Odell Beckham’s workout scheduled for Friday in Arizona

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The NFL’s Thursday personnel notice brought news that free agent receiver Odell Beckham would work out for teams. Multiple reports since have added the where and when.

Beckham’s workout will take place Friday in Arizona, and the Giants are among the teams planning to attend, Jordan Raanan of ESPN reports.

It will allow Beckham a chance to prove he is 100 percent physically.

He missed all of last season after tearing an anterior cruciate ligament in Super Bowl LVI on Feb. 13, 2022.

Beckham visited the Cowboys, Giants and Bills in December but declined to work out, and no one signed him.

He is eligible to sign with any team at any time, having become a free agent in March 2022.

17 responses to “Odell Beckham’s workout scheduled for Friday in Arizona

  1. Smells like someone is desperate. He’s still looking for that contract that I don’t think he’ll find. Injuries and attitude have finally caught up to him.

  2. Hes def not that 22 year old sprawling out catching one handed passes after another surgery.

  3. Bills, please don’t sign him. Stefon is enough prima dona for the whole team.

  4. I’d absolutely take him as a compliment to a true one. There aren’t many true ones as people think there are. Beckham has always been a two with flashes of the ones.

  5. Retire and become that IG influencer you desperately always wanted to be. He wants fame and money more than anything. Could care less about football.

  6. If his body holds up he can be a key piece for any number of teams needing a solid #3 WR.

  7. This clown has made millions off the one hand catch.. it’s over just take the vet. min. or get lost!!!

  8. I have to think you keep reporting on this dude so you can show how stupid and desperate a team must be to sign him.

  9. He’s begging. Don’t just use the stop watch. Make him run routes and do agility drills. If you lose a step in the NFL you lose your job (or in this case don’t get one).

  10. A single workout for multiple teams is dubious. Doesn’t want to work out 4 times at 4 facilities, can’t hack it? It’s the Kapernick Kombine all over again.

  11. He wants to dominate the off season until the Draft takes over. Good luck to any team that is drooling and swooning.

  12. Critical contribution to 2021 Rams season. Friendly reminder, without this injury and the Ramsey no-call, the Rams win that game 30-13. Q.E.D.

  13. This reeks of desperation. It’s going to be great watching him realize that his window has passed. He had a couple good seasons highlighted by one great catch, the rest has been mediocre at best.
    I could maybe see a team sign him week 2 of the season so they don’t have to guarantee his salary.

  14. Are any teams actually showing up? Doesn’t help him that Thielen just got released. Plus Hopkins is on the trade block.

  15. Maybe worth $5 million, with a $1 million guaranteed for a one-year prove it deal. But a desperate owner like Jerry will give him a 3 year $45 million contract with a healthy signing bonus. Never a great route runner.

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