Dak Prescott: Looking forward to an extension, and when that time comes, it’ll happen

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Dak Prescott has spent seven seasons in Dallas. He expects to spend many, many more with the Cowboys.

The quarterback is signed through the 2024 season, guaranteed $31 million for 2023. The team is expected to restructure his deal to lower his $49.1 million cap hit.

But Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the team “absolutely” could look at extending Prescott’s deal.

Prescott said Tuesday he looks forward to that day.

“I’m excited to be a Dallas Cowboy,” Prescott said at the Grant Halliburton Foundation Annual Beacon of Hope luncheon, via the Dallas Morning News. “Always dreamed to be here. Now that I’m here, I don’t expect to play for any other team. Now, it’s just about winning.

Looking forward to an extension, but when that time comes, it’ll happen. I’m with Stephen [Jones] on it, it may just happen overnight, but when it happens, it happens. It’ll be great.”

It took the sides almost two years to negotiate his last deal, with Prescott signing a four-year, $160 million contract in March 2021.

“I think you can look at it, absolutely,” Stephen Jones said last week of extending Prescott’s contract. “Do we do it or not? It takes two parties to talk. Obviously, Dak is the key guy on this football team — first and foremost. No one respects him more than Jerry and myself. I think we were just counting — you’re going to have 12-13-14 quarterbacks making $40-plus million bucks when you look up. He deserves to be in that category. But when someone on any of those 13-14 teams making that kind of money, you’re always talking about what he’s making.”

13 responses to “Dak Prescott: Looking forward to an extension, and when that time comes, it’ll happen

  1. As a Giants fan, I hope Dak gets $60-70 million/year. Take up alllllll that cap space.

  2. An extension?
    While not literally laughing out loud, this article did make me chuckle.
    But then given how teams have been tossing money around so freely, and stupidly, can’t say that this won’t happen.
    It shouldn’t, but then none of the quarterbacks who’ve signed deals in the past couple of days should have gotten so much money either.
    We live in stupid stupid times…

  3. Extension? You want an extension after already fleecing your team? What a moron!

  4. I’d be embarrassed and frustrated to be a cowboy fan. Kings of mediocrity. Keep it going I guess?

  5. $55 to $60 million a year 5 year extension with around $200 million fully guaranteed should about get it done and finish out another losing decade for the Cowboys.

  6. As displaced as it may be in this specific case, that is what a franchise QB wants to hear from the owner/GM.

  7. Those pick-6s wont throw them selves. I hope he gets a lifetime contract for all the money Jerruh has and they will be 500% forever.

  8. You’re going to ask for top money. You believe you’re a top QB.

    Why would Dallas give it?

    Your coach is on the record, throwing your OC under the bus as wanting to just run the ball.

    Any stiff can call Hut-hut and turn around and give Pollard the ball. Cheap!

  9. Do not extend this loser. He can’t read a basic high school defense. Jerry is you extend this loser you will never win another super bowl while you are alive

  10. You people who think Dak is a actual good QB need to go watch tapes on him. He can not read a simple and I mean simple basic defense. He ONLY throws where the play is designed to go. Dak Prescott is bottom 5 QB in the NFL. Go watch tapes.

  11. I would rather have Jameis Winston at $8 million per year than Dak at $45 million.

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