Dennis Allen: Derek Carr is an outstanding addition to the Saints

Las Vegas Raiders v New Orleans Saints
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Quarterback Derek Carr is officially a member of the Saints.

The team announced their agreement with Carr on a four-year deal on Monday afternoon. General Manager Mickey Loomis said in a statement that Carr’s “experience, leadership and skillset” will be assets for the offense.

Saints head coach Dennis Allen was the Raiders coach when Carr was drafted in 2014 and he referenced their history in a statement of his own.

“I had the opportunity to work with Derek at the start of his professional football career,” Allen said. “In addition to his talent, I admired his approach to the game, work ethic and commitment to get better every day in what were the formative stages of his career. From afar and when we played him as an opponent, I saw Derek’s development into one of the most productive quarterbacks in the National Football League. Derek is an outstanding addition to the New Orleans Saints and I can’t wait to get working with him and the rest of our team this offseason.”

Carr visited with the Saints as part of an attempt to work out a trade before he was released by the Raiders last month. While that trade did not come together, the Saints still wound up getting their man

14 responses to “Dennis Allen: Derek Carr is an outstanding addition to the Saints

  1. The New Orleans Saints haven’t taken a QB in the 1st round since drafting QB Archie Manning #2 overall out of Ole Miss in the 1971 NFL draft.

  2. As a Raiders followers, I was horrified to see Carr go.
    Best of luck!

  3. I am stunned the Saints signed this QB with those offensive weapons (Davante Adams, Hunter Renfrow, Josh Jacobs, etc) and on their own field Carr NEVER got passed his own 50 yard line into Saints territory. Carr got shut out with a much better offense than Andy Dalton had.

  4. Dennis Allen and Derek Carr, the face of greatness, lol. Saints fans going to be back with the bags on their head by the end of this.

  5. As a Chiefs fan, I was sorry to see him leave the Raiders. Good luck in NOLA…

  6. zero chance he gets past the second year. He may be one and done like Wentz or Ryan

  7. As a Raiders follower, I’m very pleased to see him go.
    Time to move on after 9 years of mostly mediocre QB play.

  8. Carr isn’t great, but he’s a step up from Dalton. This was my pick for him because here he should be able to win the very weak division and look like a better QB because he’ll have won the division some of the time, whereas with he Jets, they have to still be behind Buffalo and maybe Miami, so he would only make the playoffs as a wildcard. This is a great landing spot for him. They just need an actual good RB (Kamara is really a receiver, not so good as a RB) and another good WR. Then they can be more serious contenders.

  9. Casual Fans: Derek Carr was the problem in Oakland and Las Vegas.
    My prediction with the weapons the Saints have, Division Title, Playoff Run, and anything can happen. With a defense like the Saints, an offense should only have to score 21-24 points a game. Carr’s pre snap adjustments are elite, which is what caused friction between Carr and McDaniels. Carr was not the reason Allen was fired in Oakland. The defense was terrible and the roster was weak. Allen has developed a solid defense and I believe this will workout. Good things coming for the Saints. I wonder what the odds are for comeback player of the year / MVP?

  10. Carr is a good QB, but he is horrible at extending plays. This isn’t something you learn. Its instincts. It was has separated him from the elite. I’ll always root for him, though, as long as he isn’t playing for the Raiders. The Saints are much better with him. Good luck, DC.

  11. What glorious day for the him and his family when he signs THAT contract. Btw…how much $$$ did it take to build the Superdome back in in the day? Under 150 million?

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