Seahawks announce deal with Geno Smith

Las Vegas Raiders v Seattle Seahawks
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Geno Smith will keep writing his story in Seattle.

The Seahawks announced what earlier was reported: They have reached agreement with Smith on a contract extension. Reports indicate it’s a three-year, $105 million deal.

He has earned $17.514 million in his career.

Smith, 33, was scheduled for free agency next week, and the Seahawks had until Tuesday afternoon to apply the franchise tag to the quarterback absent a deal.

Last season was Smith’s first as a full-time starter since 2014. He spent seven seasons as a backup.

He earned Pro Bowl honors and comeback player of the year, passing for 4,282 yards and 30 touchdowns and leading the league with a 69.8 completion percentage.

30 responses to “Seahawks announce deal with Geno Smith

  1. The significantly higher pay will hopefully still be a significant underpayment.

  2. That is quite the comeback. Congratulations Geno! Good for you to persevere, chase your dreams, and be rewarded for the work.

  3. He was terrible with the Jets. Then this year happens.
    In the flag football (Pro-Bowl) game who looked as good as he did, Cousins? Just flag football but still. Just so on point.
    It really makes you wonder if the Jets really messed him up or he learned something a long the way. Probably some of both.
    I see people wanting to ‘get paid’, well this guy honed his craft, survived and he is quite lucky the Seahawks were ‘rebuilding’. He also wasn’t stupid greedy. Set for life. Some of these guys want their grand kids set for life. Good for him.
    PS: Watch the Jets pay Jones 150M for 5 years. It’s a Jet thing to do.
    I’m a Giant’s fan and while I like Jones and he really doesn’t have the great support, it’s a waste of money for the Giants at this moment in time (the support thing, he runs for his life too much). Just like drafting Barkley. Great player, wrong time.

  4. Boy, that’s quite a bet on a guy with only one good season under his belt, and the Hawks are in position to draft a QB this year. Seems risky. That said, I’m rooting for the guy. Love seeing a good comeback.

  5. He’s been a feel-good story this year for the NFL. 5 years ago he was a feel-bad story. That takes a lot of character, to come back like that in any part of life. A lot of people don’t.

    By all appearances, he learned a valuable lesson. The hard way.

  6. Well, as a Seahawk fan, I wish we would of thought this through, but he ‘saved’ the team last year from the curse of Russell, so I guess 35m a year is not as bad as it could of been.
    Hopefully, they still draft the QB of the future (Richardson?) this April.

  7. Good for Geno. He rewarded the Seahawks for their faith in him and now they reward him in return. Geno plain and simple earned the contract.

  8. Great feel good story but a lot of people don’t realize just how good Geno really is. The only thing that could hold him back is if he fails to remain humble.

  9. He missed 5 games last year & 4 the year before, and I don’t see that trend changing. Just because the Browns were morons to pay that creep, doesn’t mean all teams need to do the same.

  10. This is a guy who deserves it. He put in the work and waited his time. Should show the NFL that guys can mature later than others. The NFL chews this qbs up, and if hey arent a start by 24 thats it. Sometimes fine wine takes time.

  11. He hasn’t made much money in his career but I bet this contract will triple his earnings. Good for Geno for sticking with it and being a good teammate.

  12. “over paid for a career journeyman QB”. Enough about Matt Flynn. Er, wait, oh yeah.

  13. Man that is a lot of cash for a guy who has really only had one solid season. Good on him though in that he was able to parlay that into generational wealth. Man it is a great time to be a qb in the NFL. You don’t even have to be a good one anymore to break the bank. While a guy like Derrick Henry who is probably still the top running back in the game is on the trade block due to his contract. Crazy.

  14. He may not be the “best” QB but I sure admire the way he handled things and conducted himself. Good for him.

  15. This guy really fell off at the end of last season and I personally watched him put up zero points against the 49ers. Good luck with this signing.

  16. Can Pete actually be a genius? Mr Unlimited leaves and face plants and Geno was horrible prior to last year. Geno couldn’t sign that contract fast enough. Guy just won the lottery.

  17. KnowsMoreThanYou says:
    March 7, 2023 at 8:31 am
    That’s a lot of money for a guy that didn’t make the playoffs.

    929Rate This
    Geno and the Seahawks made the playoffs though

  18. Always wonder why people hate on someone for no reason. Probably just jealous. Geno is better than people gave him credit for and has never really had his shot. Last year was not a good year. It was a very good year and he was a top 5 QB in every way. He very well could have held out for much more money or moved on and gotten it. He signed for a reasonable contract in todays QB market. Right or wrong on what QBs are worth (none of them are worth as much as they get), but he did right by the Seahawks for the most part and fans who think different are just lost if they think he got overpaid in comparison to other guys out their.

  19. cha-ching! congrats Geno. as a percent of cap space, they’re paying Geno too much given his ability (good, not great, nowhere close to elite….he should be closer to $25M/per)…but it’s not too much of an overpayment given the relatively young roster (cheap roster) the Hawks have it’s a fair deal for both…over the next few yrs their cap can absorb this slight overpayment. It kept Geno in Seattle, they have a bunch of picks to rebuild their team and can figure out the long term QB situation over the next 3 years; including possibly using their 2nd 1st round pick this year to develop one of the QBs who isn’t quite ready yet (Levis, Richardson, etc) or even possibly finding the next Brock Purdy in later rounds.

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