Geno Smith: If we draft a QB, I’ll compete with them and mentor them

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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The Seahawks held a press conference with quarterback Geno Smith on Thursday to discuss his new three-year contract, but comments from head coach Pete Carroll earlier in the week guaranteed that he’d also be asked about the team’s plans for the draft.

Carroll said that the Smith deal would not keep the Seahawks, who have the fifth overall pick, from taking a quarterback in April and that Smith would not “worry about anybody” if the Seahawks did go that route. On Thursday, Smith was asked whether he’d view the arrival of rookie quarterback as a competition or an opportunity to act as a mentor.

“I’d say it’s both. I love to compete, so I’ll compete with anybody,” Smith said. “I’m also gonna help them out as much as I can. Same as we did with Drew [Lock]. Our QB room is so tight knit and we’re all so connected that we act as one. Whether it’s a young guy or someone else, I’m gonna help that player just like any other player on our team be the best that he can be because that’s my job as a leader.”

Given the possibility that someone might want to trade into the No. 5 spot, it makes sense for the Seahawks to keep every option heading into the draft and Smith’s new deal and 2022 success give him every reason to feel comfortable with any way things play out this offseason.

30 responses to “Geno Smith: If we draft a QB, I’ll compete with them and mentor them

  1. You have nothing to offer, Geno. The new recruit should look at your history and avoid being underwhelming like you have been. You lucked into a team so desperate to think you were going to lead them to the playoffs. Of course you didn’t. But that is who you are.

  2. I would even house and feed the draft pick along with mentorship if a team just gave me $50 mill guaranteed!

  3. Love his attitude. Continually does and says the right things unlike 99% of pro athletes.

  4. Geno’s a pretty cool dude. His story should be required for all incoming young kids. Exactly what the NFL needs right now to off-set some of the me, me, me players.

    Seahawks should draft their QB of the future, and Hendon Herndon, who is hurt and not able to start from “Day #1” which most teams would want would be a perfect for our late 2nd rounder. He can sit behind Geno and learn the craft and become the Seahawks QB when the day arrives.

    They MUST draft a D-End, Nose tackle and center ahead of QB.

  5. Refreshing to hear…all too often, young pro’s are more about the name on the back of the jersey instead of the name on the front. Personal branding has significantly tainted pro sports in general (some leagues more than others) and has sent many a promising athlete over the edge – read Antonio Brown.

    They suffer under the delusion that fans are more into them rather than the sport and/or teams for whom they play.

  6. “You lucked into a team so desperate to think you were going to lead them to the playoffs. Of course you didn’t. ”

    Seattle made it to the playoffs and lost to the 49ers.

  7. Smart young man. Last time I checked he had 75 millions reasons not to worry about losing his job.

  8. This guy is one of the NFL stories to feel good about. Spent years in the wilderness, played well when given a chance, now he’s a starter with a good contract. Would be great if this were the norm rather than the diva of the week feeling insulted by tens of millions of dollars to play a game.

  9. Draft a QB if there is a worth while QB.
    Don’t trade down , unless there is no QB or pass rushers/#1 WR available

  10. He did lead a “four-win” team to the playoffs and even had them in front at the half before SF’s superior talent overwhelmed them. People can learn from Geno.

  11. I’m no big fan of Geno Smith’s quarterbacking skills, but he is apparently a good man and a good teammate. That’s more than we can say for Aaron Rodgers.

  12. A quality response from a quality, veteran player. Smith has experienced the highs and lows of being a professional athlete, and has a perspective of a mature, grounded person. THIS is how you answer that question! So many of the entitled and clueless young NFL players should learn from Smith’s example.

  13. Mentor? Haha.
    A lot of hate is being thrown at Daniel Jones but he’s heads and tails better than Geno and has been more successful in fewer games. That’s with a bad line, historically bad coaching, and no receivers.

  14. Wow, lots of haters on here. Regardless of what you think about Geno’s past results, he parlayed a good year into a great, team-friendly, contract and has managed to say then, as he is now, all of the right things.

    There’s no reason to trash on a guy that puts the team first and helps his teammates out.

  15. The Seattle Seahawks haven’t had a 1st round pick make it to a second contract since Earl Thomas was drafted in 2010. During that span half of those 1st rd picks were traded away…the other half busted. That’s 13 yrs of 1st rd drafting futility.

  16. Really hard to dislike Geno even though he is just barely good enough to keep Seattle relevant with some upgrades on defense. Truly hope he continues to prove people wrong.

  17. From everything how he carried himself in the last year and what he said like the above quote, Geno shows upstanding character. I’m impressed as a neutral fan.

  18. So many veteran QB’s could take a lesson from Geno Smith. I hope he has an even better 2023.

  19. How can’t you love this guy! He won me over last year and this seals it! We need more of this!

  20. Not gonna trash Geno because I’d much rather hear him say this kind of thing than listen to his insufferable predecessor Russell Wilson. His deal isn’t crippling either like Russ’ or Rodgers’ contacts are.

    Russ would say things like this to reporters to burnish his nice guy image while behind the scenes was trying to get people fired. Geno seems to really mean it.

    Regardless, it’s draft season and we can’t believe much that any of the teams picking high in the draft say right now. None of them are going to telegraph their actual intentions especially with up to 4 QBs that could go high.

  21. Imagine paying Daniel Jones 140 million when a guy like Geno only gets 75 and is twice the QB, a far better leader, and just wants to win.

    This dude is quickly becoming one of my favorite players. He got the short end of the stick from day one and just never quit, and now is getting everything he deserves. Nice to see stories like this, especially with entitled & overrated should be washouts like Jones stealing money from teams. Still can’t over that one, just laughable.

  22. Man; spoken like a great “bridge” or transition player that will give the best version of himself, regardless on who else is in the QB room. If they are in love with one of the potential draftees/QB’s & he’s available at #5, I hope they go ahead and pick him. If the future QB is a solid player & convinced he is the franchise player, passing on him would be a rare opportunity passed bye. If not fully convinced, go the expected route & either get Defensive End/Lineman or trade back. Exciting times.

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