Giants unlikely to make Kenny Golladay a post-June 1 cut

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The expectation for some time has been that the Giants would part ways with wide receiver Kenny Golladay this offseason and word late last month was that they’ll do it one the new league year gets underway on March 15.

Giants General Manager Joe Schoen confirmed as much during a Wednesday press conference. Schoen also indicated that the Giants will likely be “taking our medicine” this year in terms of the cap hit rather than making Golladay a post-June 1 cut to spread the hit out into next year.

That route clears $6.7 million in cap space while leaving $14.7 million in dead money on the cap. The 2023 cap savings would go up to $13.5 million if the Giants went the other route, but ripping the Band-Aid all the way off now keeps things in better shape for 2024.

Golladay caught 43 passes for 602 yards and a touchdown in his two seasons with the Giants.

4 responses to “Giants unlikely to make Kenny Golladay a post-June 1 cut

  1. Perhaps Chicago should give him a call, since he is a Chicago guy. A cheap prove it contract since he is already being paid by the Giants. He was pretty good with the Lions.

  2. No surprise. He couldn’t get separation, had brick hands and was injury-prone. Other than that that he excelled in NY.

  3. I really don’t get it with Golladay. He was such a talent when he was with the Lions, and I enjoyed watching him his first couple years. Was Stafford purely the reason for his earlier success? Or did KG really just pack it in after getting paid?

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