Derek Carr closing in on deal to sign with Saints

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
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Derek Carr is heading to the Big Easy.

According to multiple Monday morning reports, Carr is closing in on a deal with the Saints to become their next quarterback.

The Saints have consistently shown interest in Carr, as they had a trade proposal in place with the Raiders. That allowed the club to receive permission to meet with Carr, though the quarterback held firm and did not waive his no-trade clause.

That worked out for Carr and New Orleans, as now he’ll come to the franchise without the club giving up anything as compensation.

Carr, the Raiders’ all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns, now  reunites with head coach Dennis Allen — who was Carr’s first head coach with his former franchise. The quarterback was a second-round pick in 2014. Allen was fired after the Raiders, then in Oakland, got off to an 0-4 start that year following two 4-12 seasons.

In 142 career starts, Carr has completed 64.6 percent of his passes for 35,222 yards with 217 touchdowns and 99 interceptions. In 2022, Carr completed 60.8 percent of his throws for 3,522 yards with 24 touchdowns and 14 picks. it was Carr’s lowest completion rate since his rookie season and he tied a career high in interceptions.

Carr also met with the Jets and Panthers as a free agent.

53 responses to “Derek Carr closing in on deal to sign with Saints

  1. lol!!

    Lean to Jets, sign with Saints. Wise move by Carr to go into a horrible division. Belichick eats his type for breakfast. Horrible in the red zone and captain check down.

  2. He’s a better fit with the Jets. The Jets must’ve indicated they’re waiting on Rodgers, and waiting……and waiting……and waiting…..and waiting…..and waiting……

  3. Don’t do it Derek. With Dennis Allen coaching, there will soon be a Carr-b-que in New Orleans. Panthers would make more sense.

  4. He was ‘leaning Jets’
    Jets learn they have reason to wait for the man of darkness?

  5. He was leaning towards the Jets yesterday. He is close to signing with New Orleans today. So that means he will sign with the Panthers tomorrow.

  6. And the Saints Super Bowl odds did not even budge. Tells you all you need to know.

  7. AFC West to the NFC South…much easier path to the playoffs. No Herbert. No Mahomes. No Sean Payton.

  8. Wow Carr was bad with adams and waller. Imagine how bad he’s going to be with MT sitting on the sideline all season.

  9. The Saints are going to sign him and will end up having to release any valuable pieces they have because of the cap. Have fun Derek. You’re the Saints fans problem now.

  10. You thought Carr was pissed when he kept getting pulled for Mariota a drive or 2 a game, wait till they keep pulling him for Taysom Hill. I feel like the Saints are a good fit but Jets are such a talented team i guess if he felt like they really wanted him hed sign there, but Saints might be his best option.

  11. He got so used to not making the playoffs that he’s now intentionally avoiding the playoffs. Saints are going nowhere fast.

  12. Jameis wants to see you in the front office..oh yeah and bring your playbook…

  13. touchback6 says:
    March 6, 2023 at 10:34 am

    Lean to Jets, sign with Saints. Wise move by Carr to go into a horrible division. Belichick eats his type for breakfast. Horrible in the red zone and captain check down.
    BB watched Carr toss three TD passes against his defense last season. Was that breakfast?

  14. Now hoping that Rodgers stays in Green Bay, retires, or picks the Raiders so that the Jets trade for Tannehill, lol.

  15. pftstory says:
    March 6, 2023 at 10:38 am
    He was ‘leaning Jets’
    Jets learn they have reason to wait for the man of darkness?

    171Rate This


    LOL @ The Jets

    They’ll probably panic and draft that Florida QB now. Absolutely hilarious.

  16. Derek Carr has a career passer rating of 93. 90 to 95 is considered very good. 96 and above is considered Elite. The Raiders biggest issue was their defensive backfield,… not at QB.
    DB’s were horrible. One of the worst in the league.

  17. Great move by the Saints. The division is wide open and he is now the best. Saints are now the favorite to win the NFC south. I’m guessing Jets want Rodgers and Panthers fell in love with one of the rookie QBs

  18. Chris Olave and Michael Thomas from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY! Plus Kamara if he isn’t in trouble for beating a guy in Vegas.

    Denny Allen drafted Carr did he not?! That was an easy call

  19. touchback6 says:
    March 6, 2023 at 10:34 am

    Lean to Jets, sign with Saints. Wise move by Carr to go into a horrible division. Belichick eats his type for breakfast. Horrible in the red zone and captain check down.


    BB is a below .500 coach without Brady. If anything turning Carr away from AFC East are the stacked Bills and Dophins team as well as AFC in general.BB needs to show he can get a division title without Brady before anybody fears BB and Patriots.

