Geno Smith vows “I’ll be much better” after signing new contract

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Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith had the best year of his career in 2022, resulting in signing the biggest contract of his career this week. But Smith says the best is yet to come.

Responding to a tweet about his contract, Smith wrote on Twitter that he’s going to be better in 2023 than he was before.

I’ll be much better! Can’t wait,” Smith wrote.

Last year Smith led the NFL with a 69.8 percent completion rate, had 4,282 passing yards (more than 1,000 more than he had previously had in any season of his career), threw 30 touchdown passes (17 more than his previous career high) and threw 11 interceptions (10 less than his previous career high).

Usually, players who have career years like that at age 32 don’t come back even better the following year. Smith is promising to be the exception, and the Seahawks signing him to a contract extension suggests that they think he’s going to continue playing at a high level.

40 responses to “Geno Smith vows “I’ll be much better” after signing new contract

  1. Zero chance he’ll be much better. He’s Geno Smith. Hawks would be making a huge mistake if they don’t take a QB early in the draft.

  2. I am really glad that things are working out for Geno, I was never a huge fan but he had some really good games with the Jets, he had some issues then but I’m not sure he was given a fair chance. It is nice to see someone who you can tell worked really hard to get better. People are talking about Seattle drafting a qb, I think they need to get some guys to win with because they have a lot of good players on the roster if they cud just fill some holes on the team they could be one of the best teams in the NFC.

  3. No matter how he does, Seattle fans won’t have the buyer’s remorse that Denver fans have with Wilson! Advantage, Seattle!

  4. Yes he’ll be much better after cashing in financially. History says otherwise.

  5. Geno had his career year and yet he still made dumb throws and Geno mistakes when it mattered most. Teams got a years film on him now, I think it’s all down hill from here.

  6. Geno is an easy guy to pull for. He was rich before yesterday but now he is generational rich.

  7. I’ll be much better. “….Off financially! But I’ll still be Geno Smith.” There, I finished the sentence for him.

  8. “Over pay me and I will play great” – how often do we hear that, and how often does it work out.
    Geno wasn’t as good the second half of the season.

    Yet another bad move by Seattle

  9. Geno going to be good cuz he’ll listen to coaches play calling. Russell(unwatchable QB)Wilson never listen to any coaches. GO HAWKS TO SB

  10. He will be better. People don’t get it, it is a big step up to the league. Sometimes it takes a while, and it is not as if the Jets had good coaches. Some people have the physical skill, it takes a bit for the understanding. Steve Young wasn’t great his first few years either, then in SF, he took off. Everybody forgets Rich Gannon, he got better and better and was the MVP when he was 37 years old! Geno may not be either of those guys, but he can be a franchise QB and win SBs anyways. Go Geno and Go Hawks!

  11. At least Geno has the intelligence to read a defense and not be a one looksie and run for the cheese yards like many of the QBs now a days. You can run for yards on nearly every pass play watch some film ! It’s ridiculous.

  12. sbc2556 says:
    March 8, 2023 at 5:07 am
    No matter how he does, Seattle fans won’t have the buyer’s remorse that Denver fans have with Wilson! Advantage, Seattle!>>>

    Yes. This. I don’t like the Hawks or the Broncos, but in Seattle just making the playoffs is good enough. In Denver they are hungry for more Super Bowls. Geno will get you to 9-8 or 10-7 and an early playoff exit, good enough. Russ won’t get the Broncos to even 7 wins, that’s a problem.

  13. I think Geno’s year over year training, experience and maturity plus Pete Carrol as a coach has allowed him to be much better than he was previously. He’s improved. He’s never going to be a top player but he’s been tenacious and he’s become a competent starter that can win games. Pretty amazing.

    It just shows how razor thin the margins are between one player and the next in the league. Even for very, very good young players, if they aren’t mentally or physically prepared and have the wrong coach they can fail badly.

  14. whos to say he doesn’t get better? no one predicted Geno would throw for 4k+ yards, throw for 30 tds, and lead the league in completion percentage two years ago..

  15. Bookmark this one. As for Wilson, you might want to hold your hate in check until you see what Payton does with him. Denver had horrific coaching last year.

  16. Kinda root for Geno. QB’s drafted by perennial loser teams rarely dig themselves out of the mud and resurrect their careers. Could this be that time?

  17. Wasn’t Rich Gannon the same age as Geno when be began his ascension to All-Pro/MVP?

  18. Geno might be better going forward, but it depends on the team. He’s a young 32 considering the several years he spent on the sidelines so no problems physically. If the O-line gives him protection and the running progresses, Hawks’ offense could be fun to watch.

  19. vahawker says:
    March 8, 2023 at 9:33 am
    If 31 independent business owners forced #32 to sell his business, are they really 32 independent business? Or is that only when it benefits them legally,?


    I see it more like a shotgun clause in a small business. Basically the owners are signing up for a provision as part of ownership that they can be forced to sell their team for fair market value if they are proven to have broken the league bylaws and acted in against of league interests.

    In most trade associations that would mean you would just be kicked out of the trade association, but that doesn’t work for the NFL, so this rule makes sense. The owners are knowingly signing up for it as part of purchasing a team.

  20. I wish him well but no way he has a another career year like last time. He;s a true bum stats don’t lie you don’t just change because you got paid actually its the opposite for most players.

  21. They did not get the full quote. It’s actually, “I’ll be much better off” …. after signing the new contract.

  22. chastain00 says:
    March 8, 2023 at 8:58 am

    At least Geno has the intelligence to read a defense and not be a one looksie and run for the cheese yards like many of the QBs now a days. You can run for yards on nearly every pass play watch some film ! It’s ridiculous.

    Really? Yardage is yardage, my man. Running got Hurts to the SB and running won the SB for Mahomes.

  23. redlikethepig says:
    March 8, 2023 at 8:46 am
    Josh Gordon said the same thing 3 times.

    Geno is not an addict. Apples and oranges. I’m happy for Geno…he languished on the bench for a long time before he finally got his chance. He wasn’t perfect, but he made the most of it. He earned this.

  24. Much better? There aren’t enough miracles left in the world to pull that off. Perhaps you should just settle for being consistently average instead of two good games and misery for the rest of the season.

  25. Many people have said that Geno Smith is one of the best stories in the NFL last year…and Smith is not expected to have the entire offense on his shoulders next year with a great running back…Most Seahawks fans expect management to load up on defensive talent in free agency and the NFL draft….

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