Dak Prescott disagrees with the idea that he needed a new voice as play caller

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys
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The Cowboys moved on from offensive coordinator Kellen Moore after the 2022 season. Moore now is with the Chargers, and Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is taking over play-calling duties in Dallas.

Prescott was asked Tuesday whether he “needed” a new voice, and he vehemently disagreed.

“Kellen’s voice was great. [Quarterbacks coach Doug] Nussmeier’s voice was amazing,” Prescott said at the Grant Halliburton Foundation Annual Beacon of Hope Luncheon, via Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News. “It’s not like that I haven’t been coached by Mike. He’s always coached me. That’s not going to be new. I can’t say that’s a proper statement.”

At the same time, Prescott expressed excitement at having McCarthy in his ear.

McCarthy called the plays for all 13 of his seasons as the Packers’ head coach. The Packers ranked in the top 10 in points nine times, including twice leading the league, and in yards nine times.

“I’m a guy that’s excited for what’s next,” Prescott said. “I know Mike’s history in calling the plays has had a lot of success so I’m excited for that. I know he’s excited to get back into it. . . . . It’s a change, but it’s going to be good.”

McCarthy said last week that he expects 30 to 35 percent of the playbook to change.

He also made clear he wants to run the ball more than Moore did.

It was those “philosophical differences” that led to Moore leaving for the Chargers, and now Prescott does have a new voice.

16 responses to “Dak Prescott disagrees with the idea that he needed a new voice as play caller

  1. “Kellen’s voice was great. [Quarterbacks coach Doug] Nussmeier’s voice was amazing,” Prescott said. Blake Shelton agreed lol

  2. Dak needs to shut up and learn how to read a defense. He doesn’t go through his progression and it’s why he gets picked off. This guy can not read even a simple high school defense. If you think I’m wrong watch by tape on him. His head never moves . He only throws where the play is designed to go. Go watch his tape and every defense knows he can’t read a defense. It’s a fact the only time he was good was when Romo read the defense for him let Dak go he can’t read a high school defense let alone a nfl

  3. Anyone who still thinks Dak is a good QB should go to YouTube and watch his head when he drops back to pass. He can’t read a simple defense. That’s a fact. The cowboys need to trade him now while they can. He can’t play. Go look at tape video. It’s obvious this guy can’t read a simple basic defense. Yes Jerry you were right you over paid this guy. Draft a QB who can read a simple defense

  4. Cowboys fans are tired of losing with Dak Prescott. He’s average at best. Can’t read a basic high school defense and only has garbage time stats. Get rid of this guy. He’s actually horrible

  5. McCarthy seems to get a lot of credit for the GB years. But to end up with one Super Bowl with one of the greatest QBs is a crying shame. Additionally he’s not known for offensive innovation.

  6. Kellens sweet voice….was he on Blake’s team or was it Gwen’s team?

  7. Best not get to comfy with that new “voice” Dak.

    You’ll have another one after McCarthy gets canned halfway through the season.

  8. What has McCarthy won without Rodgers, you ask? What has Belichick won without Brady? What did Shanahan win without Elway? What did Jimmy Johnson win without Aikman? What did Bill Walsh win without Montana? I could go on, in all sports….you won’t find many instances of coaches winning championships without great players. Not a McCarthy guy or Cowboy fan, but come on…

  9. Dallas needs to go after Aaron. Maybe he and McCarthy can win another one 13 years later. Wouldn’t that be a story.

  10. Mike McCarthy saying he wants a balanced offense has Packers fans rolling their eyes.

  11. Prescott needs to learn how to play quarterback in the red zone before he can talk about anyone else;

  12. Dallas already has a balanced offense ~50/50 running/passing. Taking the ball out of Dak`s hand will improve Dallas’s game?

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