Report: Panthers, Texans, Raiders expected to have interest in Jimmy Garoppolo

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Jimmy Garoppolo was expected to leave the 49ers a year ago. He didn’t after offseason shoulder surgery caused trade suitors, including the Commanders, to back off.

This offseason, Garoppolo is for certain leaving.

He is a free agent, and coach Kyle Shanahan already ruled out the quarterback’s return.

Garoppolo is one of the top free agents at his position, so he should have a healthy market.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Panthers, Texans and Raiders are “likely” to have interest in Garoppolo. All three are in search of a starting quarterback, and all three have a top-10 pick.

So, Garoppolo could end up being a bridge quarterback rather than the long-term answer somewhere.

The Texans now are coached by former 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans, who hired former 49ers assistant Bobby Slowik as his offensive coordinator.

“We have a process we go through,” Slowik said, via a team transcript. “Jimmy is obviously part of that process. He’s going to be a free agent. We grind through that as a coaching staff. We grind through that in the personnel department. We have conversations. I’ve had conversations with [General Manager] Nick [Caserio]. He has conversations with DeMeco. Then, Nick and DeMeco put their heads together and lay out a plan of what we want to do going forward and we’ll see where that takes us.”

Garoppolo went 7-3 in 10 starts last season and passed for 2,437 yards, 16 touchdowns and four interceptions.

39 responses to “Report: Panthers, Texans, Raiders expected to have interest in Jimmy Garoppolo

  1. Jimmy G is a proven winner, won’t cost you picks and he won’t break the bank either. Look at his numbers from last year – 7-3 as a starter, 4 to 1 TD to INT ratio. Any QB needy team should be calling on him…

  2. He has a healthier market than Lamar Jackson because he’s not expecting $200 million guaranteed. The talking heads are really talking up this collusion thing with Lamar. Everyone seems to gloss over the fact that he’s missed 9 games the past two seasons and possibly quit on his team in the playoffs over contract issues. On top of that his passing stats have steadily decreased. Even Jimmy G’s numbers were better in less games. Even the “horrible” passing seasons Brady and Rodgers put together we’re still better than Jackson. I realize he’s electric when healthy and he’s on but what happens when he’s injured? I’m not saying he’s an RB like a ton of people are but his best skill is carrying the ball, not throwing. And we all know what those carries do to a players body.

  3. Just like Lamar, He’s more than capable of winning 9-11 games. Both of them get hurt so I’d rather take Jimmy G at a fraction of the cost.

  4. In SF Garoppolo had the benefit of a very good defense good receivers and a great running game! If he hopes to duplicate that he would choose the Panthers who have a lot in similar with SF! A decent defense good running game and what looks like a very good coaching staff. In the other two places the majority of the offense will be put on him and expose him as just an average QB who constantly gets hurt!

  5. JG has a better chance to win a SB now that he is not in Santa Clara and coached by Flat Brim.

  6. If you have serious interest in Jimmy G, you should be going all out to get Lamar Jackson PERIOD.

  7. This is what happens when you’re not demanding a fully guaranteed contract. Teams have actual interest in you

  8. Lifelong Raven’s fan here. Would love to see Ravens sign Jimmy on a 3yr deal, draft a QB, and move on from LJ. Tired of the drama.

  9. This is one of those “agent” driven stories meant to be a proof that Lamar is hurting himself.

  10. I like the guy, but he’s made of glass. I don’t mean to be malicious, but you’re probably signing him for 8-12 games

  11. Maybe Lamar should post his cell # on Twitter so a team knows how to reach him?

  12. Jimmy G to the Raiders makes the most sense to me. To this day I believe Jimmy was more suited for McDaniels’ system than Shanahan’s. As a Patriot he was balling in that game against Miami before injuring his shoulder. He went to 49ers in 2017 midseason and won all their last 5 games. He had no training camp so he was practically playing the New England style on his own. He and McDaniels had a rapport that was hard to replicate in SF in Shanahan’s system. Bottom line, he plays better under McDaniels than with Shanahan. Vegas is his destination… unless another team outbids the Raiders.

  13. He’s better than Derek Carr, so it would be an upgrade for the Raiders.

  14. All 3 teams should pursue this vs any idea that Rodgers is gonna leave GB. And yes Jimmy G has had injuries, but any QB they draft is 2-3 yrs away from being good. Why would you not go after him-all he does is win.

  15. That will be a great move for any of those teams until week 5 when his leg explodes.

  16. And the 49ers had the #1 defense. And a rookie QB was also very successful with them. I’m not sure how much was just the defense winning most every game or not.

  17. come to kc as a backup, take a year to heal.
    go to a team that has a chance after that

  18. Texans makes sense when you consider his history with their GM, head coach, and OC.

  19. Gotta give up two firsts, this year and next year, to get Lamar. Don’t know if somebody’s going to do that, then give him a monster contract…and then wait to see which 5 games he misses this season.

    I’m sure he’s not going to play on the tag for the Ravens this year.

    So…he then doesn’t play. And makes no money at all? Not sure this was a great plan.

    Lamar to Falcons seems to make sense. Arthur Smith loves to run the ball. Had running QB at the helm last year. Has Allgeier and Cordarrelle, Drake London and Pitts. Build o line, get a better D…don’t see why they wouldn’t win the NFC South this year.

  20. rockpiler says:
    March 8, 2023 at 11:44 pm


    Oh please.

    People act as if LJ guarantees 5 consecutive SB wins for any team that gets him. He doesn’t. At best, he gives a chance for a team to get better, IF the team changes some big things offensively and gets better in other areas too. AND, he costs a lot, both in draft capital and money. Many teams can’t afford him, and others aren’t comfortable with taking a big risk. Being timid or poor doesn’t make a team part of a conspiracy.

  21. The Jets should ignore Rodgers (and despite Media and Woody delusions I think they really are) who is not the answer, too expensive (and they are OVER the cap and can’t do anything about the Wilson charge on the books) and on the downhill side of his career. Getting Rodgers would, at best, be a repeat of the Favre mistake.

    And let’s just say that if the Pack is willing to eat part of Rodgers contract that should tell you to walk, no let me rephrase that, RUN away from Rodgers.

    People complain about Jimmy G being made of glass but his winning percentage is almost as good as Jackson’s (JG .716 v LJ .737) and his playoff record is much better (5-2 v 1-3) and oh by the way Jackson was injured the last 2 years during the most important part of the season.

    If the Jets want to chase ANYBODY it should be Jimmy G (Probably followed by Cooper Rush who would be much cheaper).

  22. Let’s see how bad of a coach McDaniels really is if Jimmy actually wants to go to Vegas. I realize that doesn’t change that he unquestionably makes questionable decisions.

  23. Maybe its just me but Jimmy G doesn’t strike me as the type of QB who’s ready or happy to be a backup on less that 20m. So he’ll either be disgruntled or want a decent chunk of money. Add in his injury history and I’m confused nwhy there would be a clamour for him.

    Seems more like the type of QB you bring in later in the summer if your starter gets injured.

  24. Apart from injury history, he’s a proven winner and has made it to a Super Bowl. That’s immediately head and shoulders above most other prospects. And in comparison to the bigger names like Jackson & Rodgers, he’d be a lot cheaper and easier to sign.

    If Jackson didn’t have the outlandish conditions attached to his expectations, he’d be headlining stories like this too, even though his postseason record is dismal compared to Garoppolo.

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