Dan Campbell says he can see the fire in new Lions assistant John Fox

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After he was fired as head coach of the Bears following the 2017 season, John Fox appeared to be out of coaching. But when he got back to work again in 2022, as a defensive assistant with the Colts, he realized he still has a passion for it.

That’s the word from Lions head coach Dan Campbell, who hired Fox to be a defensive assistant this offseason. Campbell, who’s known for his fiery demeanor, says Fox will fit right in with what the Lions want.

“A very successful head coach, three different teams in this league,” Campbell said, via Kyle Meinke of MLive.com. “He’s been out of it for about five years, he went back to Indy last year kind of in the same capacity [as his position in Detroit], senior defensive assistant, and man, you could see the fire in him. It’s impressive, man. He misses the chess match, he misses preparing for an opponent, and just worrying about defense. I think he’s going to be great at helping [defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn], just watching his blind spots.”

The 68-year-old Fox brings decades of coaching experience with him to Detroit. And if Campbell is correct, Fox also brings impressive energy.

16 responses to “Dan Campbell says he can see the fire in new Lions assistant John Fox

  1. He must not have watched Fox’s tenure with the Bears if he thinks he was a successful Head Coach with three teams

  2. This is a fantastic pairing! Ok, sure, he’s polishing up Foxys resume, whatever. He’s got a solid defensive mind, knows his way around the whole vertical coaching tree, and can really help provide a different perspective. He can also help be a cohesive force after this season when Glenn gets hired away.

  3. I wouldn’t get too excited about the Lions-they’re in for a reality check next year……..

  4. Yeah, it happens out in Vegas happens in Moline
    On the blue blood streets of Boston
    Up in Berkeley and out in Queens
    And it went on yesterday and it’s going on tonight
    Somewhere there’s somebody ain’t treatin’ somebody right

    They got the fire down below

  5. Fox doesn’t have to deal with the GM, media or the owner(s). Also, who wants to go out or be remembered as a failure? Whatever the combo, I would imagine being 68 y/o, there is a deep passion for the game, if he’s still putting in their crazy hours.

  6. As a Vikings fan, I was concerned about the fire Dan C. Brought to the lions. Maybe this is the year they become NFCs norths worst nightmare.

  7. The Lions have a good culture, extra draft picks, great O-line and skill players, good O-coordinator and a head coach they believe in. Not a bad combo. We will see how they perform when the expectations are now high.

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