Henry Ruggs prosecution gets bogged down by issues with judges

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Former Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs III, a first-round pick in 2021, continues to await trial on felony charges arising from a DUI resulting in the death of 23-year-old Tina Tintor. Via the Associated Press, issues regarding the presiding judge may delay the case.

Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Harmony Letizia said Monday that she believes she lacks the authority to determine whether she or another judge should preside over an upcoming preliminary hearing focusing on the question of whether enough evidence exists to place Ruggs on trial. The Clark County District Court judge that would resolve the issue, however, has recused himself because, as the judge put it, he talked about the Henry Ruggs case during the judge’s 2022 reelection campaign.

The preliminary hearing is set for May 4. That should be enough time to figure this out.

Ruggs, who was cut by the Raiders after the incident that happened in November 2021, remains on house arrest while the case is pending.

23 responses to “Henry Ruggs prosecution gets bogged down by issues with judges

  1. Is there enough evidence? Seriously? My heart goes out to the family of Ms. Tintor and her dog. It’s bad enough that there’s no getting them back,but will they ever at least get justice?

  2. Think the the judicial proceedings would be bogged down if it were an everyday citizen? Neither do I.

  3. He remains on “house arrest” .. meaning all this time served will go towards his actual sentence. He might not spend another day in jail.

  4. Our ‘Justice System” sometimes makes no freaking sense. Wondering if enough evidence exists to go to trial?! Seriously?!

  5. It’s gonna be a shame when he gets a couple years and is out in 1 for good behavior.

  6. Wait.. . Did you just say not enough evidence for a trial as in he walks away? How is that even possible?

  7. “Justice of the Peace”?!? Is there not a full-fledged judge assigned to this case?

  8. Lock him up. He was speeding on a city street and let the victim die in a fiery inferno in her car

  9. House Arrest? Is this common for vehicular homicide? For some reason I am thinking my a$$ would be in a jail cell awaiting trial.

  10. The Raiders really know how to to pick players in the draft.

  11. Jalen Carter better hope his situation is resolved faster then this or his career will be over before it begins.

  12. Josh Morgan says:
    March 7, 2023 at 9:50 am
    Nothing wrong with a Judge being honest and thorough, this is a big case.
    Ruggs was DUI and speeding at 127 mph when he hit the girl and her dog. They were sitting there waiting for the light to change when he slammed into them and killed them. This should have been a slam dunk a while ago. What exactly are these judges not sure about?!

  13. I appreciate Florio keeping Tina Tintor’s name in the public sphere. She needs to be remembered so that her needless death, resultant of Ruggs wretched actions, serves as a sentinel for Amerina.

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