Report: Sheriff’s Deputies enter Joe Mixon’s home after shots fired call, no arrests made

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Sheriff’s Deputies in Hamilton County, Ohio, entered the home of Bengals running back Joe Mixon early Tuesday morning after responding to a “shots fired” call, but no arrests were made.

Fox 19 in Cincinnati reports that a juvenile was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The report says deputies initially responded to a report of shots fired at about 8:30 p.m. on Monday. During the night, deputies put crime scene tape around the house. At about 11:30 p.m., deputies were seen banging on Mixon’s door and telling the homeowner to come out. At about 1:30 a.m., a law enforcement officer arrived with an envelope of documents, and shortly after deputies entered the house and were seen searching with flashlights. The crime scene tape was taken down around 3:20 a.m. and deputies left without making an arrest.

A month ago, misdemeanor aggravated menacing charges were filed against Mixon, but those charges were dismissed the next day.

The 26-year-old Mixon has spent his entire six-year NFL career with the Bengals. Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin said last week that he doesn’t know if the Bengals will retain Mixon, who is under contract with a cap hit of $12.8 million for the 2023 season.

39 responses to “Report: Sheriff’s Deputies enter Joe Mixon’s home after shots fired call, no arrests made

  1. Anyone surprised at anything he does? Remember, he’s the same guy who punched a girl in the face, breaking her jaw.
    He’s a real peach.

  2. According to all the Bengals fans he totally turned his life around and was a standup citizen now. Good times … good times.

  3. Not defending the guy because i have no idea what happened yet but it`s sad how fast people form opinions against people with zero facts. There is nothing in that article that says Mixon fired a gun or did anything wrong himself and he`s already been found guilty. He made a bad mistake on his 18th birthday. Something i would never do but i do know we would all look bad if caught on camera in our worst moment. It`s still OK to wait for facts instead of just being in a rush to crucify people.

  4. We don’t know if he was even there or even lives there. He might just own it. His sister was at the house.

  5. Great Cincy leader and awesome in the community, too bad he is going out this way. I kinda get it with this insane nerf war game that Cincy HS kids play every year. Bunch of teenagers in your yard w AR looking nerf guns would probably get a reaction out of quite a few people.

  6. Guns seen to make stupid people easily show the world how stupid they really are.

  7. Most likely getting the golden glove treatment because he plays for the Bengals. Just like the last charges just miraculously disappeared. Money and fame really helps in certain situations.

  8. Samaje Perine filled in well while he was hurt, running backs are cheap with a short shelf life and Derek Henry is available for a year. Add in these two incidents, and he is as good as gone in Cincinnati.

  9. Call me old fashioned but…
    When children are injured, you got to come down hard.

  10. 1. shots fired. 2. Mixon doesn’t cooperate with police. 3. A minor is injured… A tiger can’t change its stripes, or in this case, a Bengal.

  11. There was speculation last month over whether Mixon was going to be cut because doing so would save the Bengals over $7million in cap space. This just makes that decision easier.
    He’s easily replaceable and for a much cheaper price with better production and fewer ugly headlines.

  12. Just because something happens at your house, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are involved. Let’s wait for all the facts before convicting this young man in court of public opinion.

  13. I was hoping that Mixon had changed (it can and does happen), but he seems to be making all the wrong headlines lately. If he’s already on the bubble, he is certainly not helping himself. Then again Bud Dupree attacked a Walgreen’s employee and he’s still employed.

  14. Well he was a bad guy in college and probably a bad guy before that too. Which everyone knew, which is why he slipped in the draft and the Bengals got ‘value’. Way to go Bengals

  15. 1st of all we have no idea if Mixon was even there when this happened so I’m not sure how much this says about him, but he’s on his way out based on his ability anyway so stuff like this just makes it easier for the Bengals to walk away.

  16. Twice now making headlines with a gun and now a kid I’d shot? I don’t know the details but I think he’s crossed the line and the bengals gotta look to replace him.

  17. Please ask De Smith and the NFLPA for their take on what their client did. Ask Mixon’s agent. I hate how the media makes the NFL look bad by tying the NFL to players who commit crimes or make stupid decisions that become PR nightmares. The NFL is an EMPLOYER and is NOT responsible for players/employees/contractors when they are OFF the field. The NFL does not babysit these imbeciles. Who represents these imbecile players? The NFLPA and the agents, so ask THEM, not the NFL or the team.

  18. you want to set and example and prove to the world you are not a POS company NFL, then suspend him ASAP pending investigation! how many more stories this year alone are we going to read about this guy? any other job in america with this much legal issues would have thrashed him. a player betting on himself spent a year out but a minor gets hurt, gun shots, dropped charges are not typical characteristics of any normal person.

  19. what is it about people that just have to comment on things of which they have absolutely no idea of the facts?

  20. Of a minor was injured with the gun he can be charged for not securing the weapon properly.. after Ja Morant and now this when are people going to learn guns never work out. When’s the Last time you read an article that a gun owner protects house from intruders vs gun owner shoots himself, his wife or family members killed with gun in home. Stats don’t lie, when a gun is fired in a home over 96% of the time a family member or the gun owner is shot. Remember people are human and everyone gets mad at some point and if there’s a gun in the home it’s just a problem waiting to happen.

  21. The leopard never changes its spots. The Bengals should cut Mixon loose. No team needs this.

  22. So many odd pieces of the story coming out, I think it is premature to start slinging around accusations. At this point, it could be anything. Can we at least wait until the facts come out before we start character assasinating Mixon?

  23. These professional athletes never cease to amaze me. They have everything someone could ask for in life yet they they can’t seem walk in a straight line for whatever reason.

  24. I thought Mixon had turned the corner from his bad decisions and police contacts while in college,…. but I guess I’m wrong.

  25. Didn’t he threaten to shoot a woman a few weeks back while pointing a gun at her? I’m pretty sure that I saw that story on here. Mixon is a dangerous person.

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