Pete Carroll: Geno Smith is “gambling a little bit on himself” with new deal

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When Geno Smith‘s new deal with the Seahawks was first reported on Monday, word was that the agreement was on a three-year deal worth $105 million but Tuesday brought some new details to light.

Smith’s contract is for three years, but $75 million is in salary and another $30 million is available in incentives. During a Tuesday appearance on Seattle Sports 710 AM, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll confirmed that the deal is “heavily structured” that way and that Smith is “gambling a little bit on himself” in a deal that Carroll characterized as a positive one for the team.

“It’s a good deal for the club, a really good message to everybody on the outside that this is a good place and things are going in the right direction and we’re fired up about it,” Carroll said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

Carroll said getting the extension done now allows the team to fully plan for the rest of the offseason because they “knocked the big one in the boat.” Carroll also signaled the direction the team is looking with those moves when he answered “heck yeah” to being asked if the team can with the Super Bowl with Smith.

Smith will likely have a good shot at capturing those incentives if the Seahawks have that kind of success and that would make the deal a winning one all around in Seattle.

20 responses to “Pete Carroll: Geno Smith is “gambling a little bit on himself” with new deal

  1. I am rooting for Geno! He is a great example of improvising, adapting, and overcoming challenges.

  2. #BALLER .. Congrats, BIG GENO, looking forward to the next few years of WINNING SEAHAWK FOOTBALL !!

  3. If Seaducks fan believes Geno and Pete are taking them anywhere near a Super Bowl, they are delusional.

  4. As a huge fan of the team, I am excited for this to be done. Here’s to the future!

  5. I’m thinking 7-10 is more likely, and not getting most of those incentives. 1 good year (non playoff) does not a career make.

  6. Super Bowl? They did pretty much play Niners at full strength neck and neck for the first half of a playoff game, on the road. Second half…different story. Don’t know. They have the run game. Two real good receivers. Geno. Could use a better TE and shape up O line a bit. Defense is where they lacked…top 10 in sacks, but points/yards all in the bottom. If they can figure that out…who knows?

  7. He is getting paid way more than he is worth. You are overpaying for an inconsistent player who only shows up when he wants to. I say this after being a fan of his early on with the Jets. What an utter disappointment and he has not gotten better.

  8. One year flash in the pan, I’m not a believer. Look no further than the 2017 Vikes with Case Keenum.

  9. They did better than a lot of us thought they would, and it took a lot of time is Geno Smith finally stopped up, but I don’t see them as a Super Bowl team.

  10. milehigh777 says:
    March 7, 2023 at 1:54 pm
    Wilson is laughing.

    Seahawk fans are also laughing with the #9 pick last year and the #5 pick this year, 2 of Denver’s #2’s and our starting TE and one of our DE’s.
    But, if you think Wilson is laughing, so ahead. By the way, this is actually a 1 or 2 or 3 year very team friendly deal. Carr just set the journeyman going rate at 35m.

  11. milehigh777 says:
    March 7, 2023 at 1:54 pm
    Wilson is laughing.

    Hawks already proved they could win a SB with a mediocre QB

  12. Lol, there is zero chance you can win a Super Bowl with Geno Smith as your QB.

  13. Gold Blooded says:
    March 7, 2023 at 12:54 pm
    Nice vote of confidence, coach…
    What did he say that showed any lack of confidence? He stated the contract is structured good for the team, that should be obvious because the better Geno plays the more he gets paid yes but that also means the better the team is doing. He stated Geno gambled on himself a little, again this should be obvious to everyone because it’s 30 million in POSSIBLE money on the table. If your job offers you $3,000 now or the possibility of 30,000 later depending on your performance, if you turn down the $3,000 is that not a gamble?

  14. From the team and Fan standpoint there are lots of positives to be excited about with the terms of this agreement. First and foremost is that more CAP money is available the next few years in order to attract needed experienced players to mesh with the young talent coming this well stocked draft. Secondly; with an incentive laden contract, Geno (or anyone with similar terms) will actively be trying to perform at a consistently high level. Everyone has seen what happens after a huge contract is signed with most of it guaranteed. Regardless of what happens to the #5 pick, this is huge positive for the Team.

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