Giants place franchise tag on Saquon Barkley after finalizing deal with Daniel Jones

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The Giants got a deal done with quarterback Daniel Jones just before the deadline to use the franchise tag. Which means they have the tag available to use on running back Saquon Barkley.

And that’s exactly what they’re doing: The Giants are now franchising Barkley, after Jones agreed to a contract extension.

That means the Barkley could sign his franchise tender and have a guaranteed salary of $10.091 million for the 2023 season. Barkley and the Giants can also negotiate a long-term deal, although that would have to get done before July 15, after which Barkley could only play 2023 on a one-year deal.

A team could sign Barkley to an offer sheet and then send the Giants two first-round picks to acquire Barkley, although that’s extraordinarily unlikely.

The second overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, Barkley has been one of the top running backs in the league when healthy, but his injury issues and a growing consensus in the NFL that running backs just aren’t that valuable anymore led some to think the Giants might let him walk in free agency. Instead, the Giants have made the necessary move to keep him around for at least another year.

22 responses to “Giants place franchise tag on Saquon Barkley after finalizing deal with Daniel Jones

  1. Yikes.
    The Giants are just mindlessly lighting up a multi-million bonfire today.
    Good luck to them, but this likely won’t end well…

  2. Last season Saquon did most of the work, but Jones gets the contract. The Giants will regret this.

  3. Awesome use of cap space. $40 million/year for a mediocre QB and $10 million on a used RB.

  4. The Giants will immediately regret all of this. Let Saquon walk and franchise Jones to prove that last year was not an outlier. It was a no brainer and they blew it.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the 4y 52M announced of the next week. Schoen worked hard, wl done.

  6. After a franchise tag is applied, the players agent typically uses that as the baseline for future years of a players contract. Given Saquon’s injury history and position, I don’t see the Giants offering that sort of contract. This is a one year rental. Next year, he’s wearing a different uniform.

  7. The Giants can get out of the Jones deal after the 2024 season. Relax folks.

    IF the Giants had franchised Jones their cap would be pretty much used up….even if they had then let Saquon “just walk”. And then, what would Jones have on offense? Im going to trust Schoen more than the amateur GM’s posting here.

  8. Welcome to Dallas Cowboys East. We throw money around like its just being printed. Come to NY and maybe your underwhelming self can win the lottery too!

  9. I would expect Barkley to ask to be traded if they can’t reach a long-term deal.

  10. Just wait ’til you see Joe Burrow’s second contract… it’ll make Schoen look like he shopped at Walmart.

  11. All the folks crapping on Saquon would be positively orgasmic if he signed with their team- lol

  12. In Daniel Jones “best game of the year” vs Minnesota in the playoffs, he did not complete a pass over 10 yards and only attempted to throw one over 20 yards. Oooh boy…just saying…

  13. Once Schoen signed Jones, they had to franchise Barkley. Otherwise the offense would have regressed, Jones would have been blamed for it, which would have made his contract look bad, which would make Schoen look bad, which the NY media would pounce on, which would create a downward cycle of negativity around the Giants.

  14. Been a Giants fan since they played in the Polo Grounds in Harlem and have been an amateur GM just as long. I would have opted to get Carr at what he signed for. I was also lukewarm about signing the oft-injured Barkley for the kind of money they did. Then use the saved money to fill in the blanks – of which there are quite a few. Now I’ll hope they prove me wrong and I’ll be in my seat this year again.

  15. Time for Barkley to revert back to his old injured self. He’s the only player I’ve ever seen get injured walking on somebody else’s feet. They’ll be lucky if he plays 8 games this season..

  16. As I read these comments, it’s clear that most people here don’t understand how these salaries and franchise tags work.

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