On Monday, Joe Mixon’s trainer called 911 after hearing gunshots outside the home

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The initial reports regarding shots fired in the vicinity of Bengals running back Joe Mixon‘s home and the classification of the residence as a “crime scene” created a vague sense that Mixon could be in some sort of trouble. His trainer, Sean Pena, created a much different impression.

Pena called 911 after hearing shots fired outside the home on Monday night. He said he say multiple “kids” outside the home, playing.

“One kid was running around brandishing a weapon and he went back to his car and it looked like it was a fake weapon,” Pena said. “But then I kept watching, watching, watching and then he was screaming something and he went back to his car and he pulled out another weapon. It looked like a Kel-Tec or something and ran up the back driveway of this house that he had been going up and down, and said, ‘Fuck yeah.'”

That’s when the shots were fired.

“Then all the sudden I heard him running, running down there, and you heard ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop,'” Pena told the 911 operator.

The police report indicates that one juvenile was struck in the foot, possibly with a bullet fragment.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office has not provided any updates since Tuesday, when the office said the home is “part of a crime scene.”

“We hope to provide a more comprehensive update to the investigation later this week,” a spokesperson told TMZ.com.

10 responses to “On Monday, Joe Mixon’s trainer called 911 after hearing gunshots outside the home

  1. I love the Bengals, and rooted hard for Joe Mixon to turn around his life, I hope he still does. But they don’t need to employ the next Ray Rice, especially with the upcoming contract’s.

    Good luck Mr Mixon, wherever you land.

  2. … this screams “false statement.” Im glad Mixon has people in his corner that will, as Chris Carter famously pointed out, be the fall guy for him. Im glad everyone is ok… but “c’mon mannnn!”

  3. Seems like Mixon is heading down the zany path of Antonio Brown. He’s making the decision of whether to get waived for cap concerns, very easy on the Bengals.

  4. Where’s all the Buellers that were on here convicting Mixon a couple days ago?

  5. If not for football Mixon would be in prison. Most teams wouldn’t sign him. Most teams have more integrity.

  6. I’m shocked there aren’t a litany of people apologizing for having dragged Joe after the last article. Appears that he, in fact, had nothing to do with this.

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