Report: Seahawks, Geno Smith agree to a three-year, $105 million deal

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Well, that didn’t take long.

Not long a report indicated the Seahawks were finalizing a deal with Geno Smith, Jordan Schultz of updates that a three-year, $105 million agreement is done. Smith has a chance to earn $52 million in the first calendar year, per Schultz.

The quarterback was scheduled for free agency next week, with the Seahawks expected to use the one-year, $32.4 million franchise tag on him Tuesday absent an agreement.

Smith got a raise after earning $7 million on a one-year deal in 2022. He is coming off a career year, having earned Pro Bowl honors and comeback player of the year.

Smith had to beat out Drew Lock for the starting job to replace Russell Wilson, who the team traded to the Broncos last offseason. He was expected to be a bridge quarterback in 2022, but instead proved he was more than that in throwing for 4,282 yards and 30 touchdowns and leading the league with a 69.8 completion percentage.

56 responses to “Report: Seahawks, Geno Smith agree to a three-year, $105 million deal

  1. This is a bigger mistake than Dallas signing Dakota. Hes not that good I don’t care what the market value is. Hes a scrub that had one good year.

  2. They wrote him a big check, see this time he DID write back…on the dotted line. Congrats Geno!

  3. Wow, based on 1 year. Hope they get a good backup, I like Geno but kinda injury prone.

  4. That’s crazy money. I don’t ever want to hear how the players are being taken advantage of. At least teams are realizing it’s a QB league, but that doesn’t mean break the bank for guys like Geno Smith. I’m happy for Smith. I always thought he was a solid QB. You can’t judge a guy that’s in a no-win situation. But this guy isn’t going to get you to the promised land.

  5. Well earned. Well deserved. He had a fantastic year and blew away everyone’s expectations of him, plus this QB Market is about to explode. Go Hawks.

  6. Wow, that is an absolute steal after seeing what Derek Carr got and what Daniel Jones wants.

  7. 3 years $105 seems a reasonable amount for a QB without a proven track record and one year to hang their hat on.

    Daniel Jones take note.

  8. Geno Smith tossed double the number of TD passes as Daniel Jones but Jones wants more. A lot more. Mind boggling.

  9. This is just an insane salary for anyone. It’s not like he’s changing the world by being an NFL QB.

  10. 7 million 2022. Up to 52 million in next calendar year. A raise of 750%.
    I make pretty good money. Geno earned 6500% more than I did in 2022. I got a 2% raise last year. We’ve gone mad.

  11. Lamar Jackson is salivating looking at this. Between the FAs getting paid and the QBs extending, Lamar’s number is going to escalate. I doubt the Ravens will pay and doubt Lamar will play for tag.

  12. This is a gimmick. They will cut him next year as soon as they confirm the QB they drafted can be halfway productive.

  13. Why don’t people realize that the avg yearly contract for mid-tier NFL QBs is $30M-$35M/yr? That’s the market folks. Of course, I suppose there is legit questions if Smith is mid-tier or not.

  14. If Seattle drafts a QB with the #5 pick Geno will be gone after next year…2 years max

  15. Seems like a fair deal for both sides in this QB market. Stafford was over 40 million a year on his extension for comparison’s sake. Congrats to Geno, dude stuck it out as a backup and made the most of it when he got a shot at starting.

  16. The Seahawks didn’t really have many other options, so they’re rolling the dice that he’s not a one-hit-wonder. I wouldn’t put in him in the ‘top 10’ of QB’s yet, but the QB market always has and always will pay well, if not too well. I don’t know how much is ‘gauranteed money’, but I hope he lives up to the contract. All that being said, it was nice to see him have such a good season after such rough start with the Jets early on. I think everyone would like to see him have, at least, as good of a season as the last to make the contract feel worth it.

  17. Congrats to Smith! He may have been one off year away from being out of the game. Instead he played terrifically well and now has a great contract. And a smart one, if it allows the team to strengthen the roster around him. Hope they give him the time and opportunity to flourish.

  18. Aaron Rodgers in shambles reading this headline, wondering what he can do to insert himself back in the news cycle

  19. Let me be the first to say that Geno is not elite. That is saved for only 2 QBs, Mahomes & Jackson. At least, that’s what 2 Ravens fans have said.

  20. The QB market is out of control. At least Seattle can get out of the contract at seasons end.

  21. Not sure why Smith is being compared to Jones. Daniel Jones literally had no receiver that would be anymore than a 4th receiver on any other team!

  22. Teams know two things: it’s a QB’s league and that new TV deal is YUGE!

    I’m really happy for Geno. I think just before he got his jaw broken that he was about to take off with the Jets. It worked out for him in the end and it doesn’t always.

