Jonathan Gannon on NFLPA survey: I’m not concerned about the past, it’s about how we move forward

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The NFL Players Association recently released a survey of players that graded teams in a variety of categories and the Cardinals received failing marks in several categories.

Arizona received F- grades for their food service/nutrition program, weight room, and training room. Players took particular issue with the quality of the food, the fact that the Cardinals are the only team in the league deducting money from paychecks for dinner, and uneven floors in the weight room.

During a press conference on Wednesday, new head coach Jonathan Gannon was asked about that report card. He said team owner Michael Bidwill told him when he was interviewing that “‘I want a fresh set of eyes on everything we are doing with football operation” in order to find ways to improve it.

“I’ve been a month on the job or so, but Michael has been fantastic,” Gannon said. “We already have made made improvements with what Monti and I thought could help us win, that would help us better serve the players or do some different things. Maybe make adjustments here and there. I’m not really concerned what happened in the past. It’s about how we move forward to help our team win.”

The Cardinals have a new General Manager as well and Gannon said that he and Monti Ossenfort are going to make decisions based on what’s best for players. He believes they “will appreciate that we are making decisions with them in mind first,” but it will be some time before we know how well those players respond to their efforts.

11 responses to “Jonathan Gannon on NFLPA survey: I’m not concerned about the past, it’s about how we move forward

  1. Throughout my career if I was told that decisions were being made that were best for the employees, we were about to get screwed.

  2. It’s utterly ridiculous that an owner has to have “fresh eyes” on football operations for him to have fair standards and policies. Geesh.

  3. If Gannon really wants to improve his team, he might want to think about starting with the quarterback position.

  4. Pro Tip, Monti… make sure you don’t ever do a deal with the agent who represented Kyler, Kliff and Keim.

  5. Basically the owner got the F and the only way to fix it is to get new owners that don’t have alligator arms when it comes to spending their own money to make a winning team/organization. Cards maybe one of the best examples of inept ownership along with Spanos, et al.

  6. The Cardinals are notorious cheap skates. One player told of having the FedEx shipping cost deducted from his signing bonus check, so this is in character for them.

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