Jets clear cap space with C.J. Uzomah restructure

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The Jets aren’t letting their pursuit of Aaron Rodgers keep them from doing other business.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the team has created some cap space by restructuring the contract of tight end C.J. Uzomah. Uzomah had $4.5 million of his salary converted to a signing bonus, which clears $3.6 million in cap space for the coming season.

Uzomah signed with the Jets as a free agent last year and caught 21 passes for 232 yards and two touchdowns in 15 appearances.

Members of the Jets organization flew to California to meet with Rodgers on Tuesday and any cap space they can conjure up would be helpful to efforts to fit him into the roster if a trade is agreed to with the Packers.

9 responses to “Jets clear cap space with C.J. Uzomah restructure

  1. If there is a God, this trade will take place. I have no animosity towards Rodgers as a player. If he wins a SuperBowl with the Jets it will add to his legacy, and good for him. I just want him out of Green Bay.

  2. Looks like Johnson is going to get his QB. This might make the Jets preseason favorites in the AFC East.

  3. The Jets signed a bunch of so-so free agents and have to free up cap space by pushing dead money to next year.
    Because of his guarantee Uzomah was going to be in new york in 2023 and be cut in 2024. That won’t change but with having to pay Aaron Rodgers and Quinnen Williams they won’t be signing many free agents.
    The Jets went from a good cap position to a tougher one in one year because of all the mediocre free agents. They are cuttable (with dead money) after 2023

  4. To quote a Jets fan friend..”we suck,we have always sucked and we will always suck”

  5. The Jets are flush with players with a 9-17 million base salary that can be restructured to fit Rodgers. They can probably clear about 75 million if they went full Saints Cap.

  6. Sign Mike“effin”white..with a decent oline he’ll be average..Aaron r Rodgers is n longer elite and will cost draft capital and cap space forever..the fact that they left without an agreement means his heart isn’t in it .. the they just have to keep trying to find the next Burroughs or Herbert

  7. Make it happen. Nothing could possibly be better for fans. Aaron and the NY press.

  8. “caught 21 passes for 232 yards and two touchdowns”

    per catch 214,285.71 or 19,396.55 per yard

    Seems like a great deal for Jets

  9. They are restructuring to be able to pay for Aarons huge contract.

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