cardinals don’t win the Super Bowl next year (or anytime soon) nor will the team that trades for Hopkins.

  3. Every has been has made Dallas a part of their retirement fund tour. Here is too hoping Jerry signs him and OBJ.

  4. C’MON wake-up people and do a little research, the Cowboys aren’t even sniffing D-Hop, they’re $19mil over the cap now so there’s no way in heII they can afford him and they can’t even afford to pay all of their draft picks, they’ll be unloading players not getting them!

    Also the Cowboys will be very quite in FA, they don’t have a choice they’re over the cap now!

    You can say you heard it here first! NBC Sports will be running this tomorrow like they thought of it.

  5. Durability and a recent suspension has his current contract in doubt. No way anyone is paying him what he is currently due to earn this year (25 million) I believe. He is probably going to be released and going to have to sign a one year prove it deal with incentives. Not long ago he was considered one of the premiere WR’s in the league but it sure looks like he has started on the backside of his career.

  6. Just imagine if Dallas got both him and Odell. They’d have the two most overhyped and over-the-hill receivers in the league.

  7. dales you have a clearly dont understand how easily cap can be manipulated. Simply restructuring Dak’s contract and they’d have plenty to work with. Two or three more restructures and they can get and do whatever they want. Will they pay for it later? Maybe but the cap goes up on avg 10mil a year. As long as that holds true kicking the can isn’t that bad.

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