  23. Good for both sides; $35M a year is really middle of the line for QBs right now. Will he win them a Super Bowl? Probably not. But geno showed he can make a team that wasn’t supposed to be competitive compete and get to playoffs.

  24. I think this is good for both Geno and the Seahawks. I think he earned it. I dont even like the Seahawks but man what a heist they pulled over on the Broncos. They had a system QB that got too big for his britches so they unloaded him, his contract, got a bunch of draft picks and found another guy that can run their system just as well.

  25. I will be the first to admit that I thought Geno would have a rough season in Seattle and likely be looking for work in ’23, but he proved myself and the other doubters wrong. Congrats Geno Smith. You deserve it man, cuz you earned it!!!

  26. Good for Geno. He hung in there for years and took advantage of his opportunity. It’s also pretty much on market level for a mid to upper level non-elite QB.

  27. It’s not a “comeback” if you were never very good before. He should have won “breakout player of the year.”

  28. whostolemyxanax says:
    March 6, 2023 at 7:02 pm
    Seems like a fair deal for both sides in this QB market. Stafford was over 40 million a year on his extension for comparison’s sake. Congrats to Geno, dude stuck it out as a backup and made the most of it when he got a shot at starting.
    Comparison not relevant. Stafford was a proven commodity with many pretty good seasons.

  29. Honestly, other than getting Aaron Rogers, who would do better for them next year. With a years experience he could be even better.
    With a better defense (which see draft picks) this can be a dangerous team.

  30. $35M/year isn’t outrageous for a solid veteran quarterback who’s been in the system for many years. And he’ll be a good mentor to the next quarterback, who just hasn’t been drafted yet. The next quarterback will be on his rookie deal.

    This seems like a team-friendly deal. The devil is in the details. It’s nice to have an Esquire in the house to break it down to the practical numbers instead of the “perfect world” potential numbers.

  31. All these teams signing qbs early makes it better for washington to get a nice young rookie qb

  32. I’m not a big fan of Geno but apparently Pete Carroll can roll out anyone at QB to get 30 TD’s a year so he’s worth it … the Niners Shanhan can also pick people off the street to win with except 49 QB’s can’t play more than 4 games ina row without getting hurt but can just roll another guy in … meanwhile other teams with Top 5 draft picks can’t find a 30 TD QB …

  33. how does anyone still watch this garbage with a guy like this getting 105 million dollars. It’s sad.

  34. Great contract for both sides, I was hopeful for low 30 million dollars so they had more money to fill holes on the roster.

    But paying a a top 10 QB around 35 million make sense, not 40 or 50 million just because you got desperate.

    If the Hawks can fix the interior of the offensive line Geno and K9 will have better years ahead.

  35. I am not sure why so many comments are bashing anyone. Last year Smith played well. Now he is paid on average 35m/year. I doubt it is all guaranteed, so they can cut him if he can’t play to at least a mid-tier level. Daniel Jones is seeking 45/m, and he is not much better, if any. The only thing in this contract that could be bad is if Geno has an amazing year and the Hawks have to pay the full 52 million. Will Geno ask to renegotiate when he is atat 25/m year?

  36. When folks complain about how much players make(eye roll). Do the math. He is one of the 32 most important players in a business that Forbes says had 18 BILLION dollars in revenue last year. You can quibble about this guy being over valued compared to his peers, but get over the scope of NFL contracts. They are in proportion to the money they generate for their billionaire bosses.

  37. Good deal for both sides. Geno gets starting QB, but not Elite QB, money. And the Seahawks only have 3 year deal that is likely 2 year deal when the contract details come out.

  38. Hahaha. Oh thank the Lord! He stinks. This is great news for the NFC West and all of football.

  39. Good for Geno. We see lots of QBs have their career trajectories scuttled after being drafted by mismanaged teams. He managed to grind it out few seasons after departing NY and rather than just settling for “career backup” status, played his way back into a starting job. I was surprised when I first saw the $105 figure, but in reality that’s not crazy money for a starting QB (relatively speaking). Even if he’s not someone they’re going to build around long term, he buys them time to strengthen the overall roster over the next couple of years and then decide if it’s time to draft a QB.

  40. Rumours were that Carol was fed up with Russ & wanted to cut him a couple of seasons ago but the top office blocked it but it shows now that Carrol clearly had faith in Geno back then & in a season where the Hawks were supposed to be written off, Geno grasped his opportunity to repay Carol’s trust & never looked back – Good on Geno, well deserved pay rise.

  41. I love it. The Shehawks are the hook for a life long backup who had one good year. Good on you Geno!

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