Pre-order Father of Mine for only $4.99

Anthony Zych

It’s here. Sort of.

Father of Mine, a new mob novel written by a certain hack with whom you may be familiar and set in 1973, has a release date. It will land on April 25.

And you can currently pre-order the Father of Mine ebook for the “what the hell is he thinking?” low price of $4.99.

Here’s what I’m thinking. I decided to do this one on my own, and to pass the savings along to you at a grossly reduced price. Case in point, the ebook for Playmakers costs $17.99. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy it; you definitely should. I’m just making a comparison: Father of Mine costs less than a third of that amount.)

It’s only $4.99. Less than a pack of smokes. Less than a lot of shit we buy all the time. And at 105,000 words divided into more than 100 short, quick-to-read chapters, it will keep you entertained for a while.

I’ll probably post some of it here, at some point. One of the best parts of doing this without a traditional publisher is that I can do what I want. I picked the cover, the format, the font, the release date, the price point, the marketing plan, everything. Do I post a chapter or two here? Sure, if I want to.

It’s a lot like how this whole operation got started, back in 2001. Instead of running everything past layers and levels of editors and whoever, I write, I post it, and off we go. For better or worse or a little of both.

Think of it this way. If you read the crap I write here on a regular basis, you presumably don’t hate the writing. Which means there’s a chance you won’t hate Father of Mine.

So don’t wait for the movie that will never be made. Besides, the movie is never as good as the book. Even if the book isn’t very good.

I have a feeling this book is pretty good. But I’ll defer final judgment to those who read it and either like it, or don’t.

If you’d like to read it, order it at Amazon or pretty much anywhere you can find ebooks. Do it now, skip the pack of smokes for today, and then get ready to start reading on April 25.

20 responses to “Pre-order Father of Mine for only $4.99

  1. ” Besides, the movie is never as good as the book.”

    Mostly true, Godfather and Fight Club are the exceptions. Both good books but the movies where better.

  2. $4.99 as a donation is a no brainer – thank you for all your insight, hard work and all you do for us football fans!

  3. “Besides, the movie is never as good as the book.”

    Jaws… Forrest Gump… the list goes on.

  4. “If you read the crap I write here on a regular basis, you presumably don’t hate the writing.”

    I was thinking this same thing, minus the harsh assessment of your writing. My thought was closer to – it’s bound to be well-written and have some sharp insight. The premise sounds interesting, putting me in mind of Sopranos meets Jack Reacher. And I like your description of the format.

    Ordered! Best of luck with it!

  5. Chapter 1: January 14, 1973 – Miami celebrates as the Dolphins are the first NFL team to win the Super Bowl and finish a season undefeated.
    Spoiler Alert?

  6. Lot of haters on here, jeesh. Why are you here if you don’t like the guy? Agree or disagree with him, the site is a must read if you’re an NFL fan, absolute must. The TV show, too. And all of it’s free! I’m definitely a buyer at $5. Looking forward to it.

  7. Not sure why there’s so many jerks here Mike but pretty much everything you do is pure gold and I’m sure this book will be no exception. Thanks for all that you do!

  8. Should I comment something negative about it in an effort to draw a positive upvote ratio?

    Nah, looking forward to it Florio!

  9. E-books are for e-literates. Will need an autographed copy of the first edition in print.

  10. I knew I shouldn’t have told you that your Christmas story didn’t suck, now it’s gone to your head and you think you’re F Scott frickin’ Fitzgerald!

    Alright, I’ll skip coffee once this week and see if you can not suck twice in a row, lol

  11. Thank you for sharing your football knowledge! You and Chris are a great team . Good luck with your new book, I just ordered.

  12. You want to take this even further and be even more independent, post the link to your store (as a shameless plug of course) and enable lightning crypto payments so money goes straight to your wallet and not the bank. Faster too, like almost immediately.
    Not sure if I would categorize you as a writer yet but you wrote enough sarcastic smack about others so I’m willing to give it a shot and read it…. 🙂 Good luck

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