Ozzie Newsome on Lamar Jackson: We’ll use a lot of energy to get a deal done and use tag if we can’t

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Word on Monday morning was that the Ravens are still expected to place the franchise tag on quarterback Lamar Jackson before Tuesday afternoon’s deadline to use it, but the team isn’t giving up hope of getting a longer deal done in the next 24 hours.

Ravens executive vice president Ozzie Newsome was a guest on The Bernie Kosar Show on Monday and said that the team will keep talking to Jackson until close to the end of the window in hopes of coming to an agreement. If not, he confirms that a tag will be used.

“The biggest thing is we have a deadline tomorrow at four o’clock to put the tag on. I know today and up until about 3:30 tomorrow, a lot of energy is going to be utilized in trying to get a deal done,” Newsome said. “If not, we will put the franchise tag on him.”

If the Ravens do use the tag, they will have to choose between the non-exclusive and exclusive varieties. The latter would cost about $13 million more in salary, but would preclude Jackson from negotiating with other teams. If the non-exclusive is used, a team could sign Jackson and compensate the Ravens with two first-round picks if Baltimore doesn’t match the offer.

17 responses to “Ozzie Newsome on Lamar Jackson: We’ll use a lot of energy to get a deal done and use tag if we can’t

  1. Non-exclusive and let the market dictate his value or exclusive tag and trade because LJ is not going to play on it.

  2. Yes. Bring in the big guns. Decosta is in over his head. Let Ozzie Newsome handle this. The superbowl window is wide open with Jackson and this is a 3 year rebuild at least without him. Ozzie will get the deal done.

  3. Great strategy if they’re close to getting deal done and just need some time. Not so good with the huge difference in expectations. Other teams are watching and if there are no takers after franchising, Ravens will have to wait on $$$ for free agents and possibly deal with a lengthy holdout. Even Ozzie doesn’t know what to do.

  4. Lamar should man up and sign a deal if he wants to stay with Ravens. He has proven nothing in playoffs when it really matters. Suck it up and stop trying to get the deal Browns have Watson, it’s the Browns they are very incompetent and prove it every year. You are lucky to be on a great franchise like the Ravens.

  5. Jackson’s next contract,whether with the ravens or someone else will never be fully guaranteed. Jackson’s injury history precludes that from ever happening. With that being said,expect Jackson to resign before the deadline.

  6. Give him $60M for every season that he shows up and wins the SB, and if he does not he gets $2M for each game played.

  7. Bernie Kosar: 2 more playoff wins than Jackson.

    Joe Flacco: 9 more playoff wins than Jackson, and a Super Bowl MVP.

  8. Ravens aren’t going to let Jackson hold them up. They know if they tag him there’s a chance he sits out the season. Yes, he is that guy. So…although they will be leaving potentially significant draft capital on the table, they will place the non-exclusive tag on him and move on. They will have 2 first round draft picks for the next 2 seasons, and they won’t have to restructure their entire roster to accommodate a franchise tag or a crippling contract extension. Then they have to get the QB situation right, whether they bring in Baker Mayfield, draft Stetson Bennett and/or one of the other 4 highly rated QBs on this year’s draft.

  9. I love LJ, but there are a lot of Lamar Apologists out there. You can love #8 and still state the obvious: he’s a quircky guy that doesn’t have an agent, he’s got 1 career playoff win, and he’s missed 50% of his last 23 games. I hope EDC holds firm on whatever that offer is.

  10. So they’ll tag him, he’ll play 10 games, finish the year hurt, and still believe he’s worth $250 million guaranteed.

  11. Neither side is gonna blink, and tagging LJ is way too risky if no other team takes him off their hands. Best move is letting him walk painful as it is. Front office can’t believe this is happening & looks like a roulette player who keeps doubling down on red.

  12. Exclusive tag and then trade for 3 first rounders or more. See ya at 4 pm.

  13. Gotta to feel like part of the reason for Ozzie randomly popping up is the pressure (idiotic as it is) that people like Stephen A. Smith are throwing at DeCosta, personally blaming him for the lack of a deal with Jackson.

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