Black Friday game will stream for free on Amazon Prime

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Black Friday deals are a staple of the holiday shopping season and Amazon Prime Video will be providing one for NFL fans who don’t subscribe to the service.

Amazon announced on Tuesday that the NFL’s first-ever Black Friday game will stream for free on the service. Amazon took over as the home of Thursday Night Football for the 2022 season with games streaming to subscribers on a weekly basis.

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with the NFL and build a new holiday tradition for our customers with the first Black Friday NFL game,” vice president of Prime Video Jay Marine said in a statement. “We’re so very proud of our Thursday Night Football production and all the teams in front of and behind the camera. As families look to spend time together over the holiday weekend, we are excited to provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy this new day of NFL action.”

The Black Friday game is expected to get underway at 3 p.m. ET on November 24.

8 responses to “Black Friday game will stream for free on Amazon Prime

  1. Will a freebee fix the streamed-game ratings deficit? I doubt it.
    NFL, stick to OTA.

  2. Can we please have Amazon and YouTube just take the NFL away from the broadcasters already? I don’t care about the “local” games because my team is out of market and I don’t want to pay a ridiculous price for the Ticket to essentially watch one game. I want it so I can buy my team’s games and pick and choose the rest. A bespoked experience. Charge a fee per team and sell games al a carte.

  3. Um if the game is on Amazon Prime it’s not free you have to have a subscription!

  4. Watch the game while shopping on our app.

    (Still have no clue how or why they agreed to pick up the Thursday night football games without the getting the opening night game???)

  5. Nothing is free. Amazon will pepper the broadcast with limited-time must-have Black Friday offers. The football game is a loss leader for the 100s of millions they will make selling TVs, video game consoles, and kitchen appliances.

  6. Amazon was proud of the production of TNF? Did anyone at Amazon actually watch one of their games?

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