  20. Captain obvious here. Now we’ll all see what kind of QB Derek really is. No more talk or conjecture. I am betting that he has the same results in New Orleans than Vegas. Carr is just a good, serviceable QB … and within 3 years he’ll be “completely” irrelevant as compared to “just” irrelevant today.

  21. So Jameis to the Jets?

    Or are they going to wait to be denied by an aging diva strung out on hallucinogenic’s?

  22. Carr literally couldn’t get the Raiders past the 50 yard line this past year when they played a horrible Saints team. Think about how hard that is to do today in the flag football version of the league with arguably the best receiver on your side and the league’s leading rusher. At least the next coach will get a high pick this time next year.

  23. I think he picked the right team. Saints play in a weaker conference and in it’s weakest division. They will win the NFC South next season and make the playoffs. Saints are also a dome team playing 3 other division opponents that either play in domes or mostly warm weather, another plus for Carr choosing the Saints. Finally, Carr will not have to deal with the New York media. Carr is one step closer to playing in a Super Bowl today that at anytime he played for the Raiders.

  24. That sound you are hearing are Green Bay Packer execs getting laughter bombed at their raised asks for trading for that mill stone of a cap hit contract baloon payment that is due Aaron Rodgers.

  25. Does he know the Saints best RB is going to prison and their best WR hasn’t played football in three years??

  26. So the Jets will have to settle for Rogers because Carr chose the Saints………………..

  27. It’s a lousy division and there aren’t many starting openings available. But it’s also a team with really muddled prospects.

    I see Carr as a guy who can flourish on an un-troubled team. The Raiders were a mess the whole time he was there and he still did very good work overall. But can he turn a mediocre team into a great one? It’s not the assignment I would have chosen for him. Jets made more sense as a team that has everything in place except reliable QB play, and wouldn’t have needed as much from him.

  28. I think he blew this choice. Dennis Allen and Pete Carmichael Jr. vs. Frank Reich and Tomas Brown. Good coaching and coordinators can overcome a lack talent…to an extent. I think it’s a smart move for the Saints in the short-term, but I don’t see the Allen regime lasting much longer. Injuries and suspensions are killing them. While the Panthers are missing a few pieces they will be in a better position to win every week because they have smart, adaptable coaching.

  29. He just check-downed his choice of good teams to go to. How fitting based on his on-field decision making. Hope they have a great OL to give him time to pass to…who are their WRs again?

  30. Panthers would have made way more sense. Reich has actually gathered a solid coaching staff in a weak division. The other three teams (this includes NO) are about as stable as halfway picked apart jenga tower.

  31. Good luck to Carr AND Saints, I found it comical the musical chair game he played with the JETS !! He was NEVER going there due to N.Y. Media and cold weather teams. In selecting Saints/ NFC. south he’ll be susceptible to half of the cold teams venue to deal with. It’s big for him doe to severely underperforming in cold game days barring a few here and there !!!

  32. I absolutely love the fact Carr could have OK’d a trade to the Saints before being released, but chose not to give Vegas a reward. Now, he gets the same team he could have had in a trade while sticking it to McDaniels and the Raiders one last time. Love it.

  33. The salary cap comments are hilarious! Saints structure contracts that are easy to convert into lower cap space and extend out. They are in “cap hell” every year and are always fine. The Covid year hit them harder than almost every other team because NOBODY projected the cap to fall in a future year. They had no room to move dollars. The Saints are now the clear favorite to win the NFC South. They came close last year with a huge number of injuries and Andy Dalton at QB. Carr is a big upgrade from Dalton. Their Defense is easily a Top 10 Defense and maybe more like Top 5 if the Offense can produce a little bit. the reason the Raiders didn’t get past the 50 last year against the Saints wasn’t Carr, it was the Saints Defense.

  34. wrlegrand says:
    March 6, 2023 at 10:38 am
    What cap space do they have for him?

    Why is this question always asked? Apparently people do not realize that cap space can be created. General Managers and team cap experts know how to do these things.

  35. The Saints are going to be worse than last season.

  36. cletusvandam says:
    March 6, 2023 at 11:31 am
    Does he know the Saints best RB is going to prison and their best WR hasn’t played football in three years??

    Do you think that Carr cares about those things? New Orleans is going to pay him the most guaranteed money. That is all that matters.

  37. People talking about a better chance to win here or there, or what team has a better coaching staff, etc. really do not understand the situation. This is Carr’s last chance at a big contract. He is going to where he will get the most guaranteed money, period. None of the other stuff matters.

  38. Going to be fun to watch the Raiders being a dumpster fire and people calling for Josh to be fired all year while the Saints win their division. Not a Saints fan but the Raiders are trash all around.

  39. Empty the bank to sign a mediocre QB who will end up with a 50/50 season just to make DA look not like a loser.

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