Yes, if Derek Carr signs with the Saints, Jameis Winston will be released

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It’s being couched in some circles as “breaking news,” even if the supposedly breaking news is significantly softened by the use of the term “likely.” Currently news or not,  it’s a no-brainer that, if the Saints sign quarterback Derek Carr, they won’t be keeping Jameis Winston.

Of course they won’t. Not at a salary of $12.8 million, under a contract that was given to him based on the notion that he’d become the starter.

He was, unless he suffered an injury and Andy Dalton played well enough to keep Winston on the bench for the balance of the year.

As recently explained, if the Saints cut Winston with a post-June 1 designation, they’d take a $2.8 million cap charge in 2023 and another $8.4 million in 2024. If they cut him with a pre-June 1 designation, they’d take the full $11.2 million this year.

Regardless, the Saints will save $12.8 million in cold, hard cash by cutting Winston. And the cold, hard truth is that, with the 2014 second-rounder on his way in, the first overall pick in 2015 will be on the way out.

And if/when Winston is cut, it will be interesting to see whether Sean Payton, who initially brought Jameis to New Orleans, will try to get him to join the depth chart in Denver.

18 responses to “Yes, if Derek Carr signs with the Saints, Jameis Winston will be released

  1. I really thought it was all going to add up with Winston in NO. I thought he was better than he was getting credit for and was in a setting where it was going to work in his favor. I still think it would have if he’d had better luck with injury and had been given more of a chance.

    The evidence is hit and miss but I still think he’s a prime candidate for a Geno Smith-type revival in the right situation. Where that is, I’m not sure.

  2. This is a done deal he already posted “Who Dat” on his social media. Winston is gone

  3. Go back to Tampa. Prove to the world that it was never Tommy, it was all his elite coaching that made him great.

  4. It took them how long to see Winston for what he is? Talk about the definition of insanity…

  5. Winston to Carolina. Despite being burned twice on vets, Reich manages to get through where no one else could. They’ll end up facing the Saints for the NFC South as the Bucs rebuild and Atlanta goes through growing pains with Ridder. Carolina wins the division as Winston’s INTs become few and far between.

  6. When you have a QB like Drew Brees for almost 20 years, you might take that for granted. Now, you actually have to try to replace a HOF QB. This is when your personnel people and your General Manager have to come through. The most important job in the entire organization is the guy in charge of finding a QB. You can make mistakes all over the roster, and Drew Brees will cover those up. I think they’re going to draft a QB. If they sign a veteran, it’s just going to be temporary.

  7. Carr is an upgrade to Winston but not by much, Carr has the steadier hand under pressure AND normal situations, but the saints will have the rosary beads in their hands when Carr has to play in cold weather games !!!

  8. With the right coach he may become a top 15 QB. Mr. No risk it no biscuit also brought TB 12 more ints , bet he’d do well in Seattle or with a guy like Daboll in NY

  9. touchback6 says:
    March 6, 2023 at 12:34 pm

    He would be incredible in BB’s system.


    Now that you mention it, that sounds like a great idea. I think NE will right the ship through having an actual, expert OC this season (still baffled as to why they didn’t do that last year) but Carr has the reliability and steadiness that is just what that system needs.

  10. Derek Carr failed with the Raiders not because the defense was bad or because Josh McDaniel was a bad head coach Carr failed because he threw the football to the other team. Carr played with the best WR, RB, and TE in the NFL yet he failed now the Saints reward him with a $100 Million in grantees and they will be saddled with him for 4 years.

  11. I am betting Winston ends up in Cleveland. He has all the character traits their GM covets.

  12. Are the Saints really a better team than the Raiders? We’ll see if Carr can make it to the playoffs and make some noise. If so, good for him, if not, well then he’s not the difference maker he thinks he is.

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