Dolphins set to release Byron Jones at start of league year

Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints
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Cornerback Byron Jones didn’t play at all in 2022 and he won’t be playing for the Dolphins in 2023 either.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Dolphins will release Jones after the start of the new league year on March 15. The move will be designated as a post-June 1 cut and would set the Dolphins up for $13.6 million in savings under the salary cap.

Jones recently tweeted that he “can’t run or jump” because of his injuries, including the ankle and Achilles ones that kept him out last year. Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier declined to speculate on what path things would take when asked about Jones at the Scouting Combine, but his condition pointed in the direction of a release.

In 30 games with the Dolphins, Jones recorded 95 tackles, two interceptions, and two forced fumbles.

12 responses to “Dolphins set to release Byron Jones at start of league year

  1. As a Bills fan it’s great news! However there is a stench about this whole Byron Jones “can’t run can’t jump” story & I’ll say it AGAIN: Jones was practicing AT or very near his pre-achilles injury self DURING last seasons training camp. Coaches including McDaniels & GM Grier were speaking of him as if he was set to play DAY 1! Then there were whispers that Jones didn’t want to play or was injured – no teammates, coaches or local sportswriters knew ANYTHING – it was a complete surprise. Not ONE medical person has stated anything other than NO comment. Plain and simple – Byron Jones QUIT on Miami and anyone signing him better know what their getting into.

  2. Good riddance!
    He rarely lived up to his billing, and his contract ultimately caused X to throw a hissyfit and demand more money.

  3. So, basically you have draft well and stop wasting money on these divas. Look how poorly X played last year, he was toasted so many times, I thought he was short order cook. Never should have re-negotiated his new contract extension. He hasn’t lived up to it and he’s the wrong side of 30.

  4. “he was toasted so many times, I thought he was short order cook”

    Best line I read this month!

  5. Stepping in piles of Rex Ryan said it best !! I am a Miami fan amd Jones quit on the team plain ans simple. Now he will try for some injury settlement once they cut him. He has been a complete waste. Beware rest of the NFL !!

  6. He was signed to challenge and push X, but the only thing he pushed was a shopping cart full of cash out of Hard Rock Stadium.

  7. Bout time. Even when healthy he wasn’t worth what they were paying him. He knew it. When Howard was healthy and playing well Jones was thrown at constantly and it didn’t work out well for him. He didn’t have his surgery until mini camp was about to start. Why wait? My opinion is he quit on this team. He’s better off taking the injury settlement and try to make it with another team.

  8. He was a decent corner opposite of X when healthy. He didn’t get the takeaways but he wasn’t necessarily a liability in coverage either. He tackled well and seemed durable. That all fell apart after surgery just like Michael Thomas of the Saints. Kohou should get more action on the boundary. He seems primed to have a good year. Dolphins should go out and get Bobby McCain again to man the slot.